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  1. It seems less people play this than the original.
  2. Update I swapped ram issue remains I removed battery and drained out any static that didnt work. My next step is to remove all SSD/HDD and see if that changes
  3. 256 samsung m.2 Nvme drive. I bought this drive pretty much the same time i got the laptop. The laptop came with a hdd which i demoted to storage and the samsung to boot drive
  4. I have had this thing for almost 2 years. Its not crashing or showing me anything while using it. What i have noticed at all bone stock settings is the bios logo taking longer then usual to show and boot up. Im not sure what the issue is. Can anyone help
  5. Anyone having crashes with this ? I crashed one time. Dx 11 doesnt run as well on my system for some reason. Are the going to fix DX12 ?. It seems more games are coming out using DX12
  6. I think thats BS if people learn not to run in the open There would not be a problem. The basic mechanics is what hames COD got play Arma for something real
  7. The fact they finally got large team battles makes me want to love this game. Honestly it feels like BF4 BFH and COD had a child and thats ok. I hope they allow us to make ranked User controlled servers with 64 ppl
  8. I only buy Sea Sonic platinum so far and 150 to 200 dollars is not a issue like i said up top its a 500w HP PSU bronze
  9. I nornally build my Own PCs but i go a good deal on a HP Omen with a i7 7700 and a 1070. It has a bronze PSU which i know is ok its better then ALienware which is barely 80+ . I am consider upgrading to a nice sea sonic platinum to protect my investment but im honestly not sure if its needed. I have no plans in getting a new gpu. The PSU is only 500w which is plenty but i do know over time PSU wear out. Any sugestions or comments ?
  10. I was watching a video about them on you tube and it was saying they buy there keys in bulk so they get discount. I dont know about G2A gaming