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    R5 3600 6C12T @4.4GHz
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    Asus - ROG Strix X470-I Gaming
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB DDR4 @3200MHz CL14
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    GTX 1080 FE 8GB @2025MHz
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    Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV SHIFT Satan Black
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    Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD; Samsung 970 evo pro 2TB SSD
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    Corsair SF 600W 80+ Gold SFX
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    Dell S2417DG 24" 165Hz 2560x1440
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    ML140 Pro RGB; ML120 Pro RGB; Water cooling Loop
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    Wooting 2
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    Logitech G703 Wireless Bluetooth
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    Phillips X2/3
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    MacOS; Windows 10
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  1. So doing so stops my ISP from seeing what I look at and things such as ads to be calibrated to what I search for? Basically anything I search / login into is safe since only I can see it?
  2. Should I be using a VPN and if so why? What are the benefits / the risks of not using one?
  3. It's just because it's still four cores, you would want I think a 6c12T to be able to get the best out of that GPU otherwise the GPU is sitting idle in the sense of the maximum performance it can give you.
  4. You pay for the premium of having the newest and greatest, a very large premium. Like there's nothing wrong with GTX, I have one and at this point, it's all you really need, anything else is just because you want the best of the best and then at that point companies are making money on your consumerism. Like it's just a few numbers less fps wise but you still get a smooth performance, like do you really need that extra FPS for the price tag that goes with it? Anyways that's just my 2cents, if you have money do what you like haha
  5. Just saying your CPU is going to be a mad bottleneck if you're using the 6700K. Uh NZ so $2500 for the mother fucker. Like that's a whole goddamn PC system, this shit is crazy.
  6. Tell me about it, our fucking gas is 9.76NZD per gallon, that's 6.38USD
  7. could anyone suggest me a pair of in ear monitors ranging around $100NZD that would give me better quality than the standard apple earbuds but equal or more base?
  8. He was asking if volta 1060 would be worth waiting for, as through past trends we can see that the volta 1060 should equate to 980Ti performance levels just more energy efficient.
  9. Pascal over Maxwell is just an increase in clocks and further efficient process design creating for lower power use. One could assume this trend continues meaning if you're looking for similar performance just at a different position in the product stack then I suggest you pull the trigger on the 980Ti. 1060 V should have 980Ti performance just more efficient.
  10. They are not two comparable examples. You can practice 10K hours on aiming in CSGO yet know no knowledge in movement or grenades. As such means that you are not a master at CSGO but rather aiming and thus can be translated into other games such as COD. In order to have mastered CSGO in this example, It would be - movement, aiming, grenade throwing; Of which no pro player has yet achieved to my knowledge. My point was that no CSGO player has mastered CSGO and through both my points and your point, that's what's the end outcome has shown so... case closed?
  11. They are different in their mechanics tho and thus a different game. Many pro 1.6 players never did well in CSGO for that reason of, it being a different game. 7K in CSGO alone because I wouldn't classify his hours in previous CS iterations the same as CSGO. Yes, it's the same idea behind each game but it's different enough to be its own game.
  12. Actually, very few do. S1mple, with one of the highest hours in top tier CS has around 7K. And again, no CS pro has 10K hours in say grenade throwing or pure aiming or jump mechanics etc. It's similar to school, a little about a lot.
  13. Although crypto currency’s seem like it would be better gone, it’s still a major part in a digitalised economy that is becoming a norm. It has its place and purpose. Yes, it’s a very volitile, but it serves purpose. bitcoin wouldn’t have gotten this far if it was a currency that had neither any benifts or gains to be had. it’s more of a question of how dependant our economy is on these virtual currency’s, how big of an influence it can play both now and in growing value withen the potential future.
  14. It will be fine but make sure that you adjust it both in the launch settings and the developer console. Although there may be dips in your game, when you do hit 240FPS you will feel the full effect of the 240Hz otherwise a lower percentage in relation to the frames per second. It would be more beneficial to split the cost of the 240Hz monitor as it experiences diminishing returns and get a better CPU coupled 144Hz screen. Again I'm speculating but if you could provide your location and current system specifications I can try help you in the best way I can.