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  1. how do I ensure I'm getting an oem unit?
  2. So my 6s+ recently broke and I looked on the internet to check for the cost to replace and there are thousands of digitizer kits available. How do I know which ones will work and are there any os compatibility problems to worry about?
  3. built 2005 subaru legacy gt limited wagon. running about 340 awhp rn though boost could be turned up quite a bit (block and turbo are built for >600awhp) Hoping to get a b8 a4 avant manual again but there's only a hundred or so floating around the states rn that I know of. Shame because I miss just having a luxurious daily.
  4. There are quite a few interesting studies involving people following trends and the dangers you can be exposed to by involving yourself in hive-like thinking
  5. "A chemist" OMEGALUL. What a fuckin liar. Every single one of those "cans" could hurt you especially if you have an allergy. Whether or not it will is a probability. I can make a can of gas from household chemicals and harm dozens... thousands even in the proper area. fuck outta here with this bullshit. If you think concentrated bleach exploding into a gaseous form in close contact with humans won't kill a bitch then you're dimmer than my broken lightbulb.
  6. they'll most likely block most known vpn's. anyone doing network management/etc. worth their salt can prevent access to many vpns.
  7. " egregious content " So they'll potentially block alternative news sites, steam, other game services, sites for accessing your crypto investments, third party media sites like kiss or crunchyroll, etc.
  8. in terms of consumer cpu's, yeah maybe; Intels embedded and low level tech is more than enough on its own to keep intel afloat.
  9. if it's not using dual processing tech then Ima be dissapoint. That's partly what gave such an interesting depth to gradients in processed photos. there was extra information to work on. My note8 with telephoto x wide lens is kinda meh all around tbh.
  10. YIKES. Very few perpetrators of individuals taking bailout finances were prosecuted. The banks themselves were sometimes fined, never the ceo's.
  11. Big banks launder money and no one hats an eye. A crazy guy Send A out a tweet and everyone loses their mind
  12. There is no control implied within that document. Unless you're talking about controlling the public through labeling the botnets fascists and propaganda agents use?
  13. if you are angry over something simple like that I hope you never have a mission critical job or encounter tough life decisions!
  14. Appealing to emotion is a really weak platform to argue from. A 30 minute break every 3 hours is nowhere near inconvenient. That follows many safety guidelines and allows you to take care of other necessary functions.