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  1. Dedicated VPS

    You could check out: https://www.upcloud.com/pricing/ And use a custom VPS.
  2. UpCloud Experiences?

    Theyre not the cheapest but they have awesome performance on disk speeds, 500 MBit connection and 3,1 GHz Processors http://prntscr.com/f53nwd http://prntscr.com/f53o41
  3. UpCloud Experiences?

    Did someone here use UpCloud so far? And if so what can you say about them? https://www.upcloud.com/features/ https://www.upcloud.com/pricing/ Small sidenote: They currently offer NO DDoS Protection, but its heavily requested and work in progress.
  4. https://www.onmsft.com/news/microsoft-has-now-started-to-block-windows-78-1-updates-on-pcs-with-recent-processors I wonder why Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 so hard? I bet its not cause its the OS for todays world and the best they ever created. Sarcasm mode OFF......
  5. The forum was down today.

    Thats Cloudflare, not the servers IP......
  6. The forum was down today.

    Way too many people actually or just bots, hacked servers,etc.
  7. The forum was down today.

    Still even letting the forum go offline shouldnt be for Cloudflare, its not always-on..... How about changing the webserver to LiteSpeed? It has included DDoS Protection mechanisms.
  8. Game hosting server for under £100 or $120

    You may want to check these out: https://www.online.net/en/dedicated-server


    Looks like they have some stuff to do today and tomorrow.

  10. @GoodBytes Whats wrong with the thread?
  11. Now what will Microsoft do next? Its already enough with ads and bad privacy.........Now i cant check whats up exactly cause i dont have metered connections here, but still i guess for people only using metered it may be bad. SOURCE: https://www.onmsft.com/news/windows-10-will-soon-update-on-metered-connection-despite-user-preference
  12. RIP: bb63f142-9c9a-418a-af31-07e3fc837ea8.jpg

    1. Kierax



    2. Secondmineboy


      No, but i have to kill the HDD in it. rest is trash.

  13. Your device it at risk cause its not up to date and important quality and security updates are missing. Get your device back on track to have Windows running more securely again. Click this button to start it off:





    Really Microsoft?

    1. vorticalbox


      well nit installing security patches will mate it insecure.

    2. Secondmineboy


      Its an Insider Build Upgrade.


      And no Windows im not having Audio Errors right now thanks for not asking the entire day when i HAD Audio issues all day long..........

  14. How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    My Grandpas line with remote connection running and on WiFi: http://prntscr.com/eaefu7 He has 50 MBit.