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    Rio Pardo, RS
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    Old Chevrolet trucks, cars, vans, audio gear, custom PCs and skinny girls.
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    Insane Chevrolet fanboy, but not limited to the brand, interested in weird technologies.
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    Town's Hall I.T. Technician


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    Ryzen 5 2600X
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    ASRock AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac
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    2x 8gb G.Skill Ripjaws V 2666mhz
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    Zotac AMP! Edition GTX 1070Ti 8gb
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    Cooler Master HAF Stacker 915R
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    Inland 480GB TLC SSD + 2x Toshiba P300 2TB
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    Thermaltake ToughPower Grand Gold RGB 650W
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    Samsung MU6100 55'(IPS, 4k) + Samsung MU6300 49' (VA, 4k) + ViewSonic VX2776-SMHD 27' (IPS, 1080p)
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    Corsair H80i V2 (w/ Akasa Piranha fans)
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    IBM Model M (ABNT) and Tesoro Durandal G1N (Reds)
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    Elecom HUGE Trackball + Corsair M65 Pro (white, PWM3360)
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    Onkyo Integra A-817XD, Polk Audio TSi100, JVC Ésnsy HA-SR85S and CAL!2
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    Windows 10 Pro X64
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    Exactly, drink the booze, fill the bottle with petrol, put a rag in, fire it up and its done
  2. Is it considered weird to wear headphones in public?

    I sorta have this same "issue", due to weak skin on the ears i can't use IEMs or earbuds, so i use my headphones when i get out. It doesn't help that my headphones are big and weird looking (JVC Ésnsy HA-SR85S) so people tend to look a bit sideways, but i try not to care, at least i have my music in high fidelity with them on. And make you look poor? What even is this argument? Headphones are generally more expensive than earbuds.

    Throw a molotov cocktail with it powered on
  4. Poll: Which Platform do you use the most?

    I don't use Twitch at all, i think i only watched a couple of CS:GO championship finals 3 years ago and that was it. But on the other hand i do consume lots and lots of YouTube content, i'd say at least 50% of my web activity comes from it
  5. Are unoriginal windows 10 safe?

    eBay keys are good, i have a pair laptops with them for a while now, and they're cheap as hell
  6. Theoretical X58 build - "The Trucker"

    Update on this: maaaaaybe happening. I went online and i found some interesting stuff, namely a complete computer with the mobo i need (the UD3R) and some really nice extras as well, like some drives, a Cooler Master Elite case, a crappy power supply and a Cooler Master V8 cooler. I think i'm going to buy it and stuff the rest of my hardware inside
  7. If you woke up next to the above posters avatar...

    Picture is broken for me, so i would a bit horrified
  8. Bought hardware from a smoking home

    You could pick it up, bring it down to just the mainboard and spray the mainboard with brake or contact cleaner, that should get rid of ash smell, i had the "luck" to pick 3 vintage amplifiers with the same issue and that's how i dealt with them, my personal Onkyo amp was particularly stinky, but now it just smells like electronics should. However, take care with the plastics, both solutions can and will damage plastic parts, so i wouldn't recommend spraying them on the case of the console, or you may end up a "marbled" finish on it, i would suggest just using water and letting it dry on its own to avoid warping by heat. Batteries too, make sure you remove all the batteries on the console and PC components, both solutions can cause short circuits on MBs.
  9. What executive car brand would you buy?

    I voted for Mercedes, but it would either be it or Lexus, if i had to choose specific models from each brand i would pick a WALD modified W140 S600 from Mercedes: And from Lexus i would pick a bagged, shaved emblems LS430: These two, for me, capture the "big boy VIP sedan" look just perfectly.
  10. Best sound design and Audio in video games

    The OG Quake with the Trent Reznor soundtrack, just amazing, everything fits in that game, the theme, the enemies (and the sounds they make), the guns, just everything. Its even better in engine source ports like GLQuake and Quakespasm. Also, Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga, although not an amazing game to be played, it was more of a tech demo for the Amiga, with artwork by Roger Dean and music composed by David Whittaker.
  11. Favorite Joke Names or Acronyms for Brands

    Thermaltake - Thermalfake (due to their propensity of copying products) Fiat - Fix it Again Tony (RCR wrote it as "Tyrone" once)
  12. Who is this mysterious video shooter?

    Unregistered Hypercam lol
  13. What's next for computers

    Ideally i wanted something like the old IMSAIs and Altairs with a simple motherboard with a strong chipset, ISA-like expansion slots and literally nothing else. I know its kinda crazy to think about looking towards ideas from the past and implement them now, but think about it, how many features are in your motherboard that you just don't use? Assuming you have a dedicated graphics card, what about the graphics processor you paid for when you bought the CPU and you're never going to use? What about attached audio codecs i couldn't give a damn about? What about USB 2.0 that i don't even use? I think we could make machines, at least in the enthusiast range, with more modularity, you buy what you want and ignore what is superfluous to you.
  14. Why Do we all hate Apple?

    Like i said many times before, i don't hate Apple, i like most of their products, the problem comes from the price and Apple's position towards non-authorized repair, i think people should be allowed to at least try to repair their products in an alternative way they feel confortable with.
  15. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    Somehow the case i'm planning to put the system in has drilled holes for HP and Dell mobos, it should fit, but its good to know about the connector. Also, can you overclock the CPUs in them?