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  1. Sat1600

    Never mind just went oos

    Blower style $279.99 - $30 rebate linky
  2. Sat1600


    They go for around $200+ on ebay. You could try locally. Check craigslist and letgo see what people are asking.
  3. Sat1600


    That's because it's a blower style cooler. Sell it and get a 2060. Less money and headaches
  4. Sat1600


    Custom water cooling is a big jump and a big investment. Why not try a high end air cooler or AIO?
  5. Sat1600


    More ram to star with. What's your goal?
  6. Sat1600

    Weird artefacting before boot RX 580

    Does this happen from shutdown or even from restart?
  7. Sat1600

    New pc frezees after 10 mins into any game

    I had this issue a few times. It turned out to be a conflict with the hd audio bus. No idea if you have the same issue but you can give it a shot. Go to device manager and disable HD audio bus and see if that helps. If that is the problem and you need the hdmi passthrough then you will have ti figure out how to resolve the conflict. If you are connecting speakers ti the motherboard then just don't worry about it. Good luck
  8. Sat1600

    Weird problem with start up

    Yeah definitely an issue with windows fast start. I disabled that feature in windows and the problem is gone. I have an m.2 nvme drive and I boot into windows in 15-20 seconds even without fast start so I don't really care about it.
  9. Sat1600

    Weird problem with start up

    Ssd. But I tried starting up with the drive removed and it was still getting stuck on the splash screen
  10. Sat1600

    Weird problem with start up

    Yes. Also when I do get into windows it says " your pc needs to be restarted to finish setting up this device high definition audio bus" I tried with another graphics card and same problem
  11. I have a TUF B450 plus motherboard. If I start the pc from Off it takes about 20 seconds for the TUF logo screen to come on. Then it does nothing. I have to press the reset button and then it resets and loads normally into windows within 20 seconds. I can't figure out what the problem is. Restarting from windows works just fine Edit: ok. After further troubleshooting it seems to be a fastboot problem. If I hold the shift button while shutting down the PC restarts normally.
  12. Sat1600

    Do I get a mined on card or not

    I would. 6 months is not that long. Just make sure it ships with the stock bios. Also Msi, evga, and gigabyte have transferable warranties. Better to buy those brands. XFX, sapphire, asus and zotac warranties are for the original purchaser only
  13. Sat1600

    which gpu to buy

  14. Sat1600

    Opinions on ryzen 2200g

    Never mind. Im going to wait for this https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tomshardware.com/news/asrock-am4-motherboard-ryzen-amd,38391.html
  15. I am considering building a small HTPC using the ryzen 2200g in a inwin Chopin case. My plan is to use it with my projector I already have a set of 16gb adata 3000mhz ram. My projector is 720p so that's the resolution I would set games to. What kind of performance am I looking at? Mostly playing Fortnite, BF1, skyrim and hitman right now but I could always play any games on my main rig. Trying to decide between this and just getting a nvidia shield and game just on my main PC