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  1. So this is weird. We swapped back to our old modem, and it's still not picking up on our 5G connection. Mobile phone, Switch and Chromecast still do. Both our dongles are doing it too, and it started at the same time. I'm honestly lost.
  2. Yup, I get perfect signal right near my PC. It doesn't go down at all. From what I can see with other devices, the signal actually seems stronger than my previous modem, with us being able to go into our backyard, and up our driveway before the signal drops substantially. I'll give that a go, thanks
  3. Yes, they did. The odd thing is that our phones and Chromecast connect to it just fine. The signal strength and speed is great, it's just my PC that doesn't pick up on it. We even turned off a few devices using the 5G and went to standard, but our PC adapter still isn't picking up on it. Unfortunately, in our house, it's basically impossible to move our PCs or modem any closer. We only have one port, and our PCs weigh heaps, with nowhere to really put them other than in our computer room. I just don't understand why the 5G works even when I'm outside on my phone, but not on my PC inside.
  4. I recently ported over to a new ISP, and everything is up and running. I can use the 5GHz connection on my phone and it works perfectly. Previously I had used the 5Ghz connection from my previous ISP on my PC and had no problem - however, my new ISPs one does not show up on my PC, only the 2.4Ghz. It showed up once before, but now I haven't seen the connection again. I can see other 5GHz connections around me and connect with them as well, just not mine. This is my WiFi adapter. I've tried resetting my WiFi adapter through cmd, updating the firmware/drivers, and nothing has worked. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Has anyone successfully modded Oblivion, and could give me some advice? Oblivion is the only TeS game I haven't really played, so I decided to mod it and make it look nice. The problem I have and have had now the third time in a row, no matter what I do, my mods don't show up. Even when I use OBSE, OMM, Wyre Bash, BOSS and the likes, and install it how it's asked to, my mods do not show up in the game, nor in Data at the launcher. I mod all my games, and Oblivion is the only one I have constant problems with at not being able to install mods. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. While I adore the first two Fable games, and love Black and White, I can see why. Peter Molyneux made a lot of empty promises, and is not known for being very good at what he does. He also praises crunch time/overworking devs. So while it sucks that it's gone, in a way I'm kind of glad it did.
  7. As far as I know, unless you're in places like Canada, Australia or New Zealand, it's a pretty decently priced. Like $599 - $600. I'm in Australia, so it's closer to $900+, but it may still be cheaper than what I paid for my 980 Ti ($1,100)
  8. I recently purchased WoW, and am looking to people to play with on the Oceania server, on Jubei'Thos (PvP) I'm a lvl 34 Hunter. I'm also super into Vermintide, Diablo III and TERA. I have Curse Voice, Discord and Skype for voice chat if people would like. Feel free to add me on Steam as well
  9. I live in Australia, and am looking for people to play with. Happy for it to be recorded. Though FPS are some of the only games I can't really get into. Do you like any games like Vermintide, WoW, Diablo III, etc? I have Teamspeak, Skype, Discord and Curse.
  10. I'd like to join a group, but neither are my type of games. Is there any interest in playing Diablo III, WoW, Vermintide and the likes of that?
  11. steamcommunity.com/id/himemiyaneko Also, if you play WoW on Oceania, and are on the PvP server Jubei'Thos, let me know
  12. I'm in Australia, and unfortunately most speeds here are pretty crappy. Mine is 23Mb/s, with 1.3Mb/s for upload. Crossing my fingers for NBN in my area soon.
  13. Awesome! I'll see if I can make a decent build