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  1. I trew... I didn't understand the previous post...
  2. I van't start-up my pc and install OS... Anyone could help me? This is the problem:
  3. What do you think about GeForce GTX 610? maybe overclocking will be better? any tips for doing that?
  4. Giuseppe96


    The manufacturer said me that i can't access to bios, so i'll format using a windows tool, i can't select the boot device or something else... i know this pc sucks i hope that i can buy another as soon as possible...
  5. Giuseppe96


    Hi everyone, I need to format my pc, is a samsung laptop. I've bought with win 8.1 but i've not found any king of disk or windows license and i'm pretty sure that is not a trial because i've formatted with 8.1 and reinstalled the OS and i've bought it about 2 yrs ago. Now it is running win 10, if I format my drive i'll lose the license for the os?
  6. I know that maybe there are many other OS for NAS, but it works on the other HDD, maybe the problem is with the HDD and not with the OS, I'll check by myself and make a diagnostic when I've time to do that.
  7. I've the OS on a flash drive USB, those HDD are only for storage. Yes but UnRaid is a paid software and I've both Windows and Mac OSX and I need to access to the NAS with both OS.
  8. Mac OS X can itself the defragmentation of HDD and optimize the speed non-loading programs that you don't use so if you have a full hdd it is almost the same if you have an empty hdd because things that you don't use will not charged.
  9. Wich is the latest driver fir NVIDIA's graphics card? I have one but i cannot update that (cause an error) maybe there is new one that i could download ?? I have windows 10 and NVIDIA geForce, tomorrow i'll post some details or photo/video if someone needs for helping me. Thanks. ?
  10. Hi I want to know how to make pc faster, in terms lf delete unused programs and tools etc... Is there any software to do that, like on the mac(for who know )??
  11. This is not a definitive settings i just want to try, i have also other pc for games that are better, however is possible that does not have the bios/uefi?
  12. Hi! I'll overclock my laptop samsung (intel core i7) but i can't acces to BIOS, is possible that it doesn't have?? Or how can i overclock the cpu and even the gpu? If you need i'll post some photo but i don't know what do you need so i'll wait for answers... ?
  13. Why the real space of an HDD (or SSD However) is different to the declaired space? I mean how this difference is calculated? And this is true also for RAM and cache?