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  1. It does come with risks as it is highly electrically conductive so how you apply it is crucial. If we're talking about cooling a CPU or GPU die then thermal pads aren't an option since they don't transfer heat as efficiently as the dies need to get rid of it If you want a middle option there is a thin sheet of graphite you can buy which would work in place of thermal compound. It is electrically conductive but so long as it's held in place it shouldn't cause any problems.
  2. Windows 8 won’t boot

    What error message pops up?
  3. Antivirus: is it necessary?

    So long as you're smart about what you click on and what sites you visit defender will serve you well enough. Now if the system gets infected then you may need to install something to get rid of it.

    I wonder if performing a DNS flush would help. It might have cached results from the previous DNS server so it's not querying Cloudflares
  5. From personal experience not even worrying about the key transferring (if you tied it to a microsoft account it should save you the trouble of reactivating) windows doesn't like changing motherboards. It latches on to the one you're using like a parasite and graphing it onto another it just has issues I can't explain because my knowledge of the OS isn't THAT deep. In general clean installs are usually the best way to avoid problems down the road.
  6. Windows 10 won't admit I have internet

    At what point did you discover it said you had no internet? Did you go through the hot spot setup and get an error? Did you go to set it up and it told you you had no internet? If the latter this could be a completely unrelated issue to the hot-spot itself.
  7. Windows 10 won't admit I have internet

    What happens if you unplug the Wi-Fi adapter, restart the computer, verify that you do indeed have internet, and go back into this menu? Does it still tell you you don't or does it give you a different error?
  8. This would make a difference of maybe 2~3°C. The air only takes a small amount of heat with it as it passes through the radiator. It won't make any serious impact to the rest of the system.
  9. Windows 10 won't admit I have internet

    So your wired connection works just fine. The No Internet error is for the Wi-Fi adapter you haven't setup. You said the hotspot configuration requires you to show that you have internet. This right here says you do. Where does the hot spot configurater say that you don't?
  10. Netgear smart switch refuses to act like a switch

    There's probably more intelligent methods of identifying the issue other than just turning it off and on again but you could try unplugging each device one by one until the rapid activity stops. This could show if one particular device is spamming the switch with broadcasts.
  11. Windows 10 won't admit I have internet

    This is the page I'm wanting to see: Also beersykins brings up a good point: Go into CMD and input: ipconfig /all This will display your DNS servers along with all your other network adapter data.
  12. Windows 10 won't admit I have internet

    Did you go into Network Connections and see what Network Adapter is actually reporting No Internet? The icon in the task bar might just be reporting No Internet from the Wi-Fi adapter.
  13. Windows 10 won't admit I have internet

    So you can reach your router. Now lets see if you can reach the internet. Ping your choice of or or or or any other public IP you know of and let me know if it works.
  14. Windows 10 won't admit I have internet

    Nope, if I recall that's the Gateway Of Last Resort. Your computer is suppose to get an IP from your router via DHCP. It'll tell you your Default Gateway (typically or Check if your computer has an IP or if it see's the Default Gateway.
  15. Windows 10 won't admit I have internet

    Can you ping your default gateway?