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    The Netherlands


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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    some board that works with the cpu
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    8 Gigs of DDR4 2666
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    R7 260X
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    500 GB crucial SSD
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    450 watt aerocool
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    some benq monitor
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    benq ps/2
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    benq ps/2
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    windows 10

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  1. I believe I saw some other video on youtube doing this. Perhaps Linus decided not to do it because it's already been done. Edit: I found it and it turns out it's actually from 2 years ago;
  2. I'm driving three of them on my old R7 260x
  3. Having monitors attached doesn't decrease the performance of the GPU, as long as you're not rendering on all of them. A screen with discord opened on it does not affect your performance on the main gaming monitor. Also connecting the monitor to the motherboard would probably result in a black screen, because the onboard GPU is normally deactivated when a dedicated card is used.
  4. The fact that you're willing to try is great, but it's not what @Jumballi meant. The problem is that there's a difference between you and people like Bill Gates (at the moment); Those people had plans, visions of what they were going to do, and then they made it into their business and it turned out to be a success. (for many others, that last thing didn't happen) You on the other hand try to do it the other way round; you don't know what you're going to do, you just want "a business and success like Bill Gates". You'll need to have a plan first; a vision. Something upon which you're going to build this business. And I can tell you one thing, selling hardware, networking, IT consulting and basically all the things you mentioned aren't going to be it. Those things have already been done by countless people. Even these things, although impressive, have already been done and these tricks won't work once again. (I get the point of this comment though, just wanted to use these lines to illustrate my point) I'm not trying to put you off, I'm just trying to say, there's a chance, but you need to have a plan first. TL;DR come up with something new.
  5. There's a very important thing here; that extension cord must be on a different breaker otherwise the heater may just as well be on the same outlet.
  6. Yes but as I mentioned, if this is a modern and proper PSU, it will to up to 250V continuous anyway and will probably deal with the spike just fine.
  7. That heater switching on could cause the voltage on the oulet to drop by a couple of volts or so. The PSU handles that just fine; most of them are rated to take anywhere from 100 to 250V, so a small drop from a heater switching on shouldn't matter. The voltage spike caused by the heater turning off I wouldn't expect to be large enough to cause problems; especially considering the PSU is rated up to 250V most likely. Also, this issue isn't really dependent on the oulet, as it also exists when the heater is plugged into a different outlet. You'd have to move the heater to a different breaker to solve this problem. A more interesting question (which is also the original question) would be if the outlet and the wiring handles the continuous current you intend to draw. The answer to that is: probably not; if that heater uses 1500W it probably shouldn't be on the same breaker (or outlet). Note that even if you were to try it, and it went wrong, you'd still be completely safe; worst case the breaker trips, which I guess is a good indication of whether or not this will work.
  8. Yes I've seen that stuff. He seems to have really destroyed that channel. But as I said, the old stuff's still there afaik.
  9. Back in the day I used to watch Eli The Computer Guy on YouTube. He made these long hour-scale classes and I'd just put on one of those in the background while gaming or something. Not too sure about his recent videos, they seem to be very specific and also I haven't watched those, but his old videos about all sorts of basic computer stuff (A+ etc) are still online and even though some info is outdated I think they make for a pretty good basic understading to continue to learn more.
  10. haha I'm sorry, can't help it. I'm kind of a power grid geek.
  11. I'm perfectly aware of that, I just wanted to point out that the mainland voltage appears to be closer to 240 than to 230V on outlets that I have measured. Yes, but that's 240V between two phases, whereas in Europe a buidling gets all three phases with each phase being 240V and the voltage between them being about 415V. Most outlets are single phase 240V, but for heavy machinery three phase 415V outlets are used. These outlets aren't installed in most regular houses, but they could be if needed.
  12. haha. You really need a gaming pc? This is perhaps the moment to review your priorities.
  13. It appears to be the other way round; Right now it's about 237V over here, which is closer to 240 than to 230.
  14. "To tear" is not the right verb to use, in a computer context it refers to multiple frames being on the monitor at the same time ie a terrible artefact that you want to avoid. (this is what Vsync attempts to get rid of). Your specs aren't the only thing that's important; what do you mean by wanting 100+ fps? How bad is it? are you at like 40-50 fps all the time with spikes to 100, or are you at nearly 100 all the time, with dips to 40-50. Because the latter would not be very surprising; fps drops happen on the fastest machines every now and then. Also, as I said you can use SPECCY to get more detailed information. From my experience single channel ram doesn't affect the performance that much; I use a Ryzen 5 1600 and I've used it on one stick of single channel memory for a while and it was just fine, at least for the games I played at the time (like planetside 2 which is rather cpu heavy) and editing and rendering videos. I would not expect single channel memory to be the main cause for really poor performance. Sure it may be an improvement, but depending on how bad it really is (which again, the ts hasn't specified that well) I wouldn't say that's the root cause. The amount of memory is certainly on the low side though, that could be the issue here.