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  1. Crazyroccobuilds

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    Man, i seriously love you guys. Keep up the amazing work, and im always supporting you, it may not be in money form, but i really appreciate you guys and this. I love that Kuhler 1250, i have been meaning to get a new liquid cooled cpu, and that would be awesome. I bought a 20 dollar air cooler to keep me going, and its been a year now. so hopefully i will get a upgrade!
  2. Crazyroccobuilds

    New driver keeps crashing (gtx 770 2gb ASUS)

    alright, thanks!
  3. Hey all! I just installed a new driver (340.52) on my 770, and all my games are crashing! its saying that the driver is crashing and that it recovered, but it just keeps happening I have tried to uninstall and re install a older version, but it just crashes altogether. If somebody could help me out that would be great. Things i have done to try to fix. -rolled back to a much older driver -uninstalled driver (crashed computer) -tried to use uninstall programs list to uninstall newest driver. (computer crashed) Now, if anybody has the same graphics card, have you installed the newest version? and does that version work for you? Please respond guys. As always thanks!
  4. Crazyroccobuilds

    Home studio help

    AH! Thank you so much. I have been very curious and you have helped me get my "career" started. This summer i hope to create some tracks and learn the tricks of FL Studio! Again i cant thank you enough. Cheers
  5. Crazyroccobuilds

    Home studio help

    Im a complete noob when it comes to making music, and i want to learn relatively fast, but what im asking is that can i just run one of Akai's controllers alone? Like this one? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00466HM28/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Do i need a I/O controller? I only want touch the tip of the ice burg when it comes to making music, and i want to start on a very very low budget. If anyone could just give me some ideas on what the minimum for making music is, i would love to know. Also, if anyone would be willing to, could you recommend some equipment? Im just very confused. Thanks so much!
  6. Crazyroccobuilds

    LTT Conglomerate main discussion thread

    Escort/Bounty Hunting!!
  7. Crazyroccobuilds

    Project Drogon [First Build]

    Nice!!! Love the color scheme! Was going with the same theme, but decided to go on a different path!
  8. Crazyroccobuilds

    Ducky Shine 3 - where to buy

    ....getting ,,,,it now
  9. Crazyroccobuilds

    Battlefield 3 then 4 on pc buds

    I added u! hope to play some time!
  10. Crazyroccobuilds

    BF4, need regular players on my FL

    adding all of you guys. hope to meet new players to play with. crazyrocco117
  11. Thanks! Is there a good technique to panting plastip on pcbs? If you could point me to a guide. that would be awesome
  12. Crazyroccobuilds

    Corsair and MSI?

    For me, change the fan that is red to blue
  13. Crazyroccobuilds

    [WIP] Snef's Sand of God

    OH my GOD! that looks so damn good! I love it! Nice job man!
  14. Crazyroccobuilds

    Litecoin mining

    Alright i really need help on this question. I am planning to build a LC mining rig with 3 or 4 r9 290 or 290x. Is there a difference? Also how do i tell what the hash rate is going to be? So say i have 3 r9 290xs, will they get around 3000K/hash? please help guys!!!!!