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  1. I never turn it off, my pc is on, so is it.
  2. I don't know if I am the first to say this, but I am replacing PIA with something else, maybe NORD, not sure. I am paying for a 300/300 connection and if I run a speed test without my VPN from speedtest.net this is what i get. Ping ms 1 Download Mbps 331.84 Upload Mbps 325.60 When I sign my PIA back in even with the closest of connection points I barely get half that on the download and a percentage on the upload. Ping ms 137 Download Mbps 164.43 Upload Mbps 11.80 Please don't try explaining to me distance and communication and all that i'm well versed. But I have friends using different VPNs with faster connections and being able to max them out while using the VPN so something is off. Either way, i'll be dropping PIA when the next payment is up. Here is PIA's response to my concern, and i did try their suggestions. Thank you for reaching out to the PIA Help Desk! The speed that your ISP provides is based on an ideal, standard internet connection. VPN technology is highly complex and involves a large number of services and factors that can impact the overall speed you would see by using a VPN service. To see what speeds your ISP is capable of providing to our VPN service, you can run a quick check on our Network page (feel free to try several different servers; you may find that some offer better speeds over your ISP's connection than others): https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/network/ Once the VPN service is active on your device, under normal circumstances, you should expect to see a drop in speeds from the rate you saw when you ran the tests above; typically about a 30-60% drop. However, depending on local conditions and the ISPs your traffic traverses, you may see a more significant reduction, sometimes up to 70%. That said, first, the ports that the application is connecting over can often cause issues like this as there could be something restricting or be blocking the connection. Changing those ports can resolve this issue. Please use the following instructions to change the ports in our app: 1. Disconnect the VPN 2. Open the Settings window and click on Advanced to open the advanced options 3. Select a different `Connection type` and `Remote port` combination in the menus. Note that selecting `UDP` or `TCP` change the options on the `Remote port` menu. 4. Click save and try to connect again to the VPN. 5. Repeat the above steps as needed until you find a combination that works for you. For more detailed instructions with pictures as well as video instructions, please visit this article from our help center: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/helpdesk/kb/articles/i-have-trouble-connecting-or-the-connection-drops-frequently-changing-ports However, if your issue persists, please let us know and we can further assist you! Kind regards, Maggie L. Customer Support Agent
  3. Anyone able to confirm this yet? I pulled it off reddit so no clue if it's a legit news source. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/amd-nvidia-stocks-rise-after-mizuho-says-gpu-prices-are-rebounding-2018-11-28
  4. Thanks for all the advice, I appreciate it. I'm looking at the different options mentioned and trying to decide my next step. With the ebay options I'm having fun cause every time i find something I think will work with what i want it ends up saying " May not ship to Canada "
  5. You areabsolutle correct, they dont use all that much power. I was thinking Bout forward upgrades but never mentioned it.
  6. Think long term storage. I'm currently running a Probox 4 bay media drive connected to my PC via USB. There is nothing special about this other than the fact i have 1 running right now and a 2nd sitting on my floor empty. A local PC store here has HD Reds & IronWolfs on sale and it has led me to some thinking about long term storage and accessibility. Obviously long term storage I'm referring to NAS style drives that have a million or better hours of life expected from them. Currently i'm using consumer grade drives and i'm over the two year mark of them never actually turning off. My luck has held out pretty well at this point but i've blown through stacks of hard drives over the years am well aware that they could click off really any time costing me the data I have on the drives. I had one probox that had raid built into it but i'm not a fan of raid or software that combines drives and that box disappeared when i moved. Accessibility is the next issue. As i currently use Univeral Media Server to share the data across my home network it works out very well that the Probox is connected to my PC and that my family can use our devices to access the data in any room of the house. If I move this to a NAS box I need to run something that can act as a media server which is looking like I'd need to build a windows based NAS box or plug in the second probox with some larger drives. As a lot of the systems out there like the AV15 Storinator run firmware based OS and not an over riding OS, so accessing the data on say a tablet or PS3 would not be possible. (Though if I'm wrong please correct me) I also can't find anything on the 45Drives site saying Windows could be installed. Options I was considering - 1) What I was looking at was a 45Drives AV15 Storinator - if all i wanted was storage my PC could access this would be a great idea as it's cheap and I can add hard drives over time, I don't need all 15 at once. The AV15 is also built to run consistently without worry about reboots and the hard drives would be NAS style drives so long term life expectancy. The AV15 also isn't that expensive 1500 US and the drives would end up costing more if you bought 15 at once. estimated $2500 system and a number of drives. 2) Putting 4 WD Reds or SG IW into the second probox i got (if it can handle them) plug the probox into my PC and run it on the network in the same fashion as the current unit. Cost would be based on 4 hard drives of what ever size i chose to got with so lets say 6TB drives. roughly $1200 bucks as the probox is already here. 3) Build a xenon server/PC with a system board that has 10-12 Sata ports and a larger power supply capable of powering that many drives, cpu can be smaller as it's not processing a lot of data though probably at least 16 gig of ram. Again using equipment that can sit on a shelf and run for years with little concern for life expectancy. I gave myself a budget of 1500-2k on this (i know the AV15 is over that) Please share your thoughts and experiences, I am open to other options as well. Thanks. (P.S. I'm calling it a night now, but will respond in the AM)
  7. Hellcats are still pushing $70s used and the Demon only had 3300 of them made, so they will never drop to 55, they are instantly a collectors car, even with a 100,000 miles on them.
  8. I'd take 25 of it, upgrade the rear end of my SRT8 with forged differentials, forged transmission and a twin turbo. The rest would be gas for a couple years. This car does an hour commute in comfort and style. Plus it never fails to turn heads.
  9. @LinusTech out of morbid curiosity. When you are done with builds like this, builds where you have done extremely custom work such as the 7 card water block or custom painted cases where the final price tags have cost you a good deal of money, what do you do with these rigs? I mean if we look at some of the recent videos such as this $30k unit or the "Compensator" which has probably $4k worth of video cards alone, thats a lot of money and equipment to sit on a shelf and collect dust if you aren't using these units, which i really hope your not doing.
  10. Good luck, let us know what you find.
  11. Good job, sucks about having to tap into the powersupply.
  12. Great, congrats. What did you build?
  13. What is your favorite scene from the Star Trek universe? Mine is where Picard owns Tomalak
  14. Yes it's a good thing, but you know whats even better? Not having to worry about it in the first place. Plus it was only 20 bucks for the wallet. If it saves me one headache, it's worth it.
  15. NFC is an unsecured and encrypted transmission. And i've seen enough video of NFC readers able to pull card data from up to 40 feet away, readers you can make from parts you can get on ebay. Also hence the RFID wallet.