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  • Birthday 1994-09-08

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    Computer Networking
    Server Construction/Management


  • CPU
    Intel i7 5960X
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    64GB G.Skill Ripjaws4 2400MHz
  • GPU
    2x Sapphire Tri-X R9 290X CFX
  • Case
    LIAN LI PC-T60B (modified - just a little bit)
  • Storage
    Samsung 960PRO 1TB & 12TB SSD Server w/ 20Gbit Fiber Optic NIC
  • PSU
    Corsair AX1200i
  • Cooling
    XSPC Waterblocks on CPU/Both GPU's 2x 480mm radiators with Noctua NF-F12 Fans

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  1. Windows7ge

    Smallest dual cpu mobo?

    You already have a chassis or you just don't want a motherboard that's 12" by 13"?
  2. Windows7ge

    I'm an idiot

    This is more of a status update but yeah I keep thumb drives and like things in my pockets but I ALWAYS make sure to empty every pocket before throwing the pants into my hamper or the laundry pile.
  3. Windows7ge

    Thinking of doing a GPU Backplate

    The screws. The backplate is secured down using the existing screw holes. Usually this is only an aftermarket option when watercooling.
  4. Windows7ge

    Networking Speed Issues

    You could try doing a speedtest.net test. If the performance is there then the slow download speeds is a server-side issue.
  5. Windows7ge

    Best Place to buy refurb or used servers??

    I haven't heard that name in a while. I've never used them so I can't give you an opinion there.
  6. Windows7ge

    Best Place to buy refurb or used servers??

    Ditto, Ebay. You can buy high-power barebone supermicro servers that you can populate with your own CPU/memory/HDDs. $200~300 and it comes with the chassis, motherboard, psu. Some of them can come with memory, cpu but it'll cost more.
  7. I will try both then and see what shows up. Our router is already a pos (to be replaced soon) and I don't trust it, but I'd like my current & future server to have some level of reliable security when remoting in.
  8. I will have to try that when I get home. I actually recently had to create new keys on my server and I only distributed the new private key to my desktop. Still have to do it with every other machine I use like the laptop I'm on right now. Hello again, but that sounds like it'd just tell me if I have it. Not if I'm actually using it.
  9. How might we check what library we're using? I'm not that Linux savvy.
  10. Even if you're using public/private key authentication? I wouldn't be surprised if password only is easily bypassed but I'd expect keys to be trickier.
  11. Windows7ge

    Ex-Server Station Convert As Desktop PC Possible?

    I quoted that right before he posted actual specs. Though 4x8GB DDR3 UDIMM ECC costs around $250 today. Older DDR3 RDIMM modules are cheaper I guess?
  12. Windows7ge

    Educate me about fluids...

    I've just been running dis-stilled water and a coil of silver. Been like that for years (changing out the water as necessary). I've never seen any growth so I never spent any money on actual biocidal agents.
  13. Windows7ge

    YouTube Outage

    Well CISCO did leave him unsupervised in one of their server rooms. Wouldn't surprise me if he touched something. We'll see it on the channel in a week or two. I can see the title now "You won't believe who took YouTube down!!!" *silhouette of Linus in the background*
  14. Windows7ge

    YouTube Outage

    If tor takes you through another users computer it kind of makes sense. Different ISP, different country possibly, different YouTube server. Just our local server is down. Somebody tripped over a power cable didn't they?
  15. Windows7ge

    YouTube Outage

    It worked for a min then it died again.