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mr moose

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About mr moose

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    I own a unicorn.

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    On a prison island hidden in the summer for a million years.
  • Interests
    Social science, special needs integration/education. human development and personal information adoption and problem solving. In short I like to watch people be people.
  • Biography
    jobs: EE, pc tech, ITC consultant, Production/manufacturing training supervisor, Heritage building restoration consultant, human services, special education/integration specialist. Hobbies: backyard mechanic, music, electronics, 4x4 and camping.
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  • CPU
    i5 3550 IKR old school for an old fool.
  • Motherboard
    Asus and then some numbers and letters
  • RAM
    8g corsair vengance
  • GPU
    Saffire R9 380
  • Case
    custom dirty throw together (in sig)
  • Storage
    vertex3 120GB ssd and barracuda 2TB hdd
  • PSU
    Antec Neo ECO 520Watt
  • Display(s)
    BenQ 22.3" + Viewsonic 17" + 2x 17" think visions
  • Cooling
    All stock
  • Keyboard
    Cougar 600K
  • Mouse
    Corsair bog stock thing
  • Sound
    cheap arse USB thing.
  • Operating System
    win 10

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  1. And yet still overpriced.
  2. Still waiting for the drop in Aus. . I'm in the market for something equivalent or better than the 2600X.
  3. mr moose

    Another, another Zen 2 Leak

    This thread is a mess.
  4. Someone used resources in their reasoning? Most of the reasons people give for not wanting more launchers are actually reasonable. You need to remember that just because it doesn't bother you doesn't mean it isn't annoying and doesn't have it's effects on other users.
  5. mr moose

    Another, another Zen 2 Leak

    Could? won't? might? can't? Hasn't and isn't likely to based on trends. I don't see it. Look at the trends, AMD and Intel aren't exactly sitting on proven designs sandbagging the market.
  6. SHHHhhhh!! if you go telling people an MS product actually has a feature that is good and not really available anywhere else, you might cause someones panties to bunch up and cut of circulation to their nerd sack.
  7. mr moose

    Another, another Zen 2 Leak

    This threads just a mess, I don't know what came first, the AMD hype or the cries of Intel fanboys... I can't see ANY domestic CPU's having a 5 Ghz base in the next few years. And any that do will likely only have it on paper because as soon as you load up you'll either loose all the other cores or the whole thing will bog down.
  8. According some of the articles I read, social engineering and phishing are the main avenues, downloading and installing dodgy software after that.
  9. mr moose

    Intel Comet Lake Packs Up to 10 Cores

    And that's just looking at the overall picture, when you factor in that the performance difference between Intel and AMD, It's really only lower income domestic users who will fret over the performance/$ figures.
  10. Maybe it does. I haven't really seen anything that says it does (but I haven't actually looked). I know you can't set a regular scan (in the GUI) but it does appear to do it at least weekly for me.
  11. I think defender is just as good as the rest if you want free. It doesn't auto scan but you can set it up to auto backup certain folders and files to a onedrive account to help mitigate data loss in the case of a malware attack. Between that. a basic adblock and a regular (weekly/monthly) MWB scan she should be right.
  12. mr moose

    child abuse and culture differences

    Topics like this piss me off royal, it has little to do with the actual debate but the absolute nature of everyone involved to not want to even consider the opposing view. You'll never learn or grow in anyway if you don't thoroughly consider in an open manner all views.
  13. mr moose

    Will Google's Chrome become second?

    Whilst I find it annoying that some websites refuse to let you access them with an ad blocker, I don't begrudge them enforcing their right to be paid for their work. If I really need their content I will whitelist them otherwise I find what I need elsewhere. I am not entitled to their content without either 1. paying or 2. allowing them an alternate source of income.
  14. mr moose

    Free Speech and Censorship

    It would, I have a small anonymous account I use to keep track of people who only use facebook. If I counldn't block out all the fucking stupid memes about organic food and natural anti represents I would have canned that account years ago. I know a lot of people who block copious amounts of irritating content because its clogs up their feeds.
  15. mr moose

    Intel Comet Lake Packs Up to 10 Cores

    You can continue all you like, I have already addressed what I considered worth discussing.