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  1. Thats what I have done, the problem was more something else was going wrong and I couldn't connect to it through that assigned IP
  2. Sorry I ran the wrong command in shell and got stuck in an infinete loop so took me a tto try and work out how to stop it and I gave up and restarted it again, and now I can get access to to it on new connection but not the older one. Which would be handy to get back but I can deal with that as I can just change some settings in the router in order to change that ports IP Address but its still just weird its doing this, as it wasn't doing this before the restart and I don't really want to need to deal with this everytime it gets turned on so want to know what happened/ing
  3. Ok so although it has an M.2 it is not one you can get a SSD in it due to it being too short, so your stuck with 2.5" SSDs (which for your purposes aint a problem probably) SSD Options Kingston A400 - 480GB $60 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/WGZ2FT/kingston-a400-480gb-25-solid-state-drive-sa400s37480g Crucial BX500 - 1TB $100 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/LFZzK8/crucial-bx500-1-tb-25-solid-state-drive-ct1000bx500ssd1 HDD options WD Blue - 2TB $50 (I would recommend getting with one of the 2 SSDs as well if you get this though just so the OS comes off the SSD) https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Jd8j4D/western-digital-blue-2-tb-35-5400rpm-internal-hard-drive-wd20ezaz Cooler Corsair A70 - £30 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/HQW9TW/corsair-cpu-cooler-cafa70
  4. It looks like it is a standard ATX motherboard so most cases shoudl support is, although if it's the PC I am thinking of I don't thing the PSU is standard so finding another case might be a bit harder. But one sugestion is grabbing som MDF or plywood and screwing it to that so at least the PC is resting on something although this isn't an amazing idea either
  5. I am going off of the IPs the router is quoting, 1 is a static IP, the other is a DHCP one which I have added recently in an attempted to debug. I have pinged it and nothing is returned, saying "Destination hose unreachable"
  6. nothing turns up and when I ping it doesn't exist
  7. Can't seam to navigate to it so it doesn't seam to exist which seams to agree with what I get when I ping it through CMD, and when I ping the IP addresses all of them just time out
  8. I don't know what causes it but I had a similar problem a while ago on my main PC and the only solution I found was to reinstall windows, but yea it could be anything, so what are the resons it quotes for the bluescreens
  9. Can you actually put everything in text please so we don't need to download a mysterious file from a stranger on the internet please
  10. So as the title says I have a FreeNAS Server running on a Sunfire X4275, I currently have 2 Ethernet cables between it and the switch and it has been assigned a IP address from my router on both ports (as far as I can see) however when ever I try to connect to the web GUI it can not be reached, I have not changed anything since the last working boot. How do I connect to it, and thus use it as I sorta need to get access to my data. I have physical access to the server and the console is available from a video output to a monitor so it hasn't frozen or anthing but yea
  11. Tried that and it didn't work unforchantly
  12. yea I have just worked out how to do that tank you I will run a scrub afterwards as well
  13. right I found it eventually under storage so I am running a scrub on it just now
  14. Currently on the new one, but I have access to legacy if needs be
  15. right I set this up a while ago and can barely remember how to scrub.... how do you scrub again??? (I set this server up about a year ago and haven't need to touch it since then)
  16. So summary is, I messed up a recently and accidently pulled out one of my drives, now I am getting a degraded state warning. The drives seams to be fine far as I know so how do add it to the pool to fix it again and get rid of the warning etc.
  17. oh yea I know but it's for a friend's bussiness who doesn't really wanna buy second hand off ebay otherwise that would be in the post already
  18. As the title says I need a low profile graphics adapter (with HDMI) it doesn't need any computing preformance just the ability to get a HDMI 1080p 60Hz output to a monitor (nothing fancy) this is for an office PC, and will be running on a pc which will only being used for making powerpoints, word docs and web browsing etc. does not need to be current gen but preferably new and able to be bought in the UK, and the budget is low as possible
  19. Pretty much I there is an xeon Phi 5110P or similar coprocessor card going cheap and I am currently going "Me wanty" but also going "What would I do with it", so here the question how easy is it to write code which could run multithreaded on this??? Secondly would the fact that I would be installing this into an AMD TR system or a intel desktop be an issue??? Thanks (Yea I know I am a problem)
  20. So I have set my Virgin Media Super Hub 3 up in modem mode then connected my Archer C7 AC1750 up as my main router (using Dynamic IP and Cloning a Mac to connect), but with this I am clearly not getting the speeds I should be getting (~100mbps) and I can't actually complete any speed tests an they fail when ever I try to do one. How do i fix this as I don't really use their router as my main router, as it does not have all the settings I wanna change e.g. setting my DNS to (which I have already done at the moment). Also the PC I am running the test through is connected through a wire connection Any Questions just ask but this is kinda annoying to use and needs fixing
  21. Update. For some reason and I haven't got the slightest scooby why, but it's charging again.... so yay?
  22. I have my laptop currently plugged in, as the battery is at 12%, and is running off of the AC adaptor, but the laptops battery isn't charging. I am using a DELL Inspiron 15, and the charge is the one provided with the laptop, but I have changed the AC cable into the power brick out to a longer one, which does cause it to complain about it not being a genuine charger.... because Dell? but this has never stopped this laptop from charging in the past
  23. I think the A50 is best choice but yea. I could be wrong though