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  1. Is there a big difference between the 80ohm and 32ohm versions i will most likely only use it on my stationary computer with my mobo soundcard?
  2. hmm, i do play for quite long sessions and i have a pretty big head and ears... will that be a problem?
  3. Straight to the point, i've always been rolling with "gaming headsets" becuase i mostly play games and listen to music but now i want some quality headphones but i dont really now what to buy... I like bass and just generally good, clear sound i wont be making music or mixing or w/e i just want to listen to music and play games with good sound quality! My budget is 150€ish question: Im currently using Plantronics 788. and will the sound quality be worth the money with 150€ headphones? I've been looking into beyerdynamic dt770 and Audio-technica ATH-M50X but i dont really know what to buy I would prefer closed back headphones sorry if i dont make any sense, my english is horrible and im new to this hifi/headphone/audiophile thingy