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  1. this is more a video idea then a discussion. i would like to see the performance differences between. #1 Windows 7 build 6936 with no updates. #2 Windows 7 build 6936 with every update to date. #3 Windows 7 build 6.1.7601
  2. 130 °F / 54 °C but thats in the winter. i have no idea how hot they will get in the summer.
  3. with my 4 servers it gets good a hot in my server closet, up to 130 °F / 54 °C. i would like around 60 °F / 15 °C. but the amount of humidify this thing would put out, i dont know?
  4. i remember a video of Linus talking about this weird cooler. it was a pvc pipe with water dripping from the top and fan blowing up it. i cant remember the name nor can i find it.
  5. not all. it doesnt work with a gt 710 8x card. but im wondering the difference between the cards.
  6. i just would like to see the difference between the cards. if a 1030 is only 70% of a 1050ti 4gb, then it wouldnt make sense to wait for the perfect 1050ti deal.
  7. i would like to see a review of different gpus with davinci resolve. anything from 1030, rx 460, and p1000 to titan V, vega frontier, and p6000. to find the gpu for the price.
  8. yes. arrays with 12tb or less of raw data space, in a raid 5 is completely fine. it depends on the size of the array, and the drive size. i just use a raid calculator. http://www.raid-calculator.com/ http://wintelguy.com/zfs-calc.pl
  9. the rating for most drive errors is about 1 in 13000000000000, give or take. which is becoming 1 drive. so if you run a raid 5 and 1 drive fails, you replace that drive, and while rebuilding a bit error happens it will corrupt that raid. say you have 10 by 10tb raid 5, the chance of an error becomes 1 in 8. but like i have said before, this is only an issue when the drives are 8,10,12 tbs. not to said raid 5 is bad in small low TB arrays. a 5 by 2tb would be completely fine.
  10. admittedly i could be wrong 1pb project could be a higher raid. but like Windows7ge said i would like to see the performance differences in each of the raids.
  11. but we arent talking "consumer level" when it comes to 1pb project. i dont think he say which raid is used. and like i told Damascus its only when you get into the 8,10,12 tb drives that raid 5 becomes obsolete.