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  1. danwat1234

    How Did HP Fail This Hard?

    It may be smooth because the computer is fast, but does it look blurry or crisp when watching video?
  2. danwat1234

    How Did HP Fail This Hard?

    WOW what is that, a Passive Matrix display!!?? Ridiculous performance. Deal breaker even if the touchpad is fixed with software. Blurry video/gaming too I assume? That sort of ghosting was a thing back when Pentium 2 laptops could be had as a cheaper Passive Matrix Display rather than Active Matrix.
  3. danwat1234

    I Hope We Don't Get a Noise Complaint...

    Which editor played around with the screw driver/drill sound effects to come up with those scenes? Well done.
  4. danwat1234

    What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

    There is the possibility that the extended critical updates for $$ will be available on bittorrent and the like for free, who knows. Maybe as convenient hotfix installers, or a tedious install process. And, despite lack of security updates, using common sense when browsing the web, keeping your browser up to date and using a leading Security Suite can do the job pretty well. @Luscious That's why I use Start8 on my 8.1 computer. No UI compromise for me. If you want to permanently disable windows 10 updates, you have to be running a previous build (1703 or earlier it seems) of it before Windows Updates would re-enable itself after u disable it in Services and do a bunch of other things like block all access to the 'windows10upgrade' or whatever folder when it tries to give you a new build. But it's do-able. Build 1703 will allow Windows Update Service to stay disabled permanently. Newer (not sure which exact build the change occured), Windows will re-enable it on its own. This is what I blocked with 'process blocker': c:\windows\updateassistant\windows10upgrade.exe c:\windows\updateassistantV2\windows10upgrade.exe C:\Windows\softwaredistribution\download\bigarsewin10upgradeDir\windowsupdatebox.exe C:\windows10upgrade\windows10upgradeapp.exe and kill ALL permissions to 'windows10upgrade' folder so nothing can write into it. Success
  5. danwat1234

    This KEYBOARD is a MOUSE!

    7:25 holy crap Star Trek! 9:00 AA NiMH battery with only 1400mAh capacity? Normally they are 2000-2400mAh for good ones. 10:38 Holy crap Linus! This would make for an interesting motor exercise.
  6. danwat1234

    Gaming on a 25 YEAR OLD Laptop!!

    I remember this style. It was 2001 or so in High School. I had a Dell Latitude LM, similar to this laptop. Battery was removable of course. CDROM was as well, could hot-swap in a floppy, or a 2nd battery i believe. The Infrared port was awesome! Back then HP laser printers at my school had an infrared port on them and so i could wirelessly print in the computer lab without having to pay for pages! I don't think I had a CDROM drive so what I did was I used the parallel port and used a piece of software call 'Fast PC linker' to transfer data from my desktop to my laptop with the parallel port. It was like 20KB/s transfer speed. I would transfer over a whole CDROM image and emulate on the Latitude LM with something or another to run Microsoft Bookshelf or Encylopedia Encarta... The PCMCIA slots, I think I was able to get a Wireless-B card for it, but not 100% certain. The Latitude LM had a cool secondary display that showed battery charging, CDROM light, Hard drive light. In the end I ended up crushing it with a garage door... I should have kept the laptop. It was a cool machine. Yes the keyboard was awesome. So is the one on my Asus G50VT (~2008) gaming laptop). They don't make em like this anymore.
  7. danwat1234

    The Fastest Gaming Laptop We've Ever Tested!

    It is sad to see that it won't hold CPU core temps closer to 100 Celsius in order to have higher clock speed. The silicon can handle it so why does it throttle starting at 80 degrees Celsius or so? Also I wonder the reason why they didn't solder a 16gb RAM module on to the motherboard instead of 8. I hope the ice Lake version of this laptop has the keyboard and mouse in the normal location.
  8. danwat1234

    The NIGHT VISION Phone!

    Yeah, the Mods look like a very similar system to the Moto Z mods. In regards to a possible 5G mod for the Doogie Howser phone, it would probably need a Snapdragon 855 SOC in the mod, like the Motorola one does. This would make it cost $200+. New Moto phones probably won't have mod support in order to have design flexibility. But hey used z2 Force for under 200 bucks on Ebay. Performance of a Helios P60 SOC? Doogie Howser phone borrows the idea of the Asus ROG phone game mod too.
  9. danwat1234

    Linus Replies to Mean Comments

    Linus looks and acts similar to Harper on Andromeda, in a good way. People jealous of your success, ignore them.
  10. danwat1234

    RTX in a Laptop?!?

    Does this MSI have Coolerboost, which is a mode that turns the fans to 100% RPM? If so, was testing done to see if that improved clock speeds? I'd hope the max-Q laptops would have a mode to make the fans nice and loud, like their previous laptops, but perhaps nVidia convinced them not to. Then perhaps a hack could do it easily. Modify a register's value or something. 2.8GHZ on the CPU isn't bad. But I don't see how a '9th gen' 8 core laptop chip would be beneficial. Come on Intel, get to 10nm with an AMD Navi or nVidia 3xxx 10nm-esque GPU should be great. Gigabyte Aero with the unlocked 6 core CPU (8th gen i9-8950HK)... probably throttles similarly to this MSI so what's the benefit.
  11. danwat1234

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    Holy crap, YES! The CPU power on this is WEAK though! Less performance than a Motor G7, or a Snapdragon 820..Needs the performance of an 835 to be golden.. I agree. 7000mAh would be a good compromise, WITH a setting to limit charging to 80% so the battery would last maybe a good 5 years or more before degrading.
  12. danwat1234

    This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED...

    But how does it cost more for the motherboard to have DDR4 support if the chipset already supports DDR4?
  13. danwat1234

    This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED...

    Why won't it support DDR4 modules? It isn't the memory controller because it lies in the CPU, which supports DDR3 or DDR4 modules AFAIK..
  14. danwat1234

    Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This...

    I bet it would work in an eGPU box to the laptop's screen! I hate ewaste.
  15. Wow can't support an external drive, mouse or keyboard. Just support USB devices and it'll improve usability a lot! And no extend display on secondary displays.. come on. Are these really iOS limitations that Apple didn't focus on improving or was it intentional?