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    Finland, Pori
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    Editing, filming, color correction, music producing and some casual pc stuff like building, coding and server stuff.
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  1. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    I think there would be some results when increasing the pressure in the loop, which makes the boiling point rise. Though ethanol wouldn't be the choice for that either and I don't think that those loops are designed to take a huge amount of pressure.
  2. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    To make clear, I did not mean alcoholic beverages, but alcohols in general. Like methanol, and propanol for example.
  3. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    Okay, I just did some research, using vodka would not benefit your system cooling. The heat conductivity and capacitance of ethanol is much lower when comparing to water.
  4. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    Well, maybe I'll leave you with your inferences, and focus the conversation more on the actual possible benefit of using vodka or say any alcohol in general.
  5. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    Who said that it "has to be a" one-off video?
  6. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    Actually there is a proof at 17:58.
  7. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    Rip wrong quote
  8. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    Well if he used distilled water, then someone needs to try it with vodka.
  9. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    Beer and vodka have a really big difference.
  10. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    I'd really like Linus to wrap his head around this.
  11. r3troll

    Vodka cooled PC

    Life of Boris made a video where he assembled new water cooling system, but instead of using casual coolant he decided to try vodka instead. I was wondering if it actually helps cool the cpu or gpu? I believe that this would be a good idea for a video. Change my mind if you dare!
  12. r3troll

    Rate the Photo Above you

    @Phage 6/10 I looks to me as a garbled pic. Rly don't know where to settle my eyes. This shot has actually been taken with the kit lens which came with my 600D.