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  1. I'm a little late to the game, but a brand new phone usually has a lot of settings and/or options turned on that you may not need, like NFC or Bluetooth. If you haven't done so I'd say go into your Settings line by line and look for things to turn off, uninstall, disable or otherwise get rid of that you don't need. They can always be turned on in the future if for whatever reason you need to. Other things to consider: - Turn on adaptive brightness - Set your lock timer for 30 sec or 1 min - Restart your phone ever few days - Clear out your recent apps every so often - Update your software if possible on all fronts (Play Store AND Android OS) Do those items and use for a few days and see if there's any improvement.
  2. Files were not detected, so I guess his files are gone for good. Still not sure what happened but can't do anything about it. Marking solved.
  3. Is it possible? Probably, might even be successful. Honestly though, I wouldn't bother updating if the phone otherwise works fine. If you're truly worried about being out of date, I'd get a new phone.
  4. If you're getting 200 down, it wouldn't matter if you had Youtube in the background or three or four tabs open, your biggest limiting factor would be your hardware not the speed of your Internet. That is, if the full juice is actually getting to you. I have a similar package to yours, 200 down and 50 up, and my speed tests are pushing 210 down because Comcast usually overcompensates, at least in my region.
  5. Well I guess I'll give it a whirl, thanks.
  6. You might fuck your knees up but you get cool jump wings to wear on your uniform, so there's that. Honestly, I'd do regular 11B and go to Air Assault school, more practical and you'll have a better chance of actually using it. And your body will thank you. But if paratrooper is what you want then go for it, I'm not a recruiter.
  7. Hope so. I was simply going off of HPs website about beep codes, but a battery is a much easier fix. Good luck OP @Delaycloud
  8. Motherboard or memory issue. Re-seat your RAM and try again. If it fails try each stick by itself (if multiple sticks). Otherwise there was a failure in the mobo somewhere.
  9. Yeah don't show up, but you can still try calling. Recruiters are still recruiting so they'll jump to get to you. 11B here btw, good luck!
  10. 144Hz 32" 2560x1440 Curved G-Sync IPS >5ms response Billion+ display colors HDR OLED >=$1000 I can dream I suppose.
  11. Haven't perused that thread so it might be in there, but I'd recommend 'Autopsy of Jane Doe'. Movies don't scare me, they rarely even creep me out. All the mainstream ones are just 'meh'. This one scared the shit out of me. Good luck!
  12. I recommended just getting a whole new PC that was designed with 10 in mind, since his is pretty old and slow even by 8.1 standards. I know the free upgrade exists, but don't feel it's the right path for him. Thanks for the suggestion though. I figured those programs to recover deleted files were only useful if someone actually deleted them; I guess I figured this was more OS related and therefore they'd be useless, but I suppose I should try anyway. I checked OneDrive and he doesn't even have an account with them, so there wasn't anything there. Concerning the temp profile, if I navigate to the users folder under the C:, I see his name for one folder (as expected), a Public folder, Admin folder and two folders labeled TEMPBATCOMPUTER, one of which has 000 affixed to the end. There isn't anything in those folders, they're empty. But isn't that considered weird? Could an OS update really screw him up like that? Thanks for the prompt reply!
  13. Xfinity technician here. Might seem obvious but here's a few things you can try. - Make sure the servers you're connecting to are as close as possible to your region (in other words, if you're in the US don't join a server in Germany) - Reboot your router (question: are you renting one from Comcast or using your own?) - Make sure your coax connections are tight and not pinched in any way (do the same to the box on your house) - Do speed tests on a variety of sites and don't use Xfinity's, it's complete garbage - Check your speed at different times of the day since you're sharing a connection with your neighbors - Make sure you don't have ASUS software trying to 'prioritize' Internet traffic for gaming, it's bullshit and usually does the opposite - Reset your IP Check back and see if anything like that helps. Whatever you do, don't get a technician out there unless you want to eat $70 bucks.
  14. Stylized_Violence


    No, but the pawns can get promoted if they reach the other side. They can be turned into a rook, knight or queen if I'm not mistaken.
  15. Got a friend's PC that is an HP All-In-One, roughly five years old and running Windows 8.1. Late February, a Windows Update was applied that apparently wiped out his pictures, iTunes library of ripped CDs (songs/albums/etc), and Quicken files. It also reset his wallpaper to a Windows default and upon login, a small bubble in the lower right appears telling us that a temporary profile is being used instead of his local one. He is using a Microsoft account and is the only account on the PC. No other issues were present before this Windows Update, and he reports his other files were untouched. I checked the Event Viewer and saw that in late February, there was indeed an error stating that the local profile could not be loaded due to insufficient memory or because of a registry issue, and that a temp one would be used instead. No other user profiles errors were listed before then, nor up till today when I tried to diagnose his PC. After some light Googling, I found out that user profiles and data use the NTUSER.dat file, and that it might have gotten corrupted somehow. I opened the file in Notepad, and everything was mostly gibberish...except I could discern file names of the photos he used to have sprinkled throughout the file, like C://User/Pictures/wedding01.jpg and the like. Are his photos and files still present somewhere? Or they are truly gone? For the record I attempted a system restore, however the last restore point is only to the beginning of this month and nothing changed. I also did verify he was signed in to his Microsoft account and superficially, it appears as if everything is working, no other error messages. Much past that, I don't know what else to do to try and retrieve his lost files. I also don't know if it truly was because of the Windows Update, I'm getting this second hand from him. He's already been warned that 8.1 is no longer supported (mainstream) but doesn't want to shell out for a whole new PC unless his files are truly lost. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  16. Have you reset the BIOS to their defaults? My old system would lock up randomly and it turned out my XMP settings were out of whack. Just a thought. Or you could try booting into safe mode and see if it still locks up, could be a driver conflict (not something out of date).
  17. What does Disk Management say? Can you wipe it from there by chance? Maybe that's what you've been doing, wasn't really clear. Also, you can try a third party wiper, load it onto a USB and boot to it. I've used DBAN myself to zero out drives, perhaps that might work for you.
  18. Amazon doesn't usually make the parts themselves, they allow other sellers to use their website to sell their products. So the part quality really depends on who is selling it, not necessarily Amazon. The biggest difference will be price, so shop around different websites for the same product. But anecdotally, I've had good luck with them when purchasing individual parts. They were not always the cheapest but they had the fastest shipping and the easiest return process, so take that as you will.
  19. @SupaKomputa is correct and I'd add that you may lose some functions if you do not own a Galaxy phone. Or you may not. But they'll work as an audio device no problem.
  20. Oh God, my childhood! Right in the feels!
  21. Not much for chips, but I'll devour an entire bag of pretzel rods without breaking a sweat. But it's gotta be the rods, otherwise I won't touch them. For some reason shoving rods in my mouth is so delicious. And I'm straight so go figure, lol.
  22. I built my system back when AMD was not at all competitive, so I went with a Haswell chip from Intel as the best bang for my buck. And honestly, even though I'm like six or seven generations behind the current one, this CPU has been a complete beast. Ryzen does have some tempting numbers but realistically, I don't need to 'upgrade'; I'd LIKE to of course, but my needs are being met as of now. When it is time though, AMD may make the cut for price to performance. Till then, I'll ride out my Intel chip until it dies or it stops meeting my demands.
  23. Without Googling it, I recall some article telling me it's when the battery goes from 100% to 0%. So like if it's at 100% and you use it to 50% and charge it full again, not a full charge cycle yet. But use it 50% more and bam, full charge cycle. So when they say 300-500 charge cycles, after that range your battery will only operate at something like 90% efficiency (or maybe 80%, can't remember and not bothering to Google). Most new Lithium-Ion should be solid for at least two years. Though I could be wrong here since I'm pulling this out of my ass from what I vaguely remember reading. Charging overnight doesn't impact the battery as much as it used to thanks to advances in software and USB, which prevents overcharge. There's really no harm in charging every night, I've been doing it for years with no tangible detriment. Yeah there are extensive tests to squeeze out every ounce of juice from your battery by keeping it between like 30% and 80% or something, but honestly it's not worth it in my opinion. Use it normally and try and keep it out of extreme temps, because THAT will definitely kill it faster.
  24. What are you looking to use the phone for? What kind of specs are most important? Does size matter (giggity)? What have you used in the past that you liked?