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  1. Hey guys, This is my post on Razer Forum - decided to post it here also. https://insider.razer.com/index.php?threads/thunderbolt-3-usb-c-problems-rbs-8550u.50012/ --- So after over a week of very delayed emails and live chats with Razer, I have decided to post my issue here to see if the community can help or at least expose an issue to Razer that they may or may not be ignoring.I have had my laptop for just under a year now, and since it arrived I have had some very peculiar issues with the USB C port.When using a USB C / Thunderbolt dock with a mouse / kb and charger plugged in, my peripherals lose power every few seconds for a couple of seconds making it impossible to use. If the charger is not plugged in, it is perfectly fine.Like I have said above, I have been speaking with Razer about this for a couple of weeks and their only answer was to buy a Razer Core..Below are the troubleshooting steps I have completed.- BIOS and Firmware updates - Windows Updates - System recovery of the device (through the Razer recovery partition) - Multiple docks (linked below)https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B071YTQBXM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.harveynorman.com.au/alogic-usb-c-portable-super-dock-with-power-delivery-black.htmlhttps://www.amazon.com/XtremeMac-Promate-Type-C-MicroSD-Ethernet/dp/B06X9LQ9ND ^^ These all had the same issue with the peripheralshttps://www.lenovo.com/au/en/access...s-usb/TP-Hybrid-USB-C-Dock- -ANZ/p/40AF0135AU (this one flat out didn't work at all) - A different 65W charger from a Lenovo device Now, this device has previously been sent off the Sydney (I live in Perth AUS) and took about a month to get back to me, the issue was not fixed even after the team in Sydney replaced the motherboard.On the RBS product pafe, they advertise the following about the Thunderbolt 3 port/"Meet Thunderbolt™ 3. It's twice as fast asThunderbolt 2 and more versatile to boot.It connects to any display, port or peripheraldevice — allowing you to add moreutility to your laptop with zero hassle"One would assume that this is false advertising as the Razer support team have told me the complete opposite about this statement (as shown at the bottom of this post)I have been advised against using third party docks as they won't work with the RBS (which I think is rubbish).Anyways, have a read of the chat history and if you have any issues with your blade, good look getting any decent support.Edit: Just realised I am unable to attach a txt file to the post for some reason so have just pasted the chat below.--- (this did get escalated, however, I did not hear from the escalation team for 2 and a half days)
  2. KrauseeAUS

    USB C hub

    Hey Guys, So I have recently purchased a Razer Blade Stealth 8th gen, which is great, loving it so far. I have bought an Alogic USB C superdock ( https://www.alogic.co/alogic-usb-c-portable-super-dock-with-power-delivery-prime-series-black.html ) this model here and have plugged it all in with my mouse, kb and headset, all working fine. However, as soon as I plug my laptops charger into the hub, my peripherals start cutting out, the power to them seems to cut in and out very frequently rendering them useless. I have taken the hub back and had it replaced however this has not helped. Was wondering if there is something possibly wrong with my laptop or am I missing something with the USB C connection here. Cheers for the help
  3. The laugh track should be used more often in new vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGJSFTaFJbQ
  4. I work at DC West, small DC in Perth. I have an RB2011L-RM at home
  5. I probably wouldn't be using your PC as DMZ server as that is a bit insecure. I'd just set up port forwarding on the router. This is something you have to deal with in the US?? That's gross.
  6. Should just need to setup an FTP server on the Linux machine, create a user and assign it a home directory, this should be a generic user (for your server) where you addons are. What distribution of Linux are you using?
  7. Huge fan of mtik, +1 this post, we use them mainly at work (at a DC) and I use one at home.
  8. Why can't all phones ship with Viper4Android straight out of the box? Has anyone else wondered this? I have recently upgraded from my rooted s7 Edge (with Viper installed) to an s8 plus, here's me thinking "Oh yeah, because this phone is worth so much, the audio should be fantastic"... I was so wrong, it is awful, the stock "equaliser" is worse than bread with no butter. What are your thoughts on this? I think I should be able to at least have the option to install Viper (or something similar) without having to root and void my warranty. EDIT I have found some apps on the play store. -Package Disabler Pro (to disable the default SoundAlive EQ) Cost me $1.99 -Noozxoide EIZO-rewire free, working really well, has less customisation compared to Viper4Android, but the presets work really well. Then, to deal with the problem Android has always had, quiet sound. -Volume Booster Pro free EDIT 2 I have noticed a slight whine when a song is quiet (sometimes at the start or end). It is ever so slight and won't stop me from using it, just thought I should put it out there. There could be a fix or an alternative app but I have had enough of playing around EDIT 3 Ended up changing volume booster app, Volume Booster Pro pro was not very reliable. Now using an app called Volume Booster by GOODEV EDIT 4 On a completely unrelated note, Package Disabler Pro allows you to disable Bixby (yay) so now I don't accidentally hit the button maneuvering my phone whilst watching por... Uh I mean LinusCatTips.
  9. Tried it last night briefly, was getting some errors trying to run it off the NAS. I am currently working out a Linus solution to solve the ethernet bottleneck, going to try and set up bonding over a MikroTik and run multiple ethernet cables.
  10. Will do this tonight and let you know
  11. Hi there, I know this has been discussed but the other threads were more "is it possible". I know that it is, I was more wondering if anyone had done this and what sort of performance degradation they got? I have 4 1tb WD Blacks in RAID 10 so I don't think speed would be too much of an issue (possibly faster than my single HDD in my PC), my main concern was latency over the ethernet (1GB connection). Thank you
  12. Damn, I thought that might be the case, I am still setting it up so haven't had a chance to test, maybe I will move to a mini PC rather than the Pi.
  13. Just in case anyone was interested, this is a really good video on setting up moonlight to run within RetroPi
  14. Awesome, thanks heaps for you help, I look forward to getting this setup.
  15. @nerdslayer1 do you know if it can do Nvidia streaming?