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  1. I have experience with those exact adapters because they were a super cheap step into 10Gbit. Did you configure the MTU? A MTU mismatch might cause performance issues. 9014 is recommended over the standard 1500. What happens if you run a P2P connection on a /30 subnet? Rule out the switch as a cause of conflict. This is kind of first step troubleshooting but did you verify they're on the same network/subnet? You said they can see each other so I kind of doubt this one.
  2. Pretty Freaking Cool

    Bring it to school. Teacher will think you just played with your Altoids container all class.
  3. Then you got scammed by the seller or the seller doesn't know what they're selling. Also server motherboards do sometimes offer support for desktop processors. Just because it will run the desktop CPU though does not mean it will overclock it. Both the CPU & Motherboard have to support the function.
  4. Return it and make sure the next LGA2011 motherboard says X79 chipset
  5. I believe the C600 chipset is a server chipset, not desktop. Server chipset typically cannot overclock. It uses a X79 socket like my server motherboard but my server is the C602 chipset which also does not support overclocking.
  6. thermal tape and thermal paste causing overheating ?

    Well. Turn the system off. Unplug it. Open it up. Remove the CPU heatsink. Remove the pad by just peeling it off then remove the thermal compound with a rag (and isopropyl alcohol if you have it). Put new thermal compound on. Put the heatsink back on.
  7. Vpn through router blocked

    So you're asking why it is you can access the internet when the VPN is enabled but you're still blocked from the routers WebUI? Well to the best of my knowledge when using a VPN it creates a virtual LAN between the networks. You could say this is similar to having a really long Ethernet cable going from your computer to the server room of the website you're visiting. The data inside the packets doesn't know it's traversing the internet because the IP headers have been encapsulated inside another set of headers or bits. A similar concept is something called a VPN Tunnel. It's possible when connecting to the internet your MAC addresses is being masked as the IP packet is sent across the network out to the internet but when you try to access your router using or (or which ever other it is) then the VPN may not kick in and then the router can see the real MAC address of the device and block it. This is all theory I cannot verify my logic.
  8. Wireless Internet

    When I was using a wireless NIC I never had any problems with the ASUS PCE-N15.
  9. thermal tape and thermal paste causing overheating ?

    Yes, as in don't use a thermal pad on your CPU. Thermal pads are good for components that get hot but don't need that heat wicked away as quickly as possible like VRMs or VRAM. Your CPU needs heat pulled away from it as quickly as it's produced to keep the system happy and thermal pads cannot transfer the heat quickly enough which is why we use thermal compound.
  10. Can I Revive my HDMI Port?

    Sounds like either a software or hardware controller issue. A cracked solder joint or bad physical connection would make it stop working period. It's possible the display controller on that port is slowly dying and your chances of fixing that are nil but it's not a frequent issue. I'd boot off another drive even a thumb drive with Linux Ubuntu and see how the port behaves. If it's fine, then it's most definitely a software issue. Same issue, probably hardware problem.
  11. Opening Ports

    That's right. Forgot about phone line. Well the only way I've ever known about opening ports is by doing it in the routers WebUI itself. I've seen it labeled as Port Forwarding or Port Triggering. I've never heard of software you can run on your computer that will open ports on your router. If anything you'd want to do it manually on the router so you know it was done right.
  12. Opening Ports

    Is your WAN PPPoE or are you plugging this box into another modem/router that uses fiber or coax? If the latter does the modem have router functionality? It may be acting as the edge router with no open port before reaching your router.
  13. A guy at my college showed me a portable charger he got for free through a convoluted series of events with the retailer that I couldn't quite follow. He told me that it didn't even manage to charge his phone from dead to 100%. He showed me the back:


    Made in China

    360000 mAh


    ...360,000mAh...way to go China pulling a fake number like that out of thin air. Based on the size of the charger it uses a flat pack LiPo battery that was probably no more than 1800mAh or 2400mAh. Since the label is fake the battery probably isn't very good quality either which is why it couldn't even fully charge the phone once.

    1. wkdpaul


      Reminds me of someone I know that bought a 256GB flash drive for $20 from China ... Of course it was a 8GB drive and since he never had filled it he actually thought he had a 256GB drive.


      Of course, I HAD to pop his bubble :D

    2. Windows7ge


      I know there is software that you can use that will write to every "available" block of memory. The software will write to the drive whatever amount the drive reports then read back the data. By doing this for every chunk it can determine how many times the drive wrote over itself and the actual size of the drive. Sounds like good software to use on your friends when breaking it to them that they were scammed.

  14. Windows Boot Drive help

    I've had instances where Windows has installed important boot files in secondary drives just because they were plugged in while doing the windows install. If you unplug the HDD does the system fail to boot into Windows 100%? It's possible all this time windows has been booting to the SSD using key files installed on the HDD and the HDD might be failing causing the SSD to no longer want to operate properly. It's quite a stretch but it could happen. Unplug the HDD and try to boot. Report back what happens.
  15. Samsung 960 Evo hits 80^C

    Brave as in because it's hot or brave as in this wafer thin PCB that fits in the palm of my hand cost me $600 so I'm gonna touch it while it's running? No, though putting a relatively simple double sided sticky-tape rectangular aluminum heatsink on it has crossed my mind a few times. Have never gotten around to doing it though. Also I don't know how hot it's actually getting just that it's uncomfortable to keep my finger on it.