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  1. Windows7ge

    p7h55-m/v-p7h55e/dp_mb RAM types

    That's the motherboard manufacturer yes I'm asking for the motherboard model number. EDIT: Oh, your title confused me. I assumed those were RAM model numbers. For the P7H55-M check here. There's 2 different lists one per CPU architecture. For the v-p7h55e check here. Personally I just buy whatever G.Skill memory has the density & speed I'm after. Their memory is pretty universal in terms of support so I haven't used the QVL in a long time.
  2. Windows7ge

    What are the benefits of going all out with networking?

    The two big reasons I would say are customization and control. Most of which is already described above. Other thoughts are maybe you have a home office you want to segregate from the rest of your network (subnets, VLANs) maybe you want your wireless network independent from your wired network. Maybe you want a IP camera security system. Maybe you want to setup a server with various network services. Maybe you want to go 10Gbit. There's a lot of reasons to build your own network if you know you could leverage it. If you have no use for any of it then it's not worth the hassle assuming what your current network consist of is operating properly.
  3. Windows7ge

    p7h55-m/v-p7h55e/dp_mb RAM types

    Do you know what motherboard it is? Or is it proprietary like from HP or Dell?
  4. Like I said they're really expensive. This was one I was considering before I found the Ubiquiti. As leadeater has brought up lower-end 10Gbit switches having quirks I vaguely remember reading the specs on that and it was a deal-breaker for me. I think the problem with those switches is that you can use EITHER the SFP+ ports or the Ethernet you can't use both. It doesn't support full switching speed for all ports. It's shared (my ubiquiti switch has 16 ports and it's switching capability is 160Gbit/s) For a 16 port qnap here I think you get like 80Gbit and it disables ports as you occupy other ports. Yeah, found it: QSW-804-4C It has 4 combo ports which means at any given time you can only use 8 out of the 12 and probably not at full line speed either. Occupying all Ethernet ports will kill four SFP+ ports and using more than 4 of the SFP+ ports will start killing the Ethernet ports. That was a massive deal breaker so I didn't buy it. These are your plug-in options: If you need something else you'll have to set it up in a jail or a VM. Unfortunately Bhyve sucks for anything workload intensive and jails are pure CLI. In a VM you can only give the VM 50% of your system resources so that with the VM overhead you'd probably be Encoding with 40% or less of the full system performance. So if you want to use the server for encoding you'll have to learn the terminal and setup a jail.
  5. Windows7ge

    Need Some Help With FreeNAS

    Under the SMB Share settings (not the SMB service) did you make sure to tick the box that says "Allow Guest Connections"? If you didn't it's going to reject requests to connect on your local network. This will get you into the server but it won't get you into the share.
  6. Unless you are talking about graphite pads then paste is the way you'll want to go. The soft pads you'll often see on VRAM, voltage regulators, or mosfets don't have the heat transfer capability (they don't move it efficiently enough for the heat produced).
  7. What would you do,

    with 48 SAS2/SATAIII ports?


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    2. leadeater



      I only need it when I add a disk. Unless Storage Spaces has a tendency to start favoring certain disks during normal operation making it desirable to have it run daily.

      Nope it won't actually do anything unless a disk has been added or removed, just a could do if you don't want to have to remember.

    3. Windows7ge


      Oh, I do have one question you might be able to answer. The product key I got, I did use it once in a VM about a year and a half ago (the vm has long since been inactive because I ended up having no use for the VM).

      Do you know if I should expect to have activation problems when I go to use it for the 2nd time?

    4. leadeater
  8. If you're up for it you could build your own switch with as many 10Gbe and SFP+ ports as you want and expand it as you need more. There's a distribution of Linux that lets you do that. Turns any computer into a managed switch. You could go on eBay or elsewhere to get cheap NIC's. My old single port SFP+ NICs were $24/piece.
  9. Some day in the future I want to setup my own home network with a pfsense box (or something more up to date) and have several different networks doing several different things. I do wonder now though, I know sub-interfaces can be made along with VLAN tagging to create multiple subnets of a network range say I know this can be done with a single physical network port but could the same be done for entirely independent networks? I know subnets are in themselves independent networks but they're generally pieces of a larger singular network. I'm curious to know if a physical port with the assistance of VLAN tagging and a managed switch could have say VLAN1:, VLAN2:, VLAN3:, etc. Is that possible? Would a router let you configure it? From there it'd just be a matter of segregating the ports on the switch. Such functionality I could find useful.
  10. Jeez, but alright if you have a virtual host with multiple virtual NICs one assigned to each vlan to (I assume) manage each network from "one machine" then that's a way to get it done without a mass of physical cables, NIC's, and ports. I also assume this is a way to eliminate the need for a dedicated physical router. It just saves space and probably headache.
  11. Makes sense. A lot of these switches are labeled partial L3 capable but I think I've also seen full L3 capable. In no application of mine though would I need my switch to route L3 traffic. What type of application would someone want to do this? Perhaps in combination with VLAN's you wanted a particular port or network to send specific network traffic out another interface separating it from the rest, you could configure a route to force that traffic out said interface bypassing the router? Then again I just described a trunk port but that'd be L2 so...
  12. In how they function or just a lack of features compared to the enterprise?
  13. It's a little bit backwards but you can do it that way if you want. You could also setup Snapshots & Replication on the server and if configured backup all the data from the Primary pool to a Secondary, a Separate server on the LAN or even a remote server on the WAN. The only way I know how to do that is to "Only Allow Guest Connections" and give the pool 777 permissions set recursively. The downside to this is it'll just let anybody in any time over the LAN. SSH/SFTP is not affected by this (except for an annoying bug if your account folder is on the share). WAN connections would still require credentials. If you set SMB to only work over the 10Gbit network security wise this may be less of an issue. Yeah that's going to be tough. There was a 4-port SFP+ switch I saw @leadeater link to someone but he mentioned that they're not widely available. If you were able to get one you could buy a SFP+ to Ethernet Transceiver or two but the 10Gbit ones are typically quite expensive. 1Gbit version 10Gbit version (You might find them cheaper elsewhere) As for my own 10Gbit ventures I bought the Ubiquiti Networks US-16-XG-US it has what you're asking for but probably not at the price you'd like. I do have to say though for the ports you get it's a really good deal.
  14. Windows7ge

    BIOS update question

    To run your mem at it's rated clock by enabling XMP does not require the latest BIOS (well, it kind of depends but 2133MHz shouldn't require any update). Features, bug fixes, improved compatibility, stability, security, are the main reasons for BIOS updates but should really only be done as necessary.
  15. Windows7ge

    windows dual boot issue HELP.

    Alright, that makes sense. That's an issue with the boot loader. Each OS has a boot loader regardless of which partition or physical disk it's on. The system boots to 1 partition but with the boot loader can be redirected to load the OS on another. I just hope if Win7 was installed while the Windows 10 drive was connected that 7 didn't put any important boot files on the W10 drive. I've had experiences like this in the past where I disconnected an apparent not needed drive and Win7 (on a different drive) no longer booted until I reconnected the unneeded drive. What you need to do is find your way to "Startup and Recovery" that should be: Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > (Under Startup and Recovery) Settings... This will list your options of OS's (partitions) to boot to. It also let's you enable the boot menu and how long to display it for. If Windows 7 isn't in the list you may have to do recovery on the drive with a W7 disk or .ISO
  16. Windows7ge

    windows dual boot issue HELP.

    I'm confused. Could you elaborate a bit more?
  17. Windows7ge

    H80i V2 max TDP?

    Some research (which may not be accurate) says Corsair doesn't measure TDP on liquid cooling units. Weather this be true or not I assume the chip is on air right now. A 120mm aio will help a lot in comparison. If you're still worried and if the chassis will permit it you could step up to a 240mm aio.
  18. Windows7ge

    Very high boot temps

    If the thermal paste application is fine and the pump & fans are spinning and while gaming temps are good then I can only say that either a mis-reading, faulty CPU, or even if it's not that it can probably be safely ignored. One of my servers the CPUs will randomly spike over 90°C and calm back does all in under 5 seconds thermodynamics don't work like that. If you start overclocking and it goes even higher like hitting TJmax then you'll want to consider RMA if that's still an option.
  19. Windows7ge

    Very high boot temps

    Did you check if the fans are spinning and that the pump is running?
  20. Windows7ge

    10 gigabit connection help

    It doesn't matter. All NICs today support whats called Auto-MDIX which is a feature where through software it switches the pairs for you if you're doing P2P. You can make them all patch cables.
  21. Windows7ge

    10 gigabit connection help

    For ethernet, I have no real go-to. The Intel X540 is pretty popular but prepare to crack open your wallet. Personally I got into SFP+ because Mellanox ConnectX2 cards could be had for $25/piece and the cable & transceivers was around $50. A long time ago I think I made a topic about this. 10Gbit for <$100. QoS basically means what you said. However your network utilization most likely won't warrant needing it. For switches I'm more partial to Ubiquiti and managed vs unmanaged, managed just allows you a lot more control over network access, it lets you configure the switch.
  22. Windows7ge

    Hard Drive Power Settings.

    You don't have to worry about that. It's what the device was built to do. Chances are the drive is going to live longer than you have use for it.
  23. Windows7ge

    10 gigabit connection help

    For future reference SMB & iSCSI aren't programs. They're network file sharing protocols. I can see other people already told you how to setup the interfaces. If you run into any trouble you can quote or tag someone here.
  24. Windows7ge

    Hard Drive Power Settings.

    Is there a reason you would want it to spin-up less often?
  25. Windows7ge

    10 gigabit connection help

    If you just use SMB you can map a network folder to a drive letter. It shows up in it's own category under My Computer (This PC) and it will show you the available space but there's limitations to how you can manipulate it compared to iSCSI. Though you really don't need the level of control iSCSI would offer. And you're already playing with 10Gbit, I respect that.