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  1. Logitech has now acquired Jaybird, makers of the Jaybird Bluebus, and Bluebuds X2 reviewed by Linus. Source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/4/12/11418650/logitech-buys-headphone-maker-jaybird-for-50-million-acquisition Pretty interesting to see how Logitech might improve the company and its products. I have the first Bluebuds X myself.
  2. Based on every reply, ever, basically, it looks like i dint want to go passive. This post and the replies inspired me to do some close listening to my PC, closer than ever before. Upon putting my ear within a centimeter of every fan and part in my case, I found that the culprit if my noise has been my power supply, go figure, as its an EVGA 430W i bought on sale. Time to upgrade!
  3. As in the title, I am wondering if I could use my 3 case fans and just use my 212 passively? The fan that comes with the EVO is the loudest part of my rig. I wont be gaming and the heaviest load will be web browsing and writing a word document. I don't have time for games as a university student
  4. Thank you so much, for probable being the only other person on this thread with a 950! I couldn't find anyone else's 950 results
  5. Finally got this new account working, and it has been a while since i have been on the forum. Last time I was here there was a used parts for sale section and I cant find it anymore, is it still around somewhere?