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  1. Setup would: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zwfrgL *Chose the wrong cpu cooler in the original link.
  2. Thinking about this one: ASUS PRIME Z270-A And then a white case of some sort. Though the RAM is red, so I gotta think about that. But thanks for reply!
  3. Dear LTT forum I recently fried my mobo - though I haven't found out how. I will be upgrading the case along with the mobo as I'm done with the itx case. Mobo is first priority, but suggestions for cases are welcome. Setup is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/dnhPqk New mobo should just be able to handle a better gpu as that is the next thing to get an upgrade. Regarding case suggestions - I'd love to not have a radiator next to me, so good air flow is top priority. Best Regards
  4. Dear LTT forum I shut down my Win10 yesterday where it updated. I turned on my pc today and it had to configure the update. It went from 0 to 92 pretty fast but it has now been stuck on 92% for almost an hour. Never had the problem before, so any recommendations? It off tells me I shouldn't turn off the pc but I don't see any other option at this moment. Best Regards
  5. I will keep that in mind!
  6. Deer LTT forum! My friend is gonna build his own rig, or to be precise, I'll be doing the assembly as he has no experience. As we're discussing the parts he wants I'm getting a little bit critical of his suggestions. First off, he has a large budget and he wants dual 1080's. So that had me thinking, what is the most value (or simply good value) GPU og GPU's? Everyone likes SLI, so that certainly isn't a restriction. Regarding the budget: If he wants dual 1080, consider that price as the budget for GPU. Regars Norup
  7. Norup

    New primary monitor!

    In the front I can mount duo fans and from standard there's the 200mm fan. Part of that directs airflow to the lower compartment where all the cables are bundled up. Then there's the PSU sucking up air from below, above the PSU is the GPU sucking in air from below. That means the GPU doesn't get any uninterrupted air... The thing I haven't yet tried is fixing a custom fancurve in BIOS, since I haven't got Speedfan to work. Although I can actually control the GPU fans from speedfan. The GPU does get some directed air and if not a proper fancurve will do the job, I might have to invest in two front-mounted fans and maybe tie the loose cables up, just so they aren't in the way at all. Thing is, the GPU is so damn close to the middle "floor" that I'm actually not sure if the GPU rests on the "floor". I bet it doesn't but it is close. Any suggestions?
  8. Norup

    New primary monitor!

    And thank you sir for the help! Although I did fail to mention that some of tight spots was only due to CPU cooler being the bloody size of the motherboard and wasn't due to the mITX case or mobo. If I could redo one thing though, it would be to put in a top-mounted duo radiator and have some watercooling for the CPU, that would look amazing. But I'll change that when I don't want to look at the cooler anymore: And one last thing; the temps are just fine considering the mITX but they are a bit high and the GPU easily reaches 80 C but is atleast it's usually steady at 73 C.
  9. Norup

    New primary monitor!

    It looks fucking astonishing! The camera doesn't like when the LED's aren't white but it looks amazing in red and most other colours. It was quite fine building in the case; only place where I found it just a little bit tight was when installing the I/O shield. And there were a few cables that weren't easy to get to - but it's manageble when your friends' hand are quite small. The CPU cooler is quite large and we had to move the fan up just a bit for the RAM modules to fit (see pic). Cable mangement was a bloody joy, no strips needed whatsoever due to the two velcro straps in the back and there's easily room to store all the cables out of view. Although do notice that you can get one stuck in the 200mm fan in the front (talking personal experience here). Phanteks uses their own SSD mounts so there wasn't actually any where to put the HUE+ thingy so I removed the SSD mount, and taped the HUE+ thingy there. Where the SSD is mountet now is a ghetto solution too. Originally the mount was on the backsite, but it was just turning around the screws and voila! The LED's are insane and livens up the rig, they're unvaluable! Without them the case just looks boring and the CAM software have a shittonne of awesome presets for the LED's. I'll respond in regards to the monitor suggestions fairly soon! In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!
  10. Dear LTT forum! So, I've build my first proper computer (http://pcpartpicker.com/p/g84RNG). And big thanks to @stconquest for helping me in the planning, it turned out bloody awesome! But I still use my old AOC monitor - it works but that's about it... So I was wondering if I have the budget for a new monitor. The GPU doesn't support G-sync so that'd be an unnecessary feature. I'm thinking QHD or WQHD - that would be epic! I do play CS:GO and a few other fast-pace games. I got my eyes on the ASUS MX27AQ but it's kinda stretching my budget. Any suggestions? //Norup
  11. I'm just gonna go with the badass red Ripjaws And then hope for the best
  12. Yeah I like the H5 Ultimate too but would that fit? You see I'm a bit worried that it isn't gonna fit but well it's not like it's a lot of money to buy another CPU cooler that fits. so the deal is on the H5 then. We'll see about the Win 10, I should be able to figure that out. But I'm going to before I get more of a headache
  13. The Pure Rock doesn't look nearly as cool as the H7, so do you think the Shadow Rock Slim will fit? Maybe a Dark Rock, that sh*t looks absolutely badass So is it just downloading Win 10 to a USB stick? Just selecting the stick when downloading?
  14. @stconquest Is both Hue+ pc illumination and red-sleeved cables too much and should I just stick with one of the two? Also I find that every danish retailer and Amazon is out of stock on the H7... So I might have to wait up to 10 days before I have that, and I can't really do much without And regarding Win 10, do I have to buy it on an USB or can I buy the disk one and move it over to an USB or what should I do there?
  15. Seems fine with me just getting the H7. Though I could try to get some LTT edition Noctua fans Nah, I actually think I'm done thinking more about all the components. Now I just have to convince myself to buy it