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  1. I figured it out. While I was swapping out a drive I tightened a Velcro strap too tight and pulled the 24 pin loose a little. My bad...lol
  2. I am running windows 10 64 bit, 8 gigs of ram, intel pentium anniversary edition, ecs h81h3-a3 mobo (cpu and mobo to be upgraded soon), evga non-reference 750ti, and corsair cx 430 watt PS, and a 120 gig pny ssd. The issue I'm having is it will randomly shut off. I've been running this build about a year and a half now and never had a problem but within the last few weeks it's been like this. I had been planning on upgrading my CPU and mobo because both are budget pieces of junk but I was hoping to make it to the summer before having to do this. Literally there is no warning to it shutting off. It posts just fine, then it will load up, sometimes it runs for days, sometimes I don't even get enough time to log in. After it shuts down it starts up, windows fails to load, shuts down again, then reposts and loads in fine. It's not an issue with things disconnecting as that would end in blue screen most of the time. I am unable to take any screen caps or screen vids of the issue as I don't have any warning for a cap and vids get corrupted with the random shut down. Any help is appreciated. If I can't solve it within a few days I'll just get the new cpu and mobo, stick the ssd in my nas and check that it's working fine, and do all the tests on the other components then do a fresh install of windows 10 and basically make a new computer out of it.