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  1. You killed the motherboard probably, you mustve damaged the socket. And yes, you did fuck up ipdeed lol
  2. I actually heard of a pretty cool system.... Take original price, (what you paid) Take away 10% Then take away 7.5 percent for every year that you've had it (or the oldest component that is major, so basically cpu / gpu) Dont go below 50% original price
  3. I play very CPU dependent games like DCS and HEAVILY modded Minecraft But also a lot of gpu heavy titles, like Kingdom Come
  4. your point doesnt makl sense, are you saying my GTX1070ti will not be the bottleneck? or it will?
  5. again, i play at 1440p Also, as ive said, no matter what its gonna be GPU bottleneck, so the slight perfromence difference the 3600 has is useless as my gpu will hold it back
  6. GTX 1070ti, heavily overclocked running at 1440p 144hz Also, i dont generally play below high or ultra on anything
  7. Over the summer break (for me anyway here is aus, dec-jan) im planning on doing a lot of video editing and hobbyist work.... catching up on all my projects lol with the double performence, is that true aswell in games? or is that gpu bottlenecked anyway?
  8. I'm using a pretty crappy dell MOBO (long story, got it for free tho) no its running fully stock
  9. thats what im thinking too, i have current gen AND next gen upgrade paths if i really wanted
  10. I think he meant the i5 even then, LGA 1200 is lined up to support rocket lake soooooo....
  11. back to the main question..... You guys think R3600 100%?
  12. Best website to directly compare cpus / gpus like userbenchmark?
  13. Hm? how so. I've heard User benchmark is a pretty good tool to use (more so with GPUs tho)
  14. I'm not looking to overclock, as with either of the chips, it will get bottlenecked by my GTX 1070Ti which im not looking to upgrade anytime soon. (i play at 1440p, 144hz so its a GPU bottleneck no matter what lol)
  15. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-3770-vs-Intel-Core-i5-10400/1979vs4073
  16. From what ive seen, i would only be seeing a ~20% improvment, im guessing im wrong? its a 15% advantage (best case) for a 24% price increase? doesnt seem worth it as its going to perhaps be miles ahead of what i have right now
  17. Also, im currently running a i7 3770 is it worth all these costs to upgrade to either of these chips?
  18. Can i ask how much of a difference it will make? from what ive seen both game performance and compute performance are equal (with a slight advantage to the i5 in gaming) but with the i5 being cheaper
  19. Video editing, gam dev, modding, all sorts. Is it worth the extra 50 dollars?
  20. Hello, as the title suggests, im looking to see which of the cpus would be better The i5 is listed at 250 dollars the Ryzen 3600 is listed at 300 dollars both have similar specs I do both a lot of gaming and a lot of productivity. I also need to buy a whole system around what ever chip i get. (MOBO, NVME SSD, RAM,) I am reusing my GPU and hard drives from my current build Also planning to buy a water cooler for the chip, doesnt matter which i get. cheers
  21. dude, either you trolling, or.... yeah no, your just trolling. what i said made perfect sense
  22. It most certainly isnt I'm afraid. Try and come up with another build factoring in a cpu? (use PC part picker, it makes life very easy)