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  1. To the best of my knowledge when transferring data between the two devices in this scenario the router is irrelevant besides handling DHCP so yes a 1Gbit switch should fix the problem. If all goes well you would see performance in the neighborhood of 115MB/s (125MB/s max theoretical).
  2. Windows7ge

    Hi , I need Help and guidance

    Let me call our local audio enthusiast. He might know how. @King Poet
  3. Windows7ge

    Interesting internet issue

    What are the chances you tried restarting and/or resetting the router? Even if the issue is neighborhood wide this is sometimes the fix.
  4. Windows7ge

    Interesting internet issue

    You've got me there. I don't have anything to backup what is really just a theory I came up with.
  5. Windows7ge

    Interesting internet issue

    I real test would be to see if it's just Wi-Fi devices in general. Connect a laptop to the Wi-Fi and see if it gets internet or not.
  6. Windows7ge

    Interesting internet issue

    From what knowledge I have even over NAT some device information is sent in the packets. Data such as OS, OS version, manufacturer, what browser you're using, if it's a phone the mobile carrier and what brand phone among other data. So theoretically it'd still be possible to block service to devices except phones or tablets, etc. How or why this would happen is unknown to me.
  7. In order to step up my parents home network infrastructure and to knock a few dollars off their monthly bill I want to implement a new modem/router. However in the consumer space I don't have much experience with consumer gear so I don't know what has a good WebUI, feature support, etc. So I'm asking for recommendations. This is the ISP's Supported Router List. How important it is to stick to this list, I'm uncertain. What the router needs: Support for DOCSIS 3.0 or higher. 1Gbit LAN port (pretty standard today) The WAN needs to be coax. Support for analog phone connection as the existing unit has RJ-11 ports and my parents use it. Port Forwarding (I think that's a standard but I should mention it regardless) Ability to shrink the DHCP pool, reserve IP's What it doesn't need: 4 switch ports. It will be plugged into a dedicated switch. Wi-Fi, I plan on implementing a Unifi AP solution. (consumer gear, it'll probably come with it anyways) All of you I think may be able to give helpful input: @brwainer @beersykins @leadeater @mynameisjuan @Lurick There's no real price range or limit that I'm going for. Just don't throw down a CISCO-1941 and a coax expansion adapter. I'm not spending that much.
  8. Windows7ge

    Buying a Home Modem/Router for my Parents.

    I'm looking to hook them up with something that's not trash but doesn't break the bank. DOCSIS3.0 or higher is required for the plan they pay for so if there's a consumer level mid-high range 3.0 unit (like the Netgear) then that's what I'll order if it's mutually agreed that it's a decent unit.
  9. Windows7ge

    Buying a Home Modem/Router for my Parents.

    @brwainer @mynameisjuan @leadeater Alright. So, taking your thoughts into consideration and combining it when what sounds like a reasonable budget I'm at this point on equipment decisions: Router - USG-US (open to debate) AP Manager - UC-CK AP's - UAP-AC-LITE-US (open to debate) For the modem I have come to two possible options that cost about the same: ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 NETGEAR CM600 Any experience with them? Preferences?
  10. Windows7ge


    Hardware harming or OS harming? If you create a fully virtualized instance then something that harms hardware would theoretically be stopped as the "hardware" would be simulated for the VM. If you mean OS then yes. It's actually advised if you HAVE to download no so trustworthy things from not so trustworthy sites that you do it in a VM. So long as you don't give it a path out to your local machine light if you bridged the network adapter to your local network.
  11. Windows7ge

    Buying a Home Modem/Router for my Parents.

    I do plan on setting up more than 1. 2 actually. One issue we're having is even when we have about 2~3 bar of signal strength the Wi-Fi will just "NOPE! *disconnect & disappear*". However this is only experienced during specific times of day and when about 3+ clients are on the Wi-Fi so I think it's a transmitter issue not signal integrity issue. Regardless the signal starts getting scarce near the corners of the home so this will solve that. I wish FTTH was an option but they live in a fairly rural area. A small town where the next closest towns are a number of miles either direction so chances are the closest they have is FTTN. The cabinet they connect to is just a giant coax splitter. I saw the guy opening it when the cable was originally laid. Coax actually only became an option about 5 or so years ago. Up until then, DSL T2/T3 was the best we had. This is one of the things that made me hesitate to just go out and try to figure this out on my own, because I've never seen a consumer purchasable modem/router with built-in analog phone. I'll have to bring this up either over the phone or at the store front they have in a nearby city. Pick it up. If for whatever reason they say they have to rent it out it seems they're not that expensive online. Activating it will be a learning experience unless it's PnP. So far it's unanimous. Separate modem & router. I was thinking of how I was going to run the 2 AP's. I considered using the cloudkey but I knew I could just download the software and run it on a box or in a VM instead (save ~$100). If we can have a Unifi router pull double-duty then that simplifies things.
  12. Windows7ge

    every router is bad

    The issue you're describing here is that technology advances so quickly and most of the people you're finding want to be with the latest most up to date tech. A router purchased last year will be considered outdated within the next 2 or 3. It's not that every router is bad it's that older tech is frequently abandoned for newer models even if the unit is only 2~3 years old. This is a widely adopted ideology and practice (which I hate). I believe if what you have works fine feeding your network. If you're not experiencing any problems and the security of it is up to date then run it as long as you like. When a unit is bottle-necking a network. Has security exploits that have been known for a long time, and is frequent to cutting out and requiring resetting. Then it's time to replace it.
  13. Windows7ge

    Setting up freenas

    Potentially, but seriously not recommendedly.
  14. If you're that far away from a service tower I wouldn't have used this method of internet. It's possible what signal you do have is being saturated while under load. Then it just crashes and reconnects. Did you ever previously have a fiber or coax connection? Is one not available?
  15. Windows7ge

    Freenas "SMB service failed to start"

    If you mean to get the files off before you go dismantling pools and such then yes. Use SFTP. It operates on the same port as SSH. I use WinSCP on windows to transfer files to/from the server when I'm not on the LAN.
  16. Windows7ge

    Freenas "SMB service failed to start"

    Windows does have a NFS driver but it's disabled by default. Enabling it isn't hard but I had zero success pairing it with FreeNAS. If going into the pool via terminal is showing you empty directories and files that say they're missing then something is definitely wrong with the pool. You passed through your HBA to the VM right? You can try, see what files pop up via SFTP. You can view command line just from the terminal.
  17. Windows7ge

    Freenas "SMB service failed to start"

    Have you setup SSH/SFTP? You could remote into the pool and read/write data as a test. You could also "su [username]" in shell and use touch, vi, mkdir, chmod, etc in the pool and if all that works then the pool is functioning fine. Sharing is the problem. You'll find your pools under the /mnt/ directory.
  18. Windows7ge

    Freenas "SMB service failed to start"

    You said you did some moving around. Did you move data from the SMB share or did you move the FreeNAS installation?
  19. Windows7ge

    Freenas "SMB service failed to start"

    SMB failing to start (from my experience) is usually a configuration issue. You can try removing those auxiliary parameters and/or tunables to see if that helps. From there I'd check to make sure the array is healthy, from there I'd go into Sharing > Windows (SMB), and make sure this is set up right. Perhaps delete and set it up again (I've had that fix issues), then try restarting the SMB service.
  20. Windows7ge

    Freenas "SMB service failed to start"

    What happens if you start SMB from terminal? service samba_server start And from my experience FreeNAS always has a tenancy to be fickle. When you have a working config it's great, rock solid but once you start changing settings it's not hard to brick.
  21. Windows7ge

    Windows load from usb @ startup

    Are you talking about a local account? When you login on a computer on a campus you aren't logging into a local account you're logging into a domain account hosted on a server somewhere on or off the campus. For what reason would you want to do this? Just use the thumb drive to carry your files and use it as you need to access your files. The colleges also often give students small storage shares on the network so you don't even really need a thumb drive either.
  22. If you're an average user it absolutely won't. A standard 2.5" SSD is just as good in terms of noticeable boot speed, loading times, etc.
  23. Windows7ge

    Troubleshooting need help :<

    If you know for sure that the monitor is fine and for sure that the graphics card works then the adapters at fault. Otherwise you can find a display with a supported GPU adapter (like a TV w/ HDMI) and see if the lines are still there. If so something's wrong with the GPU.
  24. Yeah, run MemTestx86. Sounds like a RAM issue.
  25. Windows7ge

    Can't install Windows 10 because of GPT - Message

    You should be able to click on New when the drive says Unallocated Space.