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    i7 5820K
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    MSI X99A Gaming 7
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    Corsair Vengence 32gb
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    Nvidia 980
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    Cooler Master N400
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    Sandisk SSD
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    Corsair CX Series 750 Watt
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    Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 7.1 Surround

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  1. Top as in closest to the CPU I assume? Thank you for the reply, would you mind explaining why?
  2. Have an MSI x99a gamin 7 motherboard and the video card fits properly into more than one of the pci slots. Does it matter which one I use?
  3. "Item location: Shen Zhen, China" If you are like me in the US, order it now so you can have it by christmas lol
  4. We can really speak from experience on this one. First and foremost, it's always a good idea to be mindful of what you show. Showing your face in and of itself shouldn't be much of a problem, though keeping your identity and private information out of the videos is a pretty good idea. Be careful what you show on the screen as well, always double check the videos. When it comes to having a good viewer base there are a few things to keep in mind: 1) Make sure the quality of the media is good. Doesnt have to be 4K but you want decent lighting and clear audio. 2) Be yourself and let that show! 3) Try and release content on a steady basis. Randomly uploading a video here and there is not the way to go. 4) Be creative! Re-inventing the wheel and simply making your videos the same as millions of others will hurt your chances here. 5) Give yourself time! A quality video in 2 days is better than a lower quality video in one day. Just some tips, hope it helps
  5. This is awesome feedback! I assume you are comparing it to a standard 7200rpm sata drive?
  6. Well can you look on the bottom of the unit itself? May be on the sticker/label. Otherwise are you able to web into it? (Access it from your web browser)
  7. According to LTT, Most games do not load any faster from an SSD, I would research the game itself maybe.
  8. Lol you are right, I'm an older horse when it comes to this. Slave meaning additional drive that is not the primary boot drive. Alright I will rethink it for sure. Thanks for the replies!
  9. that would be making it a slave drive and then the "Program Files" folder wouldnt be on it. So we would have 2 Program Files folders and I have no idea how to do that with it being seamless. Know what I mean?
  10. Hmm. Unnecessary? I dont understand. We have a 240gb ssd. We require an ssd as a boot drive. 240gb isnt enough space on the c: drive. We can afford another 240gb but not a 500gb. I really see no other way?
  11. True, so is there any advantage to using a Spanned Volume over Raid 0?
  12. Let me say this though, I am not using the RAID 0 to increase performance, I am doing it to combine the two drives so I have sufficient size.
  13. But it will legit only have program files (Installers of which are backed up elsewhere) and the OS (Which I store on a usb drive) so if they crashed, I would only be mildly annoyed.