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    Long Island
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    building computers


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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600x
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    Asus x470-Prime
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    32gb Corsair vengence pro rgb
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    asus strix gtx 1070ti
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    Nzxt H700i
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    500GB Samsung 860 EVO, 2tb seagate fire cuda
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    750w evga p2
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    Acer XG270HU
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    Custom Loop
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    corsair strafe mk2 RGB
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    logitech g502
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    logitech speakers
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    windows 10

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  1. i dont believe that i have seen motherboards that support both wifi and Bluetooth. Your best bet is to either get a mobo with wifi and get a bluetooth adapter or get a mobo with no wifi and get a wifi and Bluetooth adapter. In terms of recomendations, get a z390 mobo and ur set. Generally the aours mobos can be found for realtivley cheap but are also solid boards
  2. ok so let me explain a bit better. I currently have a pair of hyper x cloud 2s plugged into the audio controller and i also have 7.1 surround sound on. So i play a lot of PUBG and in that game hearing foot steps is pretty important. I would say that i have pretty good hearing. whenever im playing with my friends tho, sometimes i wont hear footsteps while my teammates do so its hard for me to locate that person. I know that i could adjust the in game volume but is there something that i can do to make the in game sounds like footsteps appear louder and more clear? i dont want everything louder tho. thanks
  3. the 9600k is a better gaming cpu if all your going for is gaming but when it comes to everything else the 3700x is better. The performance difference isnt that big as well so i would just go amd
  4. xdeathshot20

    4K OLED TV

    it is quite expensive comprared to the prices of OLED's today but if you dont want a smart tv, its the only option that is available atm https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/alienware-55-oled-gaming-monitor-aw5520qf/apd/210-AUDS/monitors-monitor-accessories
  5. xdeathshot20

    4K OLED TV

    unfornatley i dont believe that there are any OLED tv's that arent smart. its just how it is. really your only option is to grab one of those new alienware 55 OLED monitors
  6. ok now I do know that Macs can get viruses. my question is do I really need it? I will be installing Malwarebytes on it but do I need anti virus? I have anti virus on my main windows pc but do I need it for my Mac? Thanks
  7. so i know its early but im begin to look at some laptops. I will be purchasing one this holiday season when hopefully they are on sale. My budget is $1500 but lower is better. I am willing to go slightly higher if i feel that it is acually worth the money. The laptop would be used for school purposes, adobe programs like illustrator and Photoshop and gaming is possible but shouldn't really be considered as i have a gaming desktop at home. I would like the screen size to be between 13 to 15 inches. Battery life is a must and cant be too big and heavy as i will be carrying it around. I have been looking at some options and i want to get some opinions. I am complete open to apple if it is for the right price. Also would prefer at least a 512gb ssd or 256gb with 1tb hdd. dont matter. So any other suggestions out there? thanks Dell XPS 15 Lenovo legion y540 HP Omen 15
  8. whats your budget, what games do you plan on playing, whats your location? do you need any peripherals?
  9. its all about the silicon lottery, you may get a golden chip and be able to overclock it a ton and then u may get a bad chip and not be able to overclock it at all. While cooling does obviously help, thats not all that determines it
  10. so i still have a landline and acually use it. latley the amount of spam and telemarketers that call it is getting insane. I know that people use to have spam blockers or filters to prevent this from happening but most of them dont exist anymore. i have a spare rasberry pi lying around and i was woundering if i could use that to make some sort of call blocker/spam filter to basically block any telemarketers. can someone let me know if it is possible and if so how to acually do it?
  11. whats your budget and location
  12. Thanks, I'll definitely take a look at them
  13. So I don't remember the last time I played a really amazing MMORPG and I Wana start to play them again. I find it really hard to find one that can really keep me in for the long run and grind. The last MMORPG that I really enjoyed playing was Diablo 3. I prefer that style of gameplay. Quests, story, grinding and stuff like that. I don't Wana beat the game in a week and then be like what am I supposed to do now. I want something that will keep me for some time. Don't recommend WoW as I don't Wana play a game that requires I pay for it monthly. Also obviously is has to be on PC. Thanks
  14. basically slowly increase the power slider and run some sort of benchmark like heaven increase it by like 50mhz each time. If the benchmark is successful, continue increasing until the benchmark crashes. Then go to memory and do the same thing. It is a very tedious and long process tho.
  15. what resolution monitor do you want? whats your budget. also you dont need 144hz, you want it there is a difference you know