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  1. Right. Right. My bad. Should of specified. I know. PCI, PCIe, PCI Express 2.0, PCI Express 3.0, etc.
  2. Ok. Got it! Thank you! I just learned something new! I did not know there existed this thing as CPU PCI and PCH PCI. Now makes me wonder what else I can hook up to my motherboard to use up those PCH lanes. You know... Use it since you have it... lol
  3. Thank you for your help! On the side note, is there a certain benchmark software you would suggest that can benchmark CPU and GPU performance?
  4. I understand that almost all games can run on 8 PCI lanes GPU, but I am really concerned in my secondary use of the system. Meaning, when I will push Autodesk Maya to render heavy scenes, I believe having a GPU use all 16 lanes would be better. I am assuming here though. I am assuming that 1080 Ti can use all 16 lanes (even though I can't seem to find specs on this on nvidia), thus I'd like to use all this 'power' fully while also using M.2 for best boot and run performance.
  5. Hi. I'm planning on building a low cost gaming/autodesk maya capable rig. I was looking through my options and I ran into a question that I cant get a straight answer to from many online sources I searched. Here are some relavant components that I want to put together: Intel i7-7700K - Newegg.com ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - Newegg.com ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero - Newegg.com So, to the question. I noticed that CPU can support only 16 PCI lanes. The GPU needs 16 PCI lanes. Now, if I'd like to connect M.2 (Socket 3 with M Key) SSD, does it use 4 PCI lanes? Does it impair GPUs full, 16 PCI lanes, potential? P.S. In case it does weaken GPU performance, what would be a CPU that you can advice for me to get that can support both 1080 Ti and M.2?
  6. I have a hard drive on which Maya starts up in 2 minutes whereas my friend has a SSD and his starts in 20 seconds! SSD increases productivity by huge margin! It would mine too!