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  1. I was more looking for a general consensus, not a definitive "This feels the best to me"
  2. ChromeOS isn't my thing. Sorry I should've said Windows only
  3. So I'm in the market for a small laptop, 10-13 inches, to be my daily roleplaying and general browsing machine. The keyfeel and quality of the keyboard is paramount here, but at least 8GB of ram, and 150GB of SSD storage would be appreciated. Something that might make things difficult, is that I'd like one in a cute color, something pastel like a pink purple or green. Or at least a skin brand that fits whatever models are found. Overall build quality can be as low as a C+ and the screen I would prefer to be 1080p. The closest thing I could find is the old 11 inch HP Stream but those are far too underspec now
  4. That’s interesting because I’m running 4790k and 960 2GB and I haven’t run into anything until what I posted, thank you for the help though
  5. Probably should have done this before posting but a game restart fixed the problem, I hate it when my vast knowledge makes the simple fixes easy to forget lol
  6. After getting the mission to kill Olivia this started happening right as I loaded in 60632575426__2B79FDF8-21B8-469E-B38D-80F01E490EDD.MOV
  7. So I'm seeking to build a huge gaming/streaming rig, not my first build, gonna be watercooling EVERYTHING, but I need to know what CPU I should get, I need something that's good for 1080p streaming and content creation, but also fast for gaming. Also, Corsair 1000D
  8. So I was cycling through Resident Evil 7's graphics settings and was pleasantly surprised to find that the game has BT.709 HDR support, but how can I shop for an HDR monitor? Most companies don't seem to have it listed in the product names or descriptions of their products when I search. I can't seem to find any that support it.
  9. I tried that but knowing the exact value is difficult
  10. So I have 3 HP S2031 monitors on a triple-monitor stand, but I can't figure out the proper values for perfect bezel correction! If someone could help me calculate it that would be great.
  11. Hnnnnng this sucks, I only have a budge of 250-260