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  1. It's just because it's still four cores, you would want I think a 6c12T to be able to get the best out of that GPU otherwise the GPU is sitting idle in the sense of the maximum performance it can give you.
  2. You pay for the premium of having the newest and greatest, a very large premium. Like there's nothing wrong with GTX, I have one and at this point, it's all you really need, anything else is just because you want the best of the best and then at that point companies are making money on your consumerism. Like it's just a few numbers less fps wise but you still get a smooth performance, like do you really need that extra FPS for the price tag that goes with it? Anyways that's just my 2cents, if you have money do what you like haha
  3. Just saying your CPU is going to be a mad bottleneck if you're using the 6700K. Uh NZ so $2500 for the mother fucker. Like that's a whole goddamn PC system, this shit is crazy.
  4. Tell me about it, our fucking gas is 9.76NZD per gallon, that's 6.38USD