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  1. Set to high performance.
  2. I have never ran over clock settings. i went ahead and reset my bios only altering what i needed to do to get my RAID drive recognized again and it had no difference.
  3. So, i am currently having CPU clock speed issues. i'm not sure what is going on so i'm hoping i could get some input from you guys. The system specs are below. The issue that i am having is my CPU will not boost past an idle state. When i run prime 95 with cpu-z running my multiplayer doesn't really go above 8x with some times jumping up to 40x (bus speed 100 MHz) I have never over clocked my system and my temps are all in the green hitting a max of 23C while running prime 95. but i figure that has more to do that my CPU won't ramp up. I have went though and updated all drivers and firmware as well. Motherboard: MSI gaming M5 z170a CPU: Intel i7 6700k cooler: corsair h110 Ram: 32gb corsair domination power supply: corsair RM1000 GPU: MSI GTX 980ti
  4. So, a little back story on what I am looking to accomplish. I have an MSI z170 mobo. My CPU is cooled with an AIO & my GPU is a corsair product, which is an MSI card with there own AIO cooler and heat sink installed on the video card (it’s a 980ti). My issue is the pump on the video card AIO is ran off of the fan header on the card, and so the radiator fan is connected to my system 1 fan header. What happens is, the temp readings in the case remain fine and don’t ramp up the fan cooling the radiator, the fluid gets saturated with heat and then my GPU hits thermal throttling. My current solution is I installed MSI afterburner to monitor my GPU temp and MSI command center to manually override the fan speed for that fan. I keep the windows up in my 2nd monitor when I am playing games and I will manually modify the fan speed to maintain my GPU at a decent temp. I am wondering if there is a way I can have that system fan 1 header control biased on GPU temp instead of case ambient or CPU core temp.
  5. Risu0042

    Feenix Gaming Bundle Giveaway

    Currently running a HP 34c monitor with an acer 23" touch screen as a secondary. Razor black widow keyboard, Asus Strix 7.1 headset, and logitech G502 gaming mouse.
  6. Risu0042

    samsung m.2 raid issues

    working on starting up a new build and i am using an MSI z170A gaming M7 motherboard with two samsung 950 pro M.2 SSDs that i would like to put in a RAID 0 configuration. i have the RAID partition created in the BIOS but when i go to install windows 10 i am having issues where the drive to install the OS is not showing up. i have tried both the intel RST driver from there website as well as the MSI driver for RST and both of them can be located but nether of them are finding the RAID drive. was wondering if there is any other suggestions out there.
  7. Risu0042

    cooler hose modification

    what material would i use?
  8. So, I am working on a new computer build where it’s not just built around performance, I also want it to have a unique aesthetic look to it as well, though nothing too crazy as I will be working around stock parts and working within the comforts of my building capabilities. I am using a corsair vengeance C70 case (military green) and going with a yellow and black them inside the case (something to give a resemblance to “caution” or “hazard”). I will be using a corsair H100i GTX CPU cooler and a corsair GTX 980 ti hydro video card. Both of these have black hoses connecting the pump/cooling block and radiators. I would like to look at a way of striping the black hoses with yellow to resemble something like “caution” but not quite sure how. I have thought about using yellow electrical tape but am worried it won’t last long, get gummy and fall off. Or maybe an acrylic paint or nail polish but worried it won’t be flexible enough to work with the hoses. Was wondering what other people have done in the past to color the components in a computer case.
  9. Risu0042

    Selecting Physx card

    hmm... well, it sounds like the dedicated physx is something i might pass up on then. it's been a little bit since i have looked into computer building since my last build and the physx thing was something new i never heard of and thought it would be neat to put in this build. but it sounds like it won't be worth it.
  10. Risu0042

    Selecting Physx card

    I would be gaming at 3440x1440
  11. Risu0042

    Selecting Physx card

    Hello all, Currently I am in the process of building a new computer (see specs below) and was thinking about putting a dedicated physx card in this machine. I have seen information that selecting an under powered card can limit the capabilities of the main card, but i don't want to get an over powered one and spend more than I need to. I will be installing a GTX 980 ti for the main card and i was looking a GTX 750 ti for the dedicated physx card, though i'm basically covering my eyes and throwing a dart on this selection as i have nothing to base it off of. Processor: i7 6700k mobo: MSI z170a M7 RAM: Corsair dominator platinum 64gb disk: 1tb samsung 950pro M.2 (512mb x2 in RAID 0) video card: corsair/MSI GTX 980 ti power supply: corsair RM1000i