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  1. Thank you. So, would I need conduit for this cable, and if so, where would I get it?
  2. I was looking at that, but I wasn't sure if it was UV rated. http://www.primuscable.com/store/p/14479-CAT6-Bulk-Ethernet-Cable-Direct-Burial-Outdoor-Shielded-Solid-Copper-Waterblock-Tape-23AWG-clone.aspx I was thinking of using this, even though it cost a little more. Would I need conduit for this, and if so, where would I get conduit?
  3. Would I need to use anything else, such as conduit, with the Tough Cable or is the cable good as is?
  4. I'm planning on running CAT6A outdoors, on exterior walls, to separate rooms, as running ethernet through the house isn't an option. What cable should I use for this application? I would prefer a 1000 foot spool. I've seen direct burial cables, but I'm not sure if any of them UV rated.
  5. I haven't built a PC, but I have built two keyboards and a headphone amp. I'm not going to reveal my age, but I'm not very old.
  6. No, but it seems to be good in the reviews.
  7. I have 200mbps, and I get 50mbps upstairs. The Netgear C7100V may be a good alternative.
  8. Really, I get pretty good speeds throughout my house, they aren't the best speeds, but it's worked well still.
  9. I have a ARRIS TG1682G, I don't really use it as a router, but I have tested it, it can get full speeds of 200mbps (240mbps) upstairs on 5GHz, and my house is about 3500 sq. ft. You may have gotten a dead unit.
  10. I know this isn't meant for gaming, I love how the build looks, but, CAN IT RUN CRYSIS? It looks amazing, do you mind me asking if this is for your company or for yourself (for work)?
  11. Where are you planning on putting the router? I have mine on one corner of the bottom floor of my house (3400 sq. ft.), and it isn't very good at reaching the opposite end of the top floor using 5GHz.