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  1. Booting and Storage

    I had a feeling I should have phrased that differently. To explain, every program you install yourself it's installer prompts you to choose the installation directory. IMO it'd be best just to do this manually if you want to direct it to, oh say the D:\ drive but a little googling says it is possible to edit the default location (like you're asking) with a little Registry editing. I wouldn't do it though.
  2. Booting and Storage

    You'd have to set that up on a per application basis. If you don't want to save things to the HDD manually then you might like to boot from the HDD & setup the SSD as a cache drive.
  3. Screw open

    Similar statement to Konrad_K. If you can just get your fingernail or something else thin underneath it while you rotate it it should come out. If that fails, it's possible gravity could help you if you unscrew it while the laptop is right-side up. Couple light taps from your hand or a hard surface could help.
  4. I broke things..

    *sigh* *picks you up out of corner* Experimenting is always a great way to learn more. Sometimes doing something spontaneous like this can produce something wonderful. Besides I'm sure someone more intelligent than me will be along to tell me how wrong I am in every possible aspect. *steals your corner and cries silently*
  5. I broke things..

    When moving files between devices on the same network the transfer goes up to the switch and it checks if the destination MAC matches anything in the table. If it does it'll send it strait to the destination device bypassing the router. Communications generally only go to the router when either: A. Packets are destined for another network B. A particular application or protocol requires a default gateway. SAMBA is responsible for handling SMB on Linux so if this is a SMB transfer then attempting to Link Aggregate the connection between the router & the switch would have realistically only increased your bandwidth access for your clients to the internet (if it were over 1Gbit) or another private network.
  6. No, I can say 2.5" WD My Passports that use micro-USB are directly attached to a PCB which is in turn directly attached to the HDD. 3.5" drives I believe are generally standard drives just with little adapters plugged into the SATA DATA/PWR ports.
  7. I've lost my faith in Linus

    I don't have the tools to prove there's no static but I can prove its non-conductive.
  8. I've lost my faith in Linus

    I've pushed the boundaries and put boards on beds & carpet. Never killed anything by doing it. (Not that it's a habbit.)
  9. I've lost my faith in Linus

    That? That's a misconception. The outside of the bag isn't conductive nor builds up static.
  10. I've lost my faith in Linus

    I don't get it. Also this is more of a Status Update.
  11. I don't know about where you can find it but when you do you can edit it with vi or vim.
  12. My android doesn't have this issue. Chrome version 56.0.2924.87, Android version 7.0.0
  13. WAN and LAN

    In order to access the WebUI you have to be on the LAN interface. Really ideally you'd have another switch connected to the LAN.
  14. WAN and LAN

    Then assuming 3 is also true then yes you can do that if you only want to control the wireless clients. The port you designate as WAN will plug into the switch and the port you designate as LAN will plug into the AP.
  15. WAN and LAN

    Situation 1: Are you planning on setting up multiple routers? Situation 2: Are you only looking to control wireless devices off the PFsense box? Situation 3: Is your modem a modem/router combo and acting as the primary router?