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  1. thank you for the buying list, i am going to look and post my buying list here.
  2. did your friend really need a notebook? Maybe a tablet is a better choice? If a notebook is necessary I would totally recommend you to in a education store (typically ever university has a store which offers a lot of variation in prices, usually cheaper then the market).
  3. i could run for ECC memory, their will never be critical data on the server (for the moment). i already have a NAS (synology), i would use the server just for backups (raid 1/5/10). My main problem is: i don't know for which motherboard, cpu and ram i should run? (raid controller on board or separate?) thanks for that hint!
  4. Hi, i want to build a small server to virtualize at least two server 1) Windows and 2) Linux, in future maybe one or two more servers. I would do it with ESXi free (user experience or other options maybe?). I plan to do smaller things like a small file server, backups, testing machine, etc. nothing that really requires a power I would like to use minimum a Intel i3 or a small Intel Xeon for future expand. min. 8GB RAM (expandable to 32gb or more) system disk: 120gb SSD (Samsung Evo 850, i had one left) storage raid 5 or raid 10 with 4x 2TB motherboard should support my needs and be durable (I like Asus and I would like stick to it but it is not a must have) psu: i don't like to waste energy, so I guess 80+gold? case: a normal black case, with enough place for the disks raid controller: do I need one? what else did i forget? Budget: 500-700$ - because it should be a beginner server. Do someone have experience and recommendation for me? Thanks in advance.