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  1. Especially in Esport titels it can make a difference whether your fp is at 60fps, 120 fps or 240fps even if your monitor refresh rate is at 60Hz. Example: Your monitor refreshrate is 60Hz. Your Computer renders at exactly 60 fps (no Vsync activated) Each Frame your monitor gets the most recent rendered frame from your Computer. The most recent renderred frame can be in between 0s and 1/60s (0s means it just got renderred). On average the frame shown on your monitor will be 1/120th of a second old. Which means on average there will be 8ms of "input lag". Now your monitor still has a refreshrate of 60Hz But your Computer renders at 120fps Same math and we get to the point that on average the image shown on the monitor is 1/240th of a second old (4ms). 240fps the image will be roughly 2ms old. In a game where reactions matter and people complain between a ping of 20 or a ping of 30 it may be important to get higher refreshrates. Sorry for my rather bad english. Greetings, noobwannabot
  2. Multiple Monitors are great for work related stuff. If you never used multiple monitors it is hard to explain, but when u ever used a setup with 2 monitors you do not want to go back. I normally don't use my 2nd monitor in games, but some games support moving the minimap to the second monitor. You can also get some other information on the 2nd screen. Like if you play Dota or LoL you can put the most efficient itembuilds on the second screen.
  3. I have no recommendation for you, but a few questions to the geeks in here. Considering VR we can expect a bunch of new games in development. As we know VR needs a lot of GPU power the developers will do everything to get their games running smoothly.They know, that the potential customers will have new Graphics Cards. Considering these 2 things i think they will programm their games (most likely) exclusivly for direct X12 where amd right now is ahead of nvidia. So concidering these facts, isn't a crossfire rx480 way more valuable than a single 1070 and propably even to a 1080? I haven't seen a benchmark, but i really would like to see the comparison 2x rx480 against 1070/1080 on dx12 titels.
  4. Thank you for the responses. Especially thank you for telling me that temperatures under 85°C are not too harmfull (yet not optimal). The case is a prebuild HP Envy with close to no options at improving the airflow at all. I will consider to look out for a good CPU cooler soon.
  5. Room temperature is at ~35°C (95°F) and the stock intel cooler is seated correctly. There is some dust actually which i should remove. Which temperatures are recomemndet for the cpu?
  6. Hello friends, I have serious questions concerning high temperatures with my i7 4770. I am living under the roof and it is freaking hot right now (feels like 40+°C [104+°F]). My PC got really noisy so i checked out the Core temperatures with the tool "Core Temp 1.1". All 4 Cores (stock cooler) were between 75°C and 80°C (158-176°F) hot with ~20-30% workload. Now question #1: Is this too hot? As I am writing this thread right now i closed most programms and opened the Computercase. The workload is now 1-10% and the temperature went down to ~45°C (113°F). Now question #2: Would you recommend to take steps against those temperatures or are they just high but still OK? Question #3: Which steps would you take? Some further explanation: I never encountered problems with a lack CPU power. If you say that the CPU will regulate itself good enough that it doesn't take any damage whatsoever I am fine with how the system works. The case is a very closed case with only 1 case-cooler and few air-fences (or whatever you call them, the windows where the air gets suckedinto the case) Thank you for your lovely replies in advance, noobwannabot PS: Just in case you got any decease while reading my english, just note that english is not my first language and that I am melting right now, i cant think correctly it is so hot!
  7. Got a gtx 660 in my computer and recently picked up the Witcher 3. Dann i want this Nvidia hairworks to work on my computer. With the 480 it would wo... wait a minute, damn amd!!! Still a better card than I got now.
  8. Hello guys, nice to meet you! I need some help with building my parents Computer. But first of all: English is not my native language, sorry for torturing you with my very own and very wrong english. Second: my currency is €, all prices i found i will list in euros. Currently my parents have a Dell Optiplex Computer, Pentium D running at 3Ghz, 4gb of ram and a nvidia 9600GT. Their Computer is getting very slow at the moment, so they decided to buy a new one. They use the computer for browsing the web, answering mails, creating word and excel files and arranging their fotos. I wanted to use some parts of the old Computer, but unfortunatly Dell used BTX form factor, so I cant use the PSU or the case. Im planning to still use the 9600GT, the HDD and the DVD-burner tho. I now have trouble to find out if they should go with a Skylake CPU + DDR4 Memory in terms of future proof or with a Pentium G3250. I dont know if its a waste of money to upgrade to the current gen. Now to the builds: low budget first Intel Pentium G3250: 65,89€ ASRock H81M-DGS: 47,89 Crucial Ballistix 8GB: 40,98€ SanDisk SSD 240GB: 69,00€ BeQuiet! BN142 400w: 46,93€ NOX Kore Midi-Tower: 76,43€ =300,19€ "future proof" build i5 6400: 195,94€ ASUS 90MB0P30-M0EAY0 (motherboard): 67,99€ HyperX Fury 8GB: 48,89€ SanDisk SSD 240GB: 69,00€ BeQuiet! BN142 400w: 46,93€ NOX Kore Midi-Tower: 76,43€ =458,25 My parents do not want to spend over 400€, less is better. But if you guys now convince me, that the i5 6400 system is definitly a better investment we would go with it. What do we expect the system to do? Run smoothly at least the next 5 years, start within a small amount of time and be able to run simple games such as DOTA and CS:GO. Thank you a lot, noobwannabot