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  1. In another thread @Dackzymentioned speakers arnt a maijor selling point for him.
  2. With old macs, actually, you can.
  3. what are you doing, i.e playing CSGO or creating content?
  4. If you want something that will last the longest i think you wait a little longer because right now if you buy what will very soon be last generation tech, it will last a lot less - similar dilemma to people buying the 980Ti right before the 1080 launch, and we saw that the wait was well worth it with longevity being much longer than that of the 900Series buyers before pascal.
  5. if the 3T is anything to go by, isn't it the 400$ mark and also containing a SD821, by this reasoning one could assume the latter would have a similar upgrade when the SP835 comes out meaning that it too would almost fit / fit into your price range potentially.
  6. doable? yes, practical? no. worth it? no.
  7. Depends also on the rig you plan on using as the GPU clearance or ram vs cooler could affect the case choice.
  8. Well usability wise i would go for honor 8/P9 but if you want raw specs / performance (this may not fully correlate to real world dependant on your tasks) then i would go sony - also isn't it worth waiting for the new SD835, couldn't you use a brick phone in the mean time, its what i would do / have done. although not the most user friendly choice you atlas get the best product at the end of the day.
  9. RX 480 is a 1080p card, if you want 1440p60fps every ultra on triple A games i think you would still need a more powerful card, if medium the Fury should handle it.
  10. no... not triple A titles at least, the fury X will mean more support in more titles which intern will mean higher frame rates as not all games support SLI - wait for VEGA.
  11. still prefer the honor 8, the question is do you actually need that power - i ask this because phones have gotten to the point where they are getting faster but to be honest they are already fast enough. i.e iPhone 7, yes its fast but what really takes full use of that power like on a daily basis.
  12. Honor 8 > SONY Xperia X
  13. Thanks i'm trying haha, yeah i hope i will grow because i just asked my mum and my dad is 179cm so like 5'11 but i guess we will find out, it defiantly just fucking is annoying and sucks when people give you shit for something that you can neither control nor fixate such as what you wear... i guess only time will tell
  14. So i was recently browsing this forum and i saw a comment and it led me to make this forum - i guess my question is, should someone with the expertise attempt to "hack" you and or take control of your PC what is the worst that can happen i mean people often say when browsing a very dark anon place to be careful as their PC could be at risk, what exactly could be the worst that can happen - do they have the power to destroy the hardware in some way?
  15. HyperX Alloy RGB