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  1. Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

    I still have my broken iPhone and yes according to the net bloating batteries for that model was common. To date "out of warranty now for a few years it is 2018" They just said "phone was new and under warranty then" i used a bad charger. Now to be clear I NEVER charge a phone with a third party charger. i am simply to paranoid for that. Hence why i spend a LOT of money on getting a ORIGINAL charger for my laptop. In my own personal experience Apple WILL show you the door IF they think they can get away with it. If you feel like following up on this google "iPhone 5c bloating battery" it was a thing back then... Just saying i will NEVER buy apple again. Not based on Linus but based on the fact they showed me the door based on what they "thought i did" My Samsung A3 that i replaced the iPhone with is STILL WORKING and i use it every day and I still use ONLY its original charger that came with the phone. So i have no trust in Apple or their products and because i couldn't fix my phone myself that makes me more angry. To be clear most if not all phones share this problem "no parts". It is just it was my first and last contract phone and i expected more from Apple. Basically what i am saying is i ended up paying a fee for 24 months and had nothing to show for it. The contract doesn't go away just because the phone broke.
  2. Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

    i have been reading a lot today and i must say that this Apple thing is a bit heavy but to be clear i myself owned a apple product and ran into a actual bloated battery and i was told that i used a bad charger? WHAT! i literally only had the 1 charger for the thing seriously... Anyhow Back to topic. So to be clear my Acer laptop is on its way out. There is something funky with the charging light. I got a new charger for it "Proper Acer charger paid a LOT for it" and the problem continued. Pulled the Battery out and the Problem continued. The device is not new. To be clear it is nearly if not over 5 years old. I have been using it every single day as it is my only source for music, entertainment i also use it for work. Thus i am not surprised that it is on its last legs. There is no place i can go to find parts and even if i do component level repair on it i have ZERO information on it. No diagram, no real way to troubleshoot components. There is no third party in my country that fixes systems on a component level 'that i know of' and that is a reality. Now if the device wasn't 5 years old and still new with the same problem would i get parts for it? Answer is no. Chances are they will just swap it out. My one friend got himself a nice HP laptop and it was DOA 'dead on arrival' So he walked to the store and was given a new HP laptop. Turns out the HDD was faulty but the tech didn't swap out the HDD nope. He just tried to turn it on and when it hanged and hanged he just started to fill out a form and said please sign here. The end... What we see here is a Apple device build like a mobile phone and or laptop. By design it is difficult to access components and finding replacements is not always easy or even feasible. However these systems are really expensive and like a laptop it will last for only so long until something fail. Now the question comes in: Should ALL manufacturers give users the ability to fix their systems? The simple answer is yes. There should be some way to buy components that is already manufactured anyway. The question now becomes more difficult. How long should these devices be supported? Meaning for how long should a fabricator make actual parts for that particular product. Then ask if it really is feasible. In most cases it simply isn't and that sadly is also a reality. Do i feel bad for Linus? Yes i do. But until manufacturers are mandated by law to keep and distribute parts for their devices. It is simply not going to happen. That is the reality of ALL tech not just apple tech. To be fair this Apple system is new it is current and considering the price, consumers should have access to parts and the like. That said it is only part of the problem, the reality is they refused to fix it. That changes the game and should actually be illegal. I am not sure about Canada and if they have any legal aid to customers but this should clearly be a violation. Sadly the only way to get a company as big as Apple to listen to customers is to get government involved. Some intervention is needed because this situation that Linus and them had is downright sickening. ***edit*** I do understand that the computer was opened and that might be the reality here. That said they 'Apple' could still have offered to sell them the parts. That way they had some ability to fix it themselves.
  3. Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

    Apple SUES iPhone screen repair shop and LOSES! This was uploaded by: Louis Rossmann Not sure if anyone shared it or not but it is worth checking out.
  4. Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

    Seriously find out what government entity is suppose to protect consumers against bad service and the like and contact them. Apple is only doing this because they are getting away with it. I really think it is time that Apple gets a good and proper wake-up call and face real and serious consequences. **edit** i personally would take a sledgehammer to it make a video about it and send the video with the broken bits to Apple's head office. Just maybe they might figure out that their customers isn't very happy???
  5. No Man's Sky (on PS4)

    The reality is they could have done a better job at the beginning. But i think that had more to do with time lines and existing skill then anything else. In the beginning before the updates things was buggy and i didn't get the experience i wanted. It almost felt like the beginning stages of other Beta games. A bigger disappointment to me was Drifter. It felt it could have been so much better but again it didn't deliver. I still need to followup on it as i basically forgot about it till now. Finding a good polished game is hard and i didn't want to play Eve-Online because the pro players took it upon themselves to wipe out the noobs. Not sure if that is still a thing... Because one actually pay to get blown-up it lost its appeal fast. Why would anyone pay to get shot to hell each and every time one tries to connect? Other then that Eve-Online is a beautiful game and i liked the strategy behind it. It is just 'some players' took the fun out of it fast. Again not much more i could say... I don't even know if anyone is still playing it, Maybe one-day i will reconnect. It is partly why I like "No Man's Sky" The fact that it is single player and i can keep it of the internet is appealing to me. For 1 no pro-players to deal with thus allowing the player to evolve and get good at it. Also connection drops 'yes sadly 2018 still a thing' doesn't effect me at all. As i continue to play the game i will see what else it allow me to do. But all i ever wanted was to fly around in space doing my own thing. Currently this game gives me that and is why i am writing about it. Because i think a lot of people want that 'freedom' to explore. I just wish the controls was better. That said it isn't as limited as Subnautica But to be fair Subnautica did its own enjoyment and I do credit the game as it is a really good game. In some ways better then most expensive game titles. But yea thanks for the response
  6. No Man's Sky (on PS4)

    Hi Everyone, Here we are again with another game called "No Man's Sky" and I am updated to "Atlas Rises Patch 1.38". Now I know this isn't a place for game reviews but why not right. Anyhow if you want more information about the game link is below: Atlas Rises Patch 1.38 So what is this about? Well i am not going to tell you what everyone else is. It is a space bla bla bla and bla bla bla... Right I mean that is not what this is about. (Pre Atlas Rises Patch or any Patch) In the beginning the game to me was very frustrating. I didn't know how to do half the stuff I wanted to do and really it just consumed time. I wasn't happy in the beginning. I wasn't enchanted or fascinated. I mean the controls!!!! Great fluffy bunnies help me I felt like a toddler trying to figure out cold-fusion. I was as confused as a cat in the ocean. So eventually i started figuring stuff out and then turned it off frustrated and just wondering why i wasted my money it. Then Midnight came i was board and turned my PS4 back on again used some of that sweet 'free' night-time data and 7 Gigabytes later I was back at it. (Post Atlas Rises Patch or any Patch)There is something to be said for self-torture but in all I was learning the game all over again. Only this time I had a menu and options so i moved towards sandbox option. Now i can learn the game without crying or planning horrible things for a shiny DVD. The controls are still as bad... Or is it? To be fair to the game, PS4 controllers is as new to me as can be. Here i am a PC gamer that play inverted mouse and all the rest now sitting with this strange little plastic thing with a bunch of buttons. I found it confusing, I found it intimidating and to date i am totally useless using it. If I ever have to play a competitive game with this controller I would be target practice for the elderly! So I thought lets try the game with my save-file and lets see. 4 hours later I was in space. Why 4 hours? You can credit that to my IQ. Other then that figuring stuff out is not easy. Apparently there is a tutorial but yea... Here I am in space landing on new worlds discovering stuff collecting things and selling it at the space station. Sweet sweet destiny, yes there is nothing i enjoy more then moving virtual stuff from point A to point B and get money for it so that I can buy blueprints and stuff. Then started the sandbox game and WOW seriously it blew my mind at what was possible and how far this game really goes. To be clear as bad as I am at playing PS4 games this game is a TON of fun. It really is. I was totally consumed by it and I haven't even done everything there is to do in this game. Now the reason for me writing this, is there is a lot of people saying the game is bad. I just wanted to say NO this game is not bad. If your head is in space and you are like me dreaming to be up in space just exploring and surviving then i can recommend this game. I do not know how the PC experience is but as far as the PS4 goes WITH those HORRIBLE HORRIBLE controllers if i can survive in that game anyone can. And yes I will continue to play it both on sandbox and on Normal difficulty because playing it on anything else would be bad for me personally. If you have the game and you did play the updated version of it. Please write me your experiences I would love to know if there are others that really enjoy the game. thank you for reading Cheers
  7. YouTube... Is YouTube still relevant?

    For a lot of people cost is secondary. In my case there are restrictions to consider and exchange rates. That changes the game a bit. Streaming services in general will be more lucrative if they consider other payment options and also consider a few other aspects regarding content itself. I personally would support FP but would limit my pick on what i view and who i support. That said netflix 'last time i check' still allow people to pay them via Google Play. Pure genius considering how many people use that method where i live. Overall i am sure they have a bigger audience that pay them directly. Still this allow for a bit of much needed flexibility. Yes content is a competitive market and eventually YouTube will get real competition 'once they figure out how to make it profitable' But many news outlets here where i live also demand subscriptions per month and they don't even push out any video content. it is just basically a digital version of a newspaper. That said they are successful. Thus i think it comes down to quality and value. To be clear when i speak of quality i am not talking about 100K Video quality that only the most highest and most expensive screen can show you. Rather production quality. A lot to think about but the future is on its way and fast.
  8. YouTube... Is YouTube still relevant?

    100% agree. The same was true for me. But because 90% of what i watch is now basically 'gone' i am just waiting for FP and see how that goes. To be fair YouTube did become a very big target for copyright stuff and all the rest. It is really not completely their fault. Some of the stuff was beyond their control. i will be the first to admit that that is true. But that said there are things in their control that wasn't handled properly. Deleting channels 'just because' yea... that just sucks...
  9. YouTube... Is YouTube still relevant?

    I am looking forward to FP My beef with YouTube is there is no middle grounds anymore. Especially for smaller channels. The talking head channel i enjoyed was removed and for no real good reason. That double standards type deal is what i dislike. It is not good. Some can get away with basically 'anything' as long as they are trendy and popular. Others that basically just give their opinion on a subject 'no cringeworthy content" disappears? But it is awesome in a way. Mega-positive about FP and hope others will also do the same. But if you have time to burn have a look at this. Be warned it is about 39min. How to BUILD a YOUTUBE ALTERNATIVE
  10. YouTube... Is YouTube still relevant?

    i use to/and still do love this stuff... Awesome song... i personally grew up with Robotech. and ordered the DVD box set. Looking forward to relive the story line. i must say i wonder if it will still hold my interest as it once did. As for YouTube i think i personally am done with them. Today was another slow day no real content to watch and a BUNCH of "personal interest" channels got deleted and closed down. The topic is of a sensitive/personal matter hence not appropriate to mention here. But that was the last straw for me. It is censorship being applied in a big way and i am done spending time on the platform. Looking forward to what Linus and their platform will be doing. Other then that i RIP YouTube. You where awesome "once" but after today??? just no....
  11. 3 Graphics Card died in a row.

    In most cases the board will show problems when stress testing is applied that should clear it or show problems. Other then that a PSU likes to hide its faults. Best of luck finding out if it is the PSU or not because they can be tricky. I am looking forward to your followup and the methodology you used to test the PSU especially. That will be very valuable.
  12. YouTube... Is YouTube still relevant?

    100% agree... I use to enjoy 'music videos' where people will take anime movies and series and so on and add music to it. There really was some cool videos made but i don't see many of them anymore OR i am just looking in the wrong places. But I do wonder how many people will remain with YouTube if there is no more money to be made? That is scary in a way. But I think even if there is no money to be made copyright strikes and the like will continue regardless. I think that part is here to stay. I can be wrong but I don't know.
  13. YouTube... Is YouTube still relevant?

    This is why I enjoy forums Yes the joy of YouTube and the fact that it is free is really been taken for granted. Yes a lot of YouTube content creators dislike what is happening but they still must accept that they can basically host high quality video for free on a very popular platform. That is so perfectly stated above. One can appreciate the Billions that are spend in infrastructure and the incredible difficulty to try and monitor millions of uploads and not to mention the added difficulty of creating basically new software solutions to help with this incredibly complicated task. I also appreciate the need for pay walls and the like. I just wish that there where more payment options available. Other then that I think if advertisers keeps on doing what they do a YouTube pay wall will become a realty. Will it work? That is a very good question. One I cannot answer truthfully. But it will be interesting to see. Honestly thank you for taking the time to post. I learned a lot.
  14. Data Addiction???

    I personally enjoy collecting stuff like DVDs and other media specially older media. I have to admit that there is something about having something in my hands that I just enjoy. The Amazon Echo Dot really looks nice and would like to try it out when the service becomes available. But yea i personally would also survive if the internet goes bye bye for whatever reason.
  15. YouTube... Is YouTube still relevant?

    I don't know. YouTube can lose only so much and then things will have to change. Yes float-plane is a awesome idea and i wish them all the best. I really do want them to succeed. That said what is the future of YouTube? I honestly don't know. I can speculate but I don't see advertisers returning unless the consumers of said advertisers show less support. The reality is consumers can make a really big difference. If they are not happy about how companies act towards content creators then surly a consumer strike can have a massive effect on their profits. I think it would be wise if advertisers take note and realize that individuals can also become 'sensitive' and stop supporting their brand service and or consumables because they stopped supporting a platform. I don't think it will happen but it is possible maybe? I don't know but it is food for thought.