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  1. I'm looking for a good storage/travel bag or case for the HTC VIVE. I'd like it in foam inserts. That also helps keep dust out. Looking everywhere. Need advice. Prefer supplier in the UK or Europe if possible.
  2. No it isn't This is legislation that's been in place for decades. Its Competition law. Companies are fixing prices here within the EU when the EU trade rules allow an EU citizen to purchase goods and services across boundaries equally. Nothing to do with power trips at all.
  3. Belgium are part of a single market in the EU/EEA. If they tried that. Good bye EA from Europe's 300 million plus citizens.
  4. This is post-2020 support. It was no different for XP in the UK where the NHS was paying for support up until the start of 2016. Looks like no different. Whats causing the problems for many people is 'planned obsolescence' both in hardware and software, which is causing many issues as for example 3 year old hardware can't support newer OS. Some of the software manufacturers are also making things even more acute Planned obsolescence is companies basically trying to force consumers to upgrade earlier and earlier simply to maintain their sales.
  5. You're correct see my previous post. In relevant European laws it actually says that if there is any doubt, the decision comes down in favour of the consumer. It's an impossible clause that would make it impossible for a consumer to compare INTEL to AMD. Such a clause could invariably in itself trigger a competition law investigation also. As it's net effect would undermine competition. It's beyond ridiculous.
  6. It's a principle of law that you cannot enforce unfair contracts. Certainly in Europe consumers have fundamental rights. One of which is protection from being misled prior to a purchase. It's illegal for companies to mislead consumers. It's termed 'unfair trading'. It's also illegal for a company to mislead consumers as to their legal rights. This is directly contradictory to EU consumer law. If no one is able to independently compare the performance of a product, consumers cannot make informed choice and therefore are more easily misled. Thus the contract is unfair. Good luck to Intel, AMD, Microsoft or anyone else trying to enforce an unenforceable contract.
  7. Consumers determine price. If price exceeds value. Consumers will look for alternatives. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  8. Aye. common sense. To allow independent testing first. It smells of impropriety.
  9. Reading it it seems they were partly buying the platform and partly to expand in the U.S. Given the aggressive expansion strategy Future are adopting Either that tool of an editor has been told to be controversial and generate a splash. To drive audience Or Future are going to come in and quickly remove. Given damage to key audience they purchased. It was a stupid article and the fact no one could initially tell if it was opinion or review says it all. Very poorly thought out. From the editor as well.
  10. It's what happens when technology review organisations/individuals appear to give up their independence and/or receive quid pro quo. Forums/organisations like LTT, GamersNexus so on essentially commit suicide if they give up the number one priority: Consumer audience Who watch them and listen to them because they trust them. It's why Linus went to such lengths to state how he's not ever going to give up independence. Plus how LMG makes revenues. Even a hint of impropriety causes a disaster to reviewers.
  11. I think this whole thing is disgraceful. Tom's Hardware are wide open to legal action for misleading consumers if something they say is not true with RTX and they received quid pro quo for that review. There are consumer protection laws in north America and Europe that take very dim views on this. This is why sponsored content has to be indicated. Consumer reviews versus news (or speculation) versus personal opinion pieces need to be marked as such. In Europe the mere act of misleading or causing a consumer confusion before a purchase is illegal. Especially from manufacturers or retailers. If this is done by proxy. By a independent website that isn't actually independent. The courts would have no different a view.
  12. MODERATORS Those original sources don't confirm this is water cooling. CAN WE PLEASE make sure that spurious claims are not posted all over the forum? This is deliberately misleading advertising and click bait. Can people also at least make the claims from reputable sources.
  14. Depending on country That could classed as false advertising
  15. I WANT TO SEE BENCHMARKS. Before I open my wallet. Not Nvidia's figures.
  16. Looks like Linus is going to need truck loads of Canadian Rubles.
  17. Its a cost rise of 25% from what I can see for the tier 1 - premier card. To what it was from 2015. Inflation per se, doesn't explain a 25% price increase.
  18. I'm thinking of upgrading. If I got x2 RTX 2080 Ti for GB £1560 which is what appears to be the pricing reported. This would compare to what I paid for my current x2 Asus GTX 980 Ti STRIX via SLI 8 July 2015: (pre-order) £584.08 10 February 2016 (for new build in June 2016) £599.99 There is a clear 'CRYPTO MINERS TAX' being implemented here. Isn't there ? Burn those miners. With dragon fire.
  19. How long until they make the ads non skipable?
  20. It's them trying to have their cake. Raising subscription prices. Then eat it. Get commercial revenues. It is annoying.
  21. When is the Casino Royale vulnerability going to be found? Or maybe View to a Kill? Or Thunderball ?
  22. This is nonsense. In order to put on the market in Europe: Apple has a legal entity registered in Ireland. The EU could force close that entity and stop all Apple sales in Europe. By prohibiting any Apple entities opening elsewhere in Europe. Plus sale of products. Apple won't do this as their executive aren't stupid. Apple is already in trouble with the EU and had to pay €13 BILLION (US $18 BILLION) for taxes it claimed were not due but were deemed illegal Ireland state aid. The bills will just mount up for Apple. It will be cheaper if they just cooperate. Better for Apple shareholders who executives DO ANSWER TO. The EU has the tech giant's in its sights. For tax evasion and consumer over charging and anti competitive practices. https://www.irishtimes.com/business/technology/apple-still-owes-state-5bn-in-back-taxes-1.3584220