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    The ruler of the server kingdom (my loft)

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    Wondering why Motherboards hate me.
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    Figuring out what brokeneded itself this time.
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    Windy Bread is now alive. in other news, the Laptop still works, the Portable Slice of Bread still is "brilliant", the Toaster still wants to be a bumble bee and the Proper Computer is the only one with enough horses chopped up and chucked inside of it to get playable frame rates on.
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  1. grimreeper132

    How to load an image in C# Net Standard

    what about tiffs, jpgs, and other file types
  2. grimreeper132

    How to load an image in C# Net Standard

    Yea the point here is I don't wanna pay for it, as I am skint and so am coding it myself, and need to load the images, audio, etc as an error checking step
  3. grimreeper132

    How to load an image in C# Net Standard

    I am reading those exact values the magic bytes, for example the first 7 bytes of a PNG are 137, 80, 78, 71, 13, 10, 26, 10, BUT what I want to do is a second error check to make sure that the file is actually a PNG and not a diffrent file with similar magic bytes at the start. Which is done by loading it as an image, and seeing if that works. I was trying not to use any 3rd party dlls as that means that any code built using this as a reffrenence also download said dlls, (unless I am mistaken) but I have given up and am used NuGet to add System.Drawing.Common, which has what I need. And Tiffs ones are Big endian 73, 73, 42, 0 Little endian 77, 77, 0, 42 (if I remember correctly)
  4. grimreeper132

    How to load an image in C# Net Standard

    Problem is, I am trying to check to see if the file extension is wrong, as I am taking a large number of files with no file extension and trying to find it's file extension, so I need to error check that any image that I try to get is actually an image. I am also going to do a similar thing with video and audio. I am checking the magic bytes as well and this is an add on to this that I am doing to check that the guess is correct, as the guessing from magic bytes is still a massive guess. So in theory changing your file extension of a file to png still be flagged as the old file type (e.g. jpg, bmp, txt, other), so yea. And thanks I will try that. And I have not got onto pdfs yet, but I will be going on to them later, after sorting other file types out.
  5. grimreeper132

    How to load an image in C# Net Standard

    As the tital says how do I load an image in C# using .NetStandard. The aim of the function is just to confirm the file is definately a image, be it png, bmp, ico, tiff or webp. Also because it makes it easier for me if it can only use currently inbuilt tools and no NuGet files that would be swell as I plan to build this as a libary to use this externally in other code I am running to check if files have the correct file extension EDIT: Because I forgot to say this before and a number of people have suggested it. I am readeding the magic bytes (the bytes that say Hey I'm a PNG etc.) but in an attempt to error check that these are deffinately correct I want to load it as an image. The entire point of the code is to detect file types, more specifically the file types of files in a chache which do not have file extensions and by just checking for the magic bytes does not always work correctly, e.g. you get mp4s which aren't mp4s, or pictures which aint pictures etc.
  6. grimreeper132

    Good Case with a 5.25" extrenal drive bay

    thing is, I already need to buy a new case and spending money on a new case then another £40 on a fast external reader doesn't not sound as efficent as juts buying a case with support. As I already one some internal readers
  7. grimreeper132

    Good Case with a 5.25" extrenal drive bay

    Another problem is it's not avaliable in the UK and the Shippint to the UK is expesive
  8. grimreeper132

    Good Case with a 5.25" extrenal drive bay

    yea I know it's both understandable and annoying when you still need to use it for driver disks for wierd old programmes for FPAs or old games I have just looked at the Rosewell one their and it is breaking my mind, why does it have support for 2 PSUs, when as far as I can see it only supports 1 Motherboard at a time
  9. grimreeper132

    Good Case with a 5.25" extrenal drive bay

    That's great an all but the main problem is it's over £60 over budget I have a budget of £45-75 and it's £130 This case would work right https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/jrVBD3/phanteks-case-phes515pbk
  10. grimreeper132

    Good Case with a 5.25" extrenal drive bay

    They are £130 on amazon They are £100+
  11. Pretty much as the title says I need a new case for my PC (I have all the other parts but the last case sorta broke, whoops turns out using it as a footstools is not a good idea) and it's currently out of commision anyways so what is a good case to transplant the PC to. it needs to be ATX and havea 5.25" drive bay (so I can get an internal disc reader in it (as I do occasionally actually need to use CDs and yes I do know the year )) It also needs to support at least 1 360mm rads as I have one to coole my 1920X (it sorta broke but I am RMAing it) and as much cooling ability as possible would be great as I quite like having a PC that doesn't overheat (I was thinking at least 2 other fans excluding the rad fans, perferrably filtered). I don't know cases great so that's why I am asking here. And the budgets about £45-75 (lower is better). Also at least 1 internal 3.5" is needed (again more better) Also on a side note setting up a new topic on a laptop with broken left and right click buttons is hard
  12. grimreeper132

    Can you Run 2 GPUs in the same system

    @Lurick @Ryan_Vickers @LukeSavenije ok so I am thinking as it's just a display adapter for a 1080p screen which is normally used for web browsing (more on the other uses later) I was thinking reccomending a 750 or 750 ti instead the main question here is is it just plug and play or is there a bit of footering involded Also he uses that screen for video and photo editing on that using premiare pro and photoshop and uses both screens when doing so (I think one screen for his tools the other for editing) will this cause issues and if hes ever doing GPU accelerated rendering will it automatically select the 1060 or will he be stuck with the 750/750ti
  13. grimreeper132

    Server won't Post

    As the title says I have a server and it won't post. I had it working about 6 months ago then I needed to move it as I was moving house. After doing so it has stopped working and I can't work out why. I have reseatted the CPU drives and RAM reset the BIOS with both the onboard button and removing the bios battery.
  14. grimreeper132

    Can you Run 2 GPUs in the same system

    oh right never mind I didn't think that was possible right thanks
  15. My friend wants to run 2 GPUs (1 1060 1 1050) in his system each running a different display? from what I know and remember the answer to can you do this is no, am i remembering correctly??? if you can how???