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  1. I thought it was Canadian Rubles
  2. Just some back ground, a tech youtuber UFD tech did a video on running android on Nintendo switch (Similar to the video from LTT "Android on Nintendo switch is AMAZING" ) but twice his channel has received a community guide line strike and both times he has challenged them and Youtube has agreed that the video did not violate any community guide lines but yet again they have marked the video and locked his channel. The issue is because he has challenged them before the system see's this and says "appeal approved" so he can not even submit an appeal for the new strike on a video that has already been accepted twice he has tried to contact YouTube but they have ignored him. Can anyone from LTT help?
  3. Like AngryBeaver said use a Raspberry Pi have content streamed over the network to it i.e. Plex, Kodi or Steam OS. But if you are running a network cable to your living room anyway and running the system on the box from your network cab you could use HDMI over Ethernet https://cpc.farnell.com/c/audio-visual/av-installation/av-distribution-splitters/av-over-cat-5
  4. Why not just have a smart switch and setup V-lans?
  5. O yea it will be difficult but just some thing to keep them going until hopefully they could get the visa's sorted out or until they find another solution. I have never understood why there are still such things as data caps even my phone has unlimited 4G data and now my house is on 4G unlimited data and no throttling because the speed is way faster than what my landline can provide and hopefully my home broadband will be moving to 5G and again unlimited data and no throttling. But any way I think the more we can spread the word the higher the possibility a solution can be found ?
  6. I just saw this vid in my notifications so sad especially the end ? @LinusTech do you think there could be a solution to allow them to continue their work affordably but with Brett in the US and his team in South Africa?
  7. Hay Linus


    I am in the processes of building a new PC and have a server rack in a different room for my media servers and storage and enough room for a 3u gaming case ;D so I would love to know if the thunderbolt cable approach just like in your personal rig would be OK for FPS gaming and other tasks rather than building it and finding out it's not right for me.



  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong place for this. I just finished the "Personal Rig Update 2015 Part 4" video and was wondering if Linus is going to put that gaming rig in his server room how is he going to hook up the display, keyboard and mouse I know there are network extenders out there but I did not think there good enough for gaming as some of them have horrible input lag? Linus please tell us what are your plans?????