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  1. My router keeps disconnecting when i'm playing csgo.

    A quick google search says that has something to do with the signal from your ISP. I don't know what they will do if it's a signal issue between the closest node and your house.
  2. Home storage/server upgrade (buy new vs old)

    If you like FreeNAS (I love it, been using it for about 3~4 years now) and your data is important to you you'll want ECC memory. The reason is FreeNAS relies heavily on memory when loading data onto disk. When FreeNAS does a disk check it will compare data on disk to data in memory. If a bit flips in memory (not super common but it happens) FreeNAS will see that the information in memory is different from the information on disk. FreeNAS will then write over the data on disk because FreeNAS always considers the data in RAM to be correct or most up to date. If a bit flips in RAM without ECC it will corrupt files on disk the next time the disk is checked. SATA drives WILL work on SAS backplanes/controllers but SAS drives WON'T work on SATA drive planes/controllers so what you've heard is correct. I'll see if I can find a 4U chassis with 3.5" bays on the front. My server uses the NORCO RPC 4224 but it'd eat almost 1/2 your budget and it has 24 bays...don't know if you want that many. As for your hardware selection I think you'll want something a little bit more modern. You can only give away up to 50% of your CPU/RAM to VM's so I'd recommend something newer. The Intel Xeon E5 2670 is a nice 8 core 16 thread LGA2011 CPU...if we can find it in budget. It'd allow up to 2 quad core VM's and we'd probably want 32GB of RAM. 16GB for FreeNAS and 8GB for each VM...I think this is over budget. I'll see what I can find.
  3. My router keeps disconnecting when i'm playing csgo.

    Ah, definitely, definitely router. When is the last time you unplugged it and plugged it back in?
  4. My router keeps disconnecting when i'm playing csgo.

    Does the network behave fine when you're not on CS:GO or watching a video? What about file transfers? Any issues downloading/uploading large files? I wonder if the router is malfunctioning.
  5. Ram problem or mobo problem

    If the debug on the motherboard says RAM and Windows BSOD code says RAM then it's probably safe to start with the RAM. There's a memory utility you can use to test your RAM called MemTest86. It boots your computer into an CLI/BIOS type environment and tests the memory for errors. If it finds any then it's probably the RAM. More often than not when RAM is at fault it's only a single stick. If your profile holds true you have more than one. As for the motherboard. Most of the fingers on the RAM go directly to the CPU so if the RAM regardless of slot shows errors and it's not the RAM then it could be the CPU...but that's extremely unlikely. CPU is almost never at fault. In this instance I'd blame the memory. It might be an overclock issue too but I don't really think so.
  6. My router keeps disconnecting when i'm playing csgo.

    Is it working reliably with the cable? If so we can narrow it down to being a wireless communication issue. A lot of that data is time sensitive so if there's a delay in communication the whole link will close and if it exceeds the bandwidth or the throughput of your wireless NIC then it's going to stutter and lose connection either to not enough speed or it taking too long to respond (ping).
  7. How to Get F****K By a Tech Store

    I haven't attempted tri boot in years but I know it was convoluted trying to put Windows XP, Vista, and 7 all on one drive. Didn't go well.
  8. Studding PC for school

    A book that can teach you a lot about networking is the Cisco CCNA Simplified 5th Edition. If you're just starting out though it will probably be too advanced. You might be more interested in something like the CCENT range. A lot of the data is propriety to CISCO equipment which is kind of useless for most people but it still teaches you a lot of the fundamentals of networking including the IEEE standards allowing the CISCO equipment to communicate with most other manufacturers of networking equipment so it's a nice book to have.
  9. How to Get F****K By a Tech Store

    Most tetchy people who want more than one OS on a laptop/desktop will "dual boot" Linux/Windows or something else, etc. I've never heard of someone "Tri-boot" a computer. The issue probably comes with one or more of the OS's having a conflict. Maybe the boot loaders. I can't be sure. Honestly why do you need 8.1 & 10 & Linux? Dual boot 8.1 & Linux OR 10 & Linux. It works flawlessly for me on my laptop. (I'm on it right now typing this message in Ubuntu). The conflict is probably between the two windows installations. I can only imagine what.
  10. HDD not working with USB 3.0

    Cool. If you need help in the future with other things don't hesitate to consult the forum. When it comes to general troubleshooting someone is always open to help.
  11. 1950x temperature

    That high CPU idle temperature but this could be normal depending on the circumstances. While it says 54C did you try touching the heatsink as close to the base as possible? If it feels HOT then it's really 54C if it feels "meh" then the BIOS is showing you a huge offset temp to prevent you from cooking it via overclocking. Regardless it should go down once you reach the OS. Fire up realtemp and see what that says. Oh, and PSU coil whine (like GPU coil whine) is a thing. My Corsair AX1200i has annoying random frequency coil while and it does it even when the system is "off" (standby power is still flowing). It isn't harmful to the PSU it's just displeasing to the ears.
  12. HDD not working with USB 3.0

    Yeah, if you select the OS Windows 8 64-bit there's the options: Intel USB3.0 Controller Driver V4.0.0.36 for Windows 7 32bit & 64bit. Intel USB3.0 Controller Driver V1.0.0.42 for Windows 8.1 64bit. Which one (or neither, or both) did you try?
  13. Stain or algae?!

    I think it's stain. There might be some simple tests you could conduct to find out for real but I don't know any.
  14. HDD not working with USB 3.0

    What company/model is your motherboard?
  15. In need of a Fedora VPN

    I don't know if a service like that is available for your OS but if all else fails run ParrotOS on a tiny PC with 2 NIC's and use it as a proxy between your computer/server and the internet.