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    Is there a reference or something for this?
  3. I'm still confused as to why Intel doesn't just simplify and make their lineup more appealing. Z370 H370 B350 i3-83XX K/ NON-K - 4C4T Z370 H370 B350 i5-86XX K/ NON-K - 6C12T Z370 H370 B350 i7-87XX K/ NON-K - 8C16T (seeing as Intel refuses to drop the locked and unlocked nature of their mainstream platform) X399 i9-87XX 4C8T X399 i9-88XX 6C12T X399 i9-89XX 8C16T X399 i9-89XX 10C20T X399 i9-89XX 12C24T X399 i9-89XX 14C28T X399 i9-89XX 16C32T If they choose to continue the theme of quad core high end processors then for the love of god unlock the platform, unlock all the features. In my opinion, if you buy the high end then the whole platform should be unlocked as is seen with AMD. I hope this is a trend we see with Intel in their next HEDT and what is mention, the mainstream platform as well.
  4. You are making a bold statement with very little substantial and or current proof for credible sources. You are missing the entire timeline whilst choosing to focus on a section most fit to providing a point of reference supporting your argument. RyZen was by no means a failure as will be seen in the following points. RyZen was an astounding achievement for AMD in both their situation and their previous line of CPU's. AMD had launchd bulldozer which was a complete disaster, the AM3 platform was dead before it had even began. AMD had made good on this with limited RND budget. RyZen was over a fifty percent improvement over Bulldozer. This had meant a lot for AMD because they had a very constricting budget comparative to Intel, limited stock and investors as such. RyZen had set a new precedent for the minimum and mainstream core counts and this trend follows with both Naples and Thread ripper. Intel was offering 2C2T as the baseline for CPU's. This was the i3 lineup, AMD now offers 4C4T as the minimum with the mainstream set at 6C12T while Intel had been offering 4C8T. Now this precedent wasn't set in place because this was all that AMD was offering but rather the aggressive pricing set in, the CPU market has never been this affordable for the performance offered. Yes, AMD is behind in single core performance but you have to understand, Intel has seven iterations of the same architecture, one would expect them to be hitting 5GHz at this point. This is Zen's first iteration and yet it is much closer than twenty percent in single core performance vs the "7700K". This is of course post optimisations, unless of course you can provide up to date sources of this twenty percent figure then I will digress. No, RyZen doesn't just excel because of the complete failure of X299 but rather because of the aggressive pricing and performance offered to the mainstream as HEDT and SHED are a still a minute sector of the market. For the accomplishments made by AMD, this lack of single core performance is really minuscule comparative to the rest of the timeline. Yes they are behind in this particular section, is it by a lot? No, and we are expecting Zen 2 that has been said to improve IPC and clock speeds one more but I can't stress my last point enough. This is AMD's first iteration of a completely redesigned platform, Intel has had seven generations of refining, quite frankly I would have expected the gap to be a lot larger with the amount of time Intel has had. Although your point seems very biaste, unless you provide actual evidence I feel like you are choosing just to talk out your ass for the sake of it. Evidence from benchmarks of credible sources. > personal experince.
  5. I came to a conclusion both factual and opinionated after browsing many posts and topics. RyZen along with polaris, while not having the best overclocking potential make up for this in there ability to under volt / under clock as well as they do. This left me thinking, it will mean a lot for the mobile market, more over, laptops. RyZen may bring a four core standard with the same TDP usage as intel counter parts being some higher end dual cores and Polaris offerings that will both pair nicely whilst allowing for a extension on battery life. I had a few thoughts. Intel had a (News release or something along the lines) where TB3 will become a royalty free technology standard. Apple has a tendency to use AMD in their GPUs. This had followed with some questions that had left me at a stand still. What issues would AMD face with such things such as TB3 standards in their RyZen platform? How I see it is that the efficiency plain has expanded to a point where quad cores could become a standard in laptops. We have seen proof that RyZen has an ability to be a great efficiency standard along side a undervalued RX 5XX, 4XX series card could mean AMD has a chance to dominate a performance to efficiency sector. Wouldn't it mean that we can finally see a higher core count standard without the sacrifice being battery life. Although, yes it will consume more power than some lower end dual cores, the higher end chips really have a competition now with such processors such as the R5 1500-1400 potentially becoming a mobile standard with properties such as; Higher core count at a more efficient use with a cheaper cost lowering laptop prices whilst retaining good quality such as the build or screen. It would mean less has to be sacrificed whilst potentially gaining or retaining performance and creating a new standard core count achieved in laptops. Now i'm not saying it will compete with the quad cores such as i7-XXXXHQ but rather the current high end dual core offerings intel has. What are peoples thoughts on this?
  6. Repost, please check before posting next time.
  7. Exactly, it's that performance and platform premium.
  8. Source?
  9. It will be using what is currently seen in the iPad. A USB-C to lightning connector. This will mean that it essentially has a quick charge capability available at (12W) but don't quote me on that. It is seen on the iPad Pro(s) using a Macbook 12" adaptor.
  10. I'm not saying they won't be competitive but there will be a performance premium. A trend has been set by Intel by HEDT and mainstream. The platform they sit on is very highly priced for ZXXX and X299, 399 etc. Now keep in mind this is just to enable OCing, something achieved on a B350 by AMD. Couple this premium of the platform with that slight performance gain and when you compare Zen+ you will see that AMD will remain price competitive whilst provide higher OC headroom, an improvement on what I hope is the TDP and power usage and all this with a bundle of IPC gain. What I feel people forget is that the 1600X is a current CPU, we might say a generation one. this i7-87XX is essentially two generations ahead, yet to be released, as such this means we have to expect the competition to be equal in the sense of generation. It will be fighting Zen+ not the current line, as I believe Zen+ is dropping round the same time as cannon lake. OC headroom, IPC improvement, a cheaper platform and what I hope continues, a cheaper CPU will mean that value wise, Zen+ R5 will remain and rule the value area. The only way I see Intel beating this is forcing a more price competitive platform with a lesser premium on the slight performance gains that might occur or are currently occurring with generation to generation comparisons.
  11. I specifically mentioned this, but keep in mind this is essentially comparing a generation one CPU vs a CPU two generations ahead, also expected to drop next year (Zen+ refresh at the same time).
  12. I mentioned this, later on, It will be similar to Threadripper vs SkyLake-X, the value is what makes AMD so much more appealing, Intel, I'm sure is going to charge a premium for making it perform 5-10FPS better with an OC throwing both power draw and temps a lot higher as seen with RyZen 1800X vs SkyLake-X. BUT, clock for clock, RyZen is doing very, very well. Value is what is driving the market, Intel are struggling to understand that.
  13. There is a discrepancy's here with the intel chip running 3.19 and RyZen 3.6 but keep in mind Intel has more OC headroom. The one redeeming quality is we know Intel won't sell it for cheap, if they manage to compete with RyZen, by the time they do, iteration two of Zen will be out (zen+) and AMD will lead the value market once more with more OC headroom and performance.
  14. It would just be a standard to eliminate any potential bottlenecks in benchmarking.