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    Wondering why Motherboards hate me.
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    Figuring out what brokeneded itself this time.
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    Windy Bread is now alive. in other news, the Laptop still works, the Portable Slice of Bread still is "brilliant", the Toaster still wants to be a bumble bee and the Proper Computer is the only one with enough horses chopped up and chucked inside of it to get playable frame rates on.
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  1. Pretty much I there is an xeon Phi 5110P or similar coprocessor card going cheap and I am currently going "Me wanty" but also going "What would I do with it", so here the question how easy is it to write code which could run multithreaded on this??? Secondly would the fact that I would be installing this into an AMD TR system or a intel desktop be an issue??? Thanks (Yea I know I am a problem)
  2. So I have set my Virgin Media Super Hub 3 up in modem mode then connected my Archer C7 AC1750 up as my main router (using Dynamic IP and Cloning a Mac to connect), but with this I am clearly not getting the speeds I should be getting (~100mbps) and I can't actually complete any speed tests an they fail when ever I try to do one. How do i fix this as I don't really use their router as my main router, as it does not have all the settings I wanna change e.g. setting my DNS to (which I have already done at the moment). Also the PC I am running the test through is connected through a wire connection Any Questions just ask but this is kinda annoying to use and needs fixing
  3. Update. For some reason and I haven't got the slightest scooby why, but it's charging again.... so yay?
  4. I have my laptop currently plugged in, as the battery is at 12%, and is running off of the AC adaptor, but the laptops battery isn't charging. I am using a DELL Inspiron 15, and the charge is the one provided with the laptop, but I have changed the AC cable into the power brick out to a longer one, which does cause it to complain about it not being a genuine charger.... because Dell? but this has never stopped this laptop from charging in the past
  5. I think the A50 is best choice but yea. I could be wrong though
  6. I completely forgot to say this, because I forgot about it. I do not like notches at all. It would infuriate me
  7. As the title says whats a good phone for £200-250. Only main requirement is it's got to have a headphone jack. (type C would be nice but not needed) Edit: Another requirement- No notch
  8. everything but the power supply far as I am conserned. And you can buy the PSU if it should either be a good quailty one or for a machine you don't give a shit about.
  9. I am currently trying to learn how to use SharpDX and I am having issues on working out how to load 3D models into this, how do you do this??? Thanks (I'm using C#)
  10. yea, I got this keyboard a while ago, and I got it second hand so it's quite well used. Although out of all the keys I would of thought it would of been w or e that broke first not s, considering I wouldn't say I press that one the most at all
  11. it's at least 4-5 (maybe even up to 6-7) years old and I have abused it a little but too much so I might try to fix it but either way I need a new one and this one will be repurposed for something
  12. My curren t keyboards a Corair strafe so I have gotten ued to it
  13. right that sounds like the K70 i probably bet for me then caue fuck it (alo I can't be bothed pating in the "" )