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    ASUS Z97 Pro
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    16 GB Gskill 2133
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    Radeon VII
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    HAF 932 Advanced
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    850 Evo, various HDD's
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    Corsiar 850w
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    ASUS 4k
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    Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240
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    Thermaltake Talon?
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    Win 10

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  1. I've never posted here in this thread. Don't know if I'm doing it right. I have such limited time these days. Just sat down and decided to post results. Hopefully it's enough. I don't have a screenshot of any sort of time based benchmark, but I've been using this system at it's max overclock for a month now for folding@home with no issues. I suppose I can't prove it, so take it as you will. I just figured I'd dick around with this thing again for a while while the wife is in the hospital. It seems I scored well on XTU/HWBOT. Anyway. since almost nobody has this processor I figure if nothing else, it's interesting.
  2. And the verdict is, it's still happening. I put it to sleep last night, and it's not recognizing it this morning. I wiggled the drive in the socket, and it works. I have re-seated it multiple times. I put in a ticket to MSI, but I'm not expecting much.
  3. I just tried a new battery. We'll see if it has problems. It seems to take time to manifest the problem once I have the system running.
  4. My new X570-A Pro is having difficulty with detecting my Corsair MP600 which is nvme and should be working. I've been through BIOS many times and can't seem to find a reason for this. When I re-seat the SSD it works, but then after a couple of restarts it seems to not detect the drive, or if I put the computer into sleep mode overnight. It won't wake with a keyboard, which is annoying as well. It also seems that the motherboard is seemingly not keeping some settings after restart, like SATA hot swap ports that I've enabled it will disable them. Any thoughts? This is a new motherboard and CPU (3800X), as well as the RAM and SSD. When I do get it to recognize the drive, everything seems fine besides the not waking from sleep.
  5. Nobody? I was hoping to see if there was anything I should look out for.
  6. I just got my Radeon VII yesterday, and I'm really enjoying it. It replaced my 1080 Mini, and so far it seems fine. The drivers were the major worry, but my experiences have been pretty good. If anything, it's response is faster for recovering from sleep, and during restarts than my 1080. I've had no compatibility issues with games so far, and it scores well on Passmark. I was wondering if anyone had any other experiences with this card, and if yours differs from mine, how so and what should I look for? I know there aren't many of these things out there, and I was lucky to get one, but I figured someone on the forums must have one.
  7. I just bought a Radeon VII, and I'm very happy with it. It took 3 tries to order it, but I finally had an order go through. I replaced my Zotac 1080 Mini (for sale lol) and I couldn't be happier. It's more responsive, comes back from sleep faster, and the drivers are much better than I was expecting. I scored 15363 on Passmark 3D score, and this was at stock clock, as it appears that overclocking isn't quite there yet. So far, so good it seems. I've tried BFV, Fallout 4, Subnautica, Beam NG, with great results, and 3D Mark Fire Strike and Fire Strike Ultra, but those scores weren't awesome due to my CPU and DDR3. Either way though, I'm happy with the purchase, it made a noticeable difference in experience, and I feel better as I like AMD's business practices more than Nvidia's. I hope this helps.
  8. Hmm... I've looked into the BIOS in the past. Never found anything, but I'll give it a shot. It's just odd that it happens progressively over time. I mean, what changes? I'm thinking it's a windows corruption of some sort, but would the BIOS just change settings for no reason?
  9. Sorry, let me clarify. I figure it's not communicating with the USB controller on the motherboard. It's plugged in directly to the back of the system.
  10. Yep. It does have that box checked in Device Manager, and it's got the latest firmware from Corsair. In fact I just tried it with another keyboard. Same thing.
  11. So I can't be the only person that notices this pattern. After a couple of years on a Win 10 install, eventually the system progressively quits responding to keyboard input to wake. At first, it's only once in a while, and its a mild annoyance, but eventually (like right now) I can't get the keyboard to wake the system at all. It's done this in the past too, but I couldn't find an answer, so I ended up doing a system "refresh" and it worked fine then. I'd assume something in Win 10 isn't communicating with the USB hub or something... Any thoughts on a fix besides doing another "refresh"?
  12. If it was only the mods, that would be fine. But it's almost everything that he does, besides streaming, or if he circumvents the word filters.
  13. Basically he's trying to change his content to work within YouTube's program, and it's not working. No matter what he tries. He's frustrated, and you can see it plain as day on his face. They're only allowing monetization on his streaming videos, and he's not thrilled about the prospect of converting to a full streaming channel. Every video he uploads no matter how much content he scrubs in editing, gets demonitized as fast as a day or two. Even his IRL videos with Jeannie are being affected. It's sad really. He tries to stay positive like in most of his videos, but you can read between the lines on this one.
  14. This was the video I watched. For some reason I couldn't post it earlier.