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  1. What games ? A lot of games are terrible in dx 12 mode. DX 12 often causes stuttering. The only games that have good dx 12 implementation are Doom and Tomb raider imo.
  2. Its Ryzen + launching, not ryzen 2.
  3. If your not going to overclock go with the intel i3 8100 .
  4. Notree

    Fortnite on mac?

    Try it. Should be playable at 30 fps.
  5. Are you kidding? You took one frame out of video where each benchmark has variables and compared them. Look at the video and you can see the OC always ahead. Grabbing one frame means nothing ,avg and minimum fps would be a far better indicator.
  6. Have you tried the old heat sink?
  7. So install malware on your own power plant. Blame Russia. Profit?
  8. I hope none of you saying driving should be illegal come into any form of power. I like the idea of all self driving carst but I certainly want to be able to drive my car also. And I'm sure the same can be said for any car enthusiast. I'm willing to bet the people that think it should be illegal don't own their own vehicle or don't leave the city.lol
  9. 6 Either way people are still waiting for a new Nintendo handheld. It will be far more powerful then the 3ds. Even the nes classic has more power.
  10. How many people bought Nvidia shields? Not many. I actually dont know a single person with one. So tell me again why Nintendo's new console will fail cause your shield cant play games at 1080p? And you dont even know if the performance is worse. People have been waiting for a new handheld from Nintendo. Not a new android handheld from nvidia. Sorry.
  11. You have a good point. wiiu was definitely a flop in that way. No one wanted a new wii tho. I honestly think 3rd partys will jump onboard since people have been waiting for a new Nintendo handheld. Time will tell.
  12. My point is cutting the gpu power will significantly increase battery life. They're not aiming for the best graphics as usual. Id rather play my games for 8 hours then have a little extra eye candy and only get 2 hours.
  13. Hey guys theres a thing called battery life. Try gaming on a phone. Any decent game will drain your battery to near nothing in quick time. It's Nintendo. They don't do cutting edge graphics. EDIT: I understand everyone wants the fastest thing going. But Nintendo hasnt done that in years. They still sell millions of handhelds, yet are still using chips from 2006.
  14. What? They'll display whatever fps you get. Whereever you heard they wont support anything less than 50 fps is a lie.
  15. It's usually the places with no reviews that are scams.. They'll put a bunch of items up and try to get as much money as possible before being caught.
  16. Wheres the Apple Watch with ios Apple? I'm sure it will come .It's sad seeing the apple watch being recommended as the number one smart watch everywhere. Sure I guess if you use an iphone. And now that the watch makers are starting to get into the smart watch business, I think people would much rather buy spend $600+ on a good watch brand.Would you rather a top end Apple Watch or Tag Heuer ? Thats an easy choice for me. Android has watches with full Android already also. Were waiting Apple.
  17. As far as I'm aware its not even AMD driver related but the benchmarks/games in question, which now only support gcn1.1 and above. Async is still on older cards .
  18. BF1 larger player base.And since theres no plans for a new BF any time soon they should be focusing on making BF great again.
  19. Notree

    CS:GO Competitive

    Ill play casual with people who dont use mics but thats it. I hate when people type shit in game also . "Theres a guy *here*" .Theres no time to look at chat in CS. If your looking at chat consider yourself dead.
  20. Notree

    CS:GO Competitive

    Of course it hinders the team. I wouldn't play competitive with you if you didn't use a mic. And I hate players that dont talk. Grrrr