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    i7 4790T
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    Gigabyte Z87N-WIFI
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    2x4GB painted GeIL Leggara RAM (that teal/green is awfull)
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    R9 290 (powercolor pcs+ with ghetto fullblock WC)
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    Silverstone Node 202
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    500GB Crucial MX300
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    SilverStone Strider 500W
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    Samsung C24FG70FQU, Random 24" AOC 1080p Monitor
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    Noctua NH-L9i
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    Ozone Strike Battle black
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    Mionix Castor
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    Bayerdynamic DT 990 Pro (250Ohm)
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    Europe, Germany
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  1. Mining on old hardware?

    I can't help you very much but you should add some more Info for better results, like how much you pay for electricity in your region and if the rig can run 24/7 without disturb you
  2. PSU and watt headroom

    You will be fine. That everything at the same time is in 100% use is also a very unlikely case (do use every USB port o your motherboard for example with devices that draw the full 2,5-10W on it, are your CPU, your GPU and all your hard drives at 100% use .. very ulikely. Those calculations numbers for power usage are also most of the time very relative values, rough estimates, TDP values and so on are no acurate power usage numbers.
  3. In many cases console ports are also poorly ported for the PC (Nier: Automata for example uses a ridiculous amount of horsepower on the PC,it doesn't utilize all threads on the CPU, has some VRM loops on the GPU side etc.) , these games get released all the time this way. Or things like the DRM software in the game cause trouble on the PC, it tanks the whole system even all the time and may also have problems with antivirus software (thanks Ubisof for the bad performance of AC Origins by various DRMs ). A console doesn't has these problems, it doesn't have to be optimized for more than this one console or generation. DRM is often managed via an external networks like PS plus, or Windows live) or by the hardware itself (the kind of discs for example or with special disk management that isn't a standart one and not public so that a normal optical drive can't read them) All I said is that a console and the PS4 espacially is hardwarewise a very cheap package (it is several years released now, every eleictronic store has them in stock so that they reduced their prices), all you need is a TV/Monitor and your ready to go. The titles you can play on a console are specifically produced and optimized for the hardware (also often more expensive btw especially overtime, the PC version gets cheaper), sometimes even tweaked to fit the kind of hardware in the console compared to the PC version. The developer for the console may release the games early for the console and later on produces a "ported" PC version which often lacks the full optimizations needed for all the kinds of hardware and generations which the PC may have, which will result that you need a more powerfull hardware on the PC to compensate for it. The way the console market works is different from PC the hardware (console) is relativly cheap, often bundled with a few games. It may have "exclusive" titles that are only (or only first) released only for this console but the games cost 50-80€ each with a extra bit of markup to finance the production and development of the console itself (plus the game development, but to produce a game for a console licensing is also involved which is also a way for Sony for example to finance it's platforms). Things like PS plus are added to even grant a continous cash flow from these who play online games which most of the time have a huge replay value. The PC more or less don't has these for the most part. PS: also one of the major things to consider is that a console will age in a different way than the PC does, every now and then a new console generation is released, to play more new titles you have to buy the whole package again. The PC is a bit of a different story you can upgrade it partwise to suit your needs it is also a downward compatible platform (at least as long Windows don't like to brake everything, but even than you can manage to play even games on the same PC that are 15 years old)
  4. The PS4 is generally speaking by the current pricepoint faster/cheaper than a complete PC setup (it's already . But it runs not every game in 4k, some only upscaled 4k and others only in 1080p. It also matters which PS4 you have (PS4<PS4 Slim<PS4 Pro). But if you have a PC (with mouse, keyboard and screen) it may be worth it to upgrade something to get better framerates. PS: You also don't need 4k if you don't have a TV/Monitor to use it.
  5. Which one should I give up?

    I would say drop the Asus one the 768p is just ... The 4720HQ sould be more or less the same speed wise, but may drain a bit more power (aka a bit less bettery life)
  6. It is most likely that you either loosen (or forget) to plug your 4/8pin CPU power plug back in or that one of your RAM sticks isn't 100% pluged in. Happens to me everytime on these 1 side snapping RAM slots and every time I freak out that I broke something.
  7. 1050 Ti or 1060... Just asking.

    What ever fits your budget, both will run any current game more or less decently, the 1060 is a bit better but go only for the 6gb version. I bought my little brother the Asus GTX 1060 6gb Strix OC and it seams to work like a charm is very quiet (at least quieter as my EVGA GTX 1080 TI SC black edition :P)
  8. Upgrading my laptop CPU?

    Intel FCBGA-1168 B= Ball G= Grid A= Array aka soldered on. It may be somewhat possible to swap this CPU but not by a normal person without the specific soldering tools and knowledge, it may be locked on in the bios, too. So sell this old one used online and get a new one for an upgrade I guess.
  9. Need assistance finding a suitable low profile CPU Cooler

    By the quick search I did I found the max. CPU cooler hight to be 42 mm the C7 could be already to "big" with 47 mm. @ topic Most of such really small formfactor CPU coolers will be pretty stretched with a 95W TDP, well for HTPC it might work since the load is rather low. You might pick one of these .. Noctua NH-L9i Cooltek ITX30 Silverstone Argon AR05 I would recomand the Noctua one, I don't have any experience with the other two.
  10. My interner connection sucks all the suden !

    Sadly the most likely reason is your ISP, if it's internet by cable these might be caused by high demand on the line during peak times (you would be basicly out of luck), it's rather unlikely thats a hardware malfuntion or defect if it run flawlessly before the change. Try to make some noise by your new provider. I'm also pretty upset right now about our connection, since we switched arround 2 weeks ago to telecom (Germany) and yet we didn't got any DSL connection at all. After time consuming back in forth (took about 4 days) -keep in mind that I mean after thier "setup" and as they said everthing should be fine on your side- they admitted that it's their fault. Well whatever .. but that a technician will be sent on saturday the 23rd of december between 8am and 5pm (2 weeks later .. ) is really annoying. And sure they already took the money for the first setup (70€ + tax) and for the month december (another 35€ for whopping a 6Mbit down 1 Mbit up connection). The infrastructure in somewhat rural regions of Germany is a fking joke). PS: Anyway it's surprising that some technician has to work on saturday at these times right before christmas, but in total we won't have internet for about 3 weeks which of course sucks. Thankfully I have internet at work and it's relaxed arround here in the winter.
  11. @ZeZke @ZombiPL So as I said sióme pic'S from the EVGA GTX 1080TI SC (Black Edition) in teh Sentry. (Imgur gallery) A bit of regular GPU sag in horizontal position. The clearance between the graphics card/fans and the side wall of the case are ~ 9 mm The EVGA GTX 1080 TI SC (BE) has arround 36 mm total clearance at the end of the card (to the front of the case) . Sorry for the bad picture. The hight or better the 6&8pin PCIe power plugs make a somewhat tight fit but they fit. These are the regular hight connectors of the SilverStone SFX Series SX500-LG PSU. Maybe 18 mm clearance in hight. Total size conclusion of the graphics card itself are L: 270 mm ; H: 42 mm (it's Dual Slot only!) ; W: 105 mm (which should also be regular PCIe spec)
  12. Beyerdynamics and Amp/Dac

    I think you should be fine, I use DT 990 Pro's (250Ohm) myself just on the mobo with Realtek ALC1220 Audio and think it's fine. I would say try first and decide than, most mid to high onboard audio can drive 250Ohm headphones just fine and if you need it you can add a amp later on. If the beyerdynamic's are the right one for you comes down to personal taste anyway, I like them for some they might be to neutral.
  13. It does fit with normal PCI-E connectors ( SilverStone SFX Series SX500-LG ) but it tends to flex the top/side of the case a bit when the cables are bad arranged, so it fits but low profile prefered. PS: can't upload photos right now since I have no internet at home atm (posting from work )
  14. I have a Sentry Case with a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition, temperatures aren't a problem (even though not great temps of course). It runs fine so far, with temperatures which you would expect (higher 70s under synthetic stress). I didn't run in any temperature related prblems so far, but mind you that the EVGA GTX 1080 TI SC isn't very silent. I may be able to take some photos in the case later at the day or in the next days (have to put in a new SSDanyway in the next days .. which unfortunately have to go on the bottom side of the motherboard) But I think that the EVGA SC is maybe the only open-cooler design card that may fit in the Sentry (I know for sure that the MSI Armor card won't fit, cause it's to tall).
  15. 1060 vs 1070

    PUBG will never run 144Hz