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  1. AutonomousRedux

    Freeze > Reset. Rinse and repeat until in Windows.

    At first I used Samsung migrate to copy my 850 to my 970. But then the 970 refused to boot at all. Had to fresh install from a USB to it. Another thing I forgot to mention is that it seems drives I'm booting from on this computer start getting corrupted. I'm totally unable to boot from my 850, even on other computers.
  2. AutonomousRedux

    Freeze > Reset. Rinse and repeat until in Windows.

    1. Once I'm able to POST, I have no further issues POSTing or getting into the BIOS. 2. RAM configuration doesn't seem to matter. Although I am unable to test with a smaller RAM kit since all I have are 8g DIMMs.
  3. Hello, all. I recently rebuilt my computer with a new MoBo and m.2 SSD, and it's been an absolute tit since I put it together. System specs: ASRock X370 Taichi (Bios P4.40) R5 1600 EVGA 1080 FTW Samsung 970 evo, Samsung 850 evo, ADATA SP550, WD10EZEX x2 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb 3000MHz EVGA SuperNOVA G2 650w Lian Li Alpha 550w Windows 10 Pro 64-bit The issue: When cold booting, the system fires up but refuses to POST, landing on a Dr. Debug of 62. This repeats until I fiddle with the ram by either adding or removing a DIMM. I am then able to POST. After that, I get stuck on an ASRock loading screen with a loading circle*. After many manual resets and repair screens, I am then able to get to my login screen for windows. It will then freeze and reset the entire system. No BSOD, just a freeze and reset. After a few cycles of this, I am able to login. Queue more freezing and resets until the system stabilizes and I am able to use it as normal. When I first built the system, the MoBo didn't recognize my two SSDs in SATA_1 and SATA_2. After a few resets, it finally saw them. Also of note is that if I try to boot from an external drive with an OS on it, it gives the "Insert bootable media or drive and press any key" message. Another issue that seems to be appearing is that boot drives connected to this computer start getting corrupted. Originally I used my 850 to migrate data to the 970 to use as the new boot drive. I did a clean install of windows on the 970 was because within a few hours I was unable to boot from it. Soon after, I was unable to boot from my 850, whether internally or externally or even on other computers. Troubleshooting steps I have tried: Using different RAM Using any combination of drives Booting from an external drive Reseating all components Clearing CMOS Fresh install of Windows *This also happens if I have any drives connected besides my m.2 drive. I suspect my board may be wonky, but I have some time before I can send it back to check for any other issues. Thank you for any help.
  4. AutonomousRedux

    Reservoir Hanging Mounts

    So I'm looking to hang my pump/res combo from the top of my case (Lian Li Alpha 550W) where the fans would normally go. I've found a reservoir clamp (Singularity Ethereal Reservoir Mount) that will do the job, however it's super pricey ($41 for one). Do any of you know of any alternatives that don't cost as much as a radiator? Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. I'm in the market for a higher end case, and the SM8 seems to be everything I want. Enough room in the motherboard area for anything I'd love to do with it, so much drive support behind the mobo tray itself, and enough radiator support for all the watercooling I'd ever need or want. Buuut I have two problems with it: It doesn't come with a PSU shroud. This is easily remedied by fashioning one from acrylic, but I'd also like to know if there's one that they, or another modding company, sells for it. It also doesn't come with an XXL window, which is kind of a shame. I really like the one they have on the Magnum SMA8, but I have no use for so much room, and I'd have a hard time filling it. Does anybody know if the Magnum SMA8's XXL window would fit on the SM8? Or are there any plans for CaseLab to make an XXL window for the SM8 itself? Failing this, are there any other cases on the market that would be a good replacement for the SM8? I'd like to avoid thermalfake if at all possible, but if it suits my needs I'll take it. Thank you.
  6. AutonomousRedux

    Liquid cooling ATX Mid/Full tower.

    Basically, I'm looking for a Magnum SM8, only with a basement like the mastercase 5. Not the Merlin because it doesn't come with a shroud, although I could probably make one out of acrylic.
  7. AutonomousRedux

    Liquid cooling ATX Mid/Full tower.

    Isn't that air cooled performance?
  8. Greetings. I'm currently browsing the market for some of the better cases compatible with liquid cooling. I'm currently using a Mastercase Pro 5 which, while usable, is a bit lacking. While searching, I figured I would ask this community what their thoughts are on the subject. My requirements: ~$100-250. Vertical GPU mount. Tempered glass side panel. Support for either a 120mm/240mm/360mm radiator setup OR a 120mm/240mm/240mm setup. Basement for the power supply or a power supply shroud. ATX Mid or Full tower. Able to hold two 2.5" drives and two 3.5" drives. *Optional: Comes in white. Any help finding something like this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. AutonomousRedux

    2017 Buget $1000 RGB PC Build

    Do not get the tridentz rgb. The software that controls the leds is known to corrupt SPD data and brick ram, even motherboards. https://www.gskill.us/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=67
  10. AutonomousRedux

    Wargaming threatening to abuse Youtube Copyright system

    It probably wasn't quitting that got the joint statement (although that probably impressed the urgency of the situation). WG NA probably got chewed out by HQ and WG EU when they bumbled in to the wrong drama shooting and was strong-armed into signing.
  11. AutonomousRedux

    G.Skill Bricking TridentZ RGB RAM with Software?

    Bought Thaiphoon Burner today. Re-wrote all my DIMMs and everything is working fine now. I tried testing the G.Skill software again with the intention of re-writing the SPDs after setting my colors, but apparently Thaiphoon didn't recognize two slots afterwards. Unistalled the software, and what do you know? The RAM shows up again. I highly recommend that if you intend to change the colors of this RAM, don't waste your money. Default works fine, but using the software could seriously bork your system.
  12. AutonomousRedux

    spilled water in my power supply please help!

    Doesn't matter if the computer was on or off, if the PSU is plugged in with the switch in the "on" position, it's still receiving power. That being the case, if the thing didn't pop and flash immediately, you should be good a day after the fact..
  13. I've been dealing with RGB control issues in my system for a while now. At first, I thought it was just general teething pains of the new Ryzen architecture not yet reaching maturity. And then two of my four TridentZ RGB dims went bad. At first, I thought my MoBo was to blame. Memory was not being able to be run at rated speeds (2133 instead of 3000), CPU running on previously fine overclocks was having instability, etc etc. RMAd the RAM, everything was working fine again. And then my MoBo bricked one morning. RMAd the board, got the replacement a few days later, and rebuilt the system. Everything was good. And then my RAM started acting up. Unable to control the colors, control software constantly crashing, RAM speeds dropping to 1800. In frustration to get my RGB problems fixed, I google'd "Why is G.Skill control software so bad?". And then I stumbled upon this thread: https://www.gskill.us/forum/showthread.php?t=14357 I knew the software utilized the SMB bus to control the RAM. What I didn't know is that it messed with the SPDs. What do you all think?
  14. AutonomousRedux

    How Would I Spray Paint a Case?

    I found this, and I think he does a great job for what I want for the case I have. Just swapping the air brush for rattle cans.
  15. AutonomousRedux

    Need an ATX Case. Budget up to £50

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thermaltake-Versa-Midi-Gaming-Toolless/dp/B016LHL7A2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494178699&sr Bit cramped, but it'll fit everything you'll need as well as having enough depth to (barely) fit a Hyper 212 Evo