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    I9 9900k
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    Asus Maximus XI Hero
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    32GB Hyper X Predator
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC ULTRA
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    Lian Li Lancool 2 white

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    500gb Samsung NVME
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    Asus 850 Thor
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    HP Omen 1440p 165hz GSYNC
    Acer Predator X34P
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    Hyper evo Black edition
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    Razor Deathadder
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    Sound Blaster Katana
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    Windows 10 pro
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  1. Is locking to 60 the best or can you run unlocked fps ? What about dx 11 vs 12 . I tried searching and couldnt get a clear answer
  2. Im not sure if it happens in every game. I dont think so. Im only using MSI afterburner. Could be a monitor issues because i can almost remeber this happening on another PC
  3. I keep getting this Weird black flash when in game. It only happens once and its lease then a millasecond. What do you guys think.
  4. Honestly bro you didnt gain all that much with 2060 super
  5. The reasoning is ultra wide is good for certain games while the 165hz 1440p is better at fps games
  6. I have a acer X34p and HP omen 27 both have gsync but the acer is 120 hz while the HP Omen 165 can i do this without damage ?
  7. WHat do you think was the issues ? Do you think its just a game glitch ?
  8. I had a bad video card before my old rx 480 where it looked like space aliens where invading BF1 game lol
  9. They dont load . It only happen one time on narvik i reinstalled gpu drivers
  10. Has any one had this issue were it looks like textures are not loading ? The same thing happend in bf1 on Amiens
  11. I was look at others experience and mine is mild compared to what i saw