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  1. Burnedice25


    This is not the websites fault, you got scammed by one of the sellers. If you get scammed on ebay do you expect ebay to pay you back?
  2. Burnedice25

    Ncase M1 Tempered Glass

    I don't personally have the case nor do I agree that it looks good, looks kinda plain to me but if you like it then whatever. I don't know where you live or where you shop. that's up to you on how you get the case or its panel
  3. Burnedice25


    if you buy a game off steam and it's full of glitches and bugs, do you blame steam or the developer?
  4. Burnedice25


    Many people have tried to warn others, just search on google "is G2A safe?". I've used them for a couple of games and its worked for me but I won't be returning Have you actually followed their instructions? look at their second paragraph on their response to your message
  5. Burnedice25

    OG to PC but new to LTT

    welcome! hope you enjoy the forum. please make sure to read the community standards before participating Enjoy!
  6. Burnedice25


    dude, I'm on their side. completely inappropriate and you have no right to complain, if I was an employee there I would've not even responded. threatening to boycott a company for an issue they didn't cause it NOT OK
  7. Burnedice25

    Ncase M1 Tempered Glass

    buy it separately, it'll be way cheaper
  8. Burnedice25

    Ncase M1 Tempered Glass

    if your shipping, them get a acrylic panel.; has a much better chance of surviving the trip and looks just as good
  9. Burnedice25


    looks good, just that PSU is a bit overkill
  10. Burnedice25

    Zotac RTX 2060 6GB AMP Edition

    https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/GeForce-RTX-2060-GAMING-Z-6G way better option
  11. Burnedice25

    Cpu Frequency

    I wouldn't think so, sounds like a hardware issue
  12. Burnedice25

    Cpu Frequency

    my guess would be a bad chip, get in touch with Intel or your motherboard manufacturer
  13. Burnedice25

    Cpu Frequency

    did you make sure to hit 'save' on the BIOS? happens to me ALL the time
  14. Burnedice25

    HELP! New graphics card, computer pulsing on and off

    I would say that 1. you got two bad cards in a row or 2. something on your motherboard is broken. Maybe put the new card into another system? see what happens
  15. Burnedice25

    Laptop into a Media Device

    what OS does it have on it currently?