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  1. TitanOne

    Guest Account Management

    I will definitely have to try that, thanks!
  2. TitanOne

    Guest Account Management

    Greetings from the strange lands of Germany! (I don't know if this belongs here, but we'll see :/) At place I'm doing volunteer work for I am responsible for the guest PCs, mostly used by children. As one might guess, they like to mess with EVERYTHING on the computers, giving me a hard time (Windows 10 is not helping with the setup process). And because they are funny little buggers, it's often stuff that is important to system functionality, forcing me to reinstall HECCIN' Windows yet again! (Yes, they SOMEHOW magically do that without a Admin password, even though I set the account to non-admin) Is there some (preferably free or REALLY cheap) way to make my life easier? Like, I just access the machines from another one or even a phone and like, reset them to a certain state? It's five PCs, with an open Guest account and an password protected Admin account. I honestly don't know how old those are. Or the hardware they have. Thanks for coming to my TED-Talk half-rant, half-cry for help
  3. Well, in terms of Processor and Ram, a bit more won't Hurt for Minecraft. About the SSD, idk, sorry. But a goOd NIC is a good idea for at home use.
  4. TitanOne

    iMac Pro Announced Features

    Who also wants a Drop it Compilation?
  5. TitanOne

    iMac Pro Announced Features

    I haven't heard about it. Where did you find that Info though?
  6. TitanOne

    iMac Pro Announced Features

    Buggin' me as well, Buddy. Either a Xeon (Wow, there are like threr or more 18 Core Xeons in Intels lineup) or the rumoured X299 Model.
  7. Sooooo, you probably have heard of Apple announcing the "iMac Pro" (If you watch the WAN Show you will definetly). The Features sound pretty darn cool (I will ignore the price), with up to 18 Cores, 128GB Ram, 4TB of Storage at 3GB/s and more stuff. The Thing is, I am not sure how Apple will do some of the stuff and would like to know the Community's oppinion. For Example the Storage: What do you think? Two M.2s in Raid 0? Or the GODDAMN MONITOR SUPPORT: Native 5K Screen PLUS Two additional ones over Thunderbolt 3!? That's almost 44 MILLION Pixels! Will Vega be that powerful to support it on one GPU at decent FPS? Or will a, for example, SLI Setup with 1080Ti's be enough (then we could predict Vega performance, right? Right?)?
  8. Hey there (maybe Linus also): How mich Performance do you get with three 4k screens and (if possible) even three 5k screens on a single Titan X (fps?)?