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  1. Good evening, one and all. I hope this moment in time finds you well. I am currently trying to figure out something of a peeve of mine at the moment. Whenever I summon the calculator on my logitech keyboards, the calculator application remains in the background until I click on it. If I use any other keyboard I own and hit the keyboard button, it pops up in the foreground ready to be used immediately. Is there any way I can get it to pop up as the selected program after hitting the button on my logitech boards? Any information would appreciated. Thank you.
  2. So, you were right. The clickies are waaaaay less mushy. They feel pretty damn great, if just a tad stiff. And loud. Other than that, I fucking love it. Thank you for the recommendation.
  3. I'll look in to that. I may just ask for a swap to get a GL Clicky version and see if that suits my tastes. Best Buy is pretty good about swaps last I checked.
  4. Essentially I'm looking for a clean, easy key press that doesn't feel muddled and has a tactile bump. Unfortunately, even if I wanted to go with a different switch, I can't find anything like the G915. I'm thinking about returning it for a new K800.
  5. The reason why I selected the tactiles was because I was hearing tactiles are basically clickies without the sound. And I figured clickies felt like linears with a bump so I thought it would be just like my old keyboard only better. Iounno, man. From this vid:
  6. Good evening, all. I just bought my first "mechanical" keyboard after years of membrane use. To be quite honest, I'm not very thrilled with it. I bought a G915 with GL Tactile switches. I feel that they're...mushier? than the previous keyboard I used which was a K800 with a membrane. I was fully expecting them to feel different, but I don't know. It just feels weird. The K800 pressed down smooth and easy with a noticeable bump. The G9115 feels kind of like pressing down on a spring that hasn't been oiled in a while or is too stiff. I'm missing keystrokes because it feels like I activated the switch but in reality I just mushed the key. I dropped from 87 wpm to 59 in a test and it just doesn't feel quite right. With that being said, would anybody be willing to validate what I'm saying or was my choice in keyboard incorrect? I was looking for an ultrathin, wireless, full-size mechanical keyboard with back lighting and the G915 ticked all my checkmarks.
  7. I've tried every port on the board and nothing showed up. Actual USB flash drives show up as well as peripherals. Only drives don't show up through the adapter.
  8. Well, that's one issue solved. Thanks for the heads up on that!
  9. OS: W10 64 Pro BIOS: 5.80 Specs: X370 Taichi, 970 Evo, EVGA 1080 FTW, Corsair Vengeance LP 3000, R5 3600, EVGA G2 650. Problem: Switching from my 1600 to my 3600 has resulted in my POST time going from ~2 seconds to ~12 seconds. Everything loads very quickly after that without issue. My MSI B350 board POSTs in ~4 seconds with the 1600 in it. I'm wondering if this is normal for Zen 2 or if something is going wonky with my board. I've tried messing with some settings and clearing the CMOS. My tertiary problem is that my rig does not detect any drives USB. I know the drive and powered USB adapter are good as they work on my secondary rig, however they are not seen by my main rig. Device manger shows nothing abnormal either. Any help with either of these problems would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Just an update. It worked. Again, thank you very much.
  11. I see. And should I just whole copy paste everything?
  12. Tonight I had my boot drive yeet its boot sector so hard after a windows update it no longer registered an installation. I've managed to recover most of my data from it, but there are a couple of things I'm still trying to get off. I had Firefox tabs and Chrome tabs in session memory and I'm trying to restore them on a new drive. I managed to get my bookmarks and history back, but no tabs. If anybody could help, that would be massively appreciated.
  13. At first I used Samsung migrate to copy my 850 to my 970. But then the 970 refused to boot at all. Had to fresh install from a USB to it. Another thing I forgot to mention is that it seems drives I'm booting from on this computer start getting corrupted. I'm totally unable to boot from my 850, even on other computers.