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  1. MarcusMel

    RX 570 PSU compatibility?

    I bought a used RX 570 from a guy, and he genuinely didnt want me to mess the card up so he asked what power supply i had. I answered I had a Xilence 500W. And he was pretty reluctant to let me use the card with that PSU. Now I dont remember if the PSU had 6+2 pin, but even if it doesnt, would I be ok with a molex to 6+2 pin adapter? Would I not short out or screw up the card? CPU: AMD FX-6300 MOBO: MSI 760GM-P23 Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo GPU: RX 570 4GB RAM: 8GB GSKILL 1333 PSU: Xilence 500W
  2. MarcusMel

    CPU throttling or incorrect temps?

    So a few days passed and I tried some bios settings such as AMD Cool and Quiet and AMD Turbo Core disabled and that seemed to fix it for a while. But now I got my Hyper 212 and it doesn't go past 20 degrees. It could have been my old thermal paste but atleast I got a real deal for a cpu and mobo. Thanks for all the advice!
  3. MarcusMel

    CPU throttling or incorrect temps?

    It does have some, but it's pretty old. I fully understand the dangers of using a pc with no thermal paste on cpu. I know that I seem pretty new to PC building, but I know the basics and I just haven't encountered that big of a problem with any kind of throttling before.
  4. MarcusMel

    CPU throttling or incorrect temps?

    Alright, thanks, right now i have my case open and it seems that HWInfo also says its at 60 degrees. I'll just wait for my Hyper 212 evo.
  5. MarcusMel

    CPU throttling or incorrect temps?

    Sorry for being doubtful and picky, but it seems that you're really knowledgable. Wouldn't HWMonitor be somewhat accurate since as soon as it reports 200 degrees, CSGO, for example, drops to 15fps a.k.a throttles?
  6. MarcusMel

    CPU throttling or incorrect temps?

    But could it, by chance, be a bad temp sensor? Because I've seen that the FX cpus and am3 mobos have a bad rep for the heat sensors and the failure rate.
  7. MarcusMel

    CPU throttling or incorrect temps?

    I have like 3 AMD stock coolers. The one that was preinstalled on the mobo and cpu didn't have any thermalpaste so that gave me a bit of a scare that it might be dead or fried, but the system booted. I put on my other cooler that i had with my previous cpu. I most likely have to re-add thermalpaste but I no longer have any and have to wait till Tuesday. But by then I will be able to get a Hyper 212 EVO. Forgot to mention, tried windowed mode and seemed "fine" (80°) and shut down the pc after seeing the 200° in fullscreen and checked bios hw monitor and said it was 65°. Very possible that CPUID HWmonitor is bugging out but weird that my previous cpu wasnt doing that.
  8. I recently purchased a FX-6300 (yes i know, mega old) and mobo combo for 60€, thought it was a ok deal, 6core 3.5 ghz. I have wanted a 6 or 8 core cpu for the longest time now. But I have noticed a very peculiar thing. I have HW monitor running and I enter CS:GO and go inside a game, shoot around and have sudden spikes. I alt-tab and see that the cpu is at 200-230 degrees. Now, of course, this is impossible, since it should have automatically shut off the system, in case of such temps. But it throttles the cpu down to 1.4ghz on all cores. But when I run Prime95, it maxes out at 85°. Any thoughts on the problem or how to disable throttling? (All temps in celsius) CPU: AMD FX-6300 Mobo: MSI 760-PM23 Cooler: Stock AMD Cooler Ram: 8GB G-Skill DDR3 GPU: GTX 1050 PSU: 350W
  9. MarcusMel

    Cheap on ear and over ear headphones

    More like they look like super serious studio headphones I'm assuming you're talking about the Sennheiser HD 558? They are like 150$, a bit out of my price range And if you're not talking about the Sennheiser ones, please specify Those looked pretty good, i'll check if any of my local retailers have them Looked pretty nice, reviews claim one of the best headphones at that price, i'll look into them
  10. MarcusMel

    Cheap on ear and over ear headphones

    I'm looking on Amazon, and the reviews seem good, but they seem a bit too out of place for me.
  11. MarcusMel

    Cheap on ear and over ear headphones

    I've been wanting to get good headphones, not earbuds. Mine always stop working or get lost. So i'm looking for some headphones on the road, mostly on the bus to school. Budget around 50$. Right now looking at the Razer Kraken Mobile. It's on sale for 50$ right now where i'm from. Would appreciate some different suggestions.
  12. MarcusMel

    Are the Razer Mobile good for going out?

    Thanks alot, this will help me tremendously.
  13. MarcusMel

    Are the Razer Mobile good for going out?

    Ok, good to know But what about the size? Aren't they like huge and look kinda out of place in public?
  14. It sounds stupid, but are they good for just sitting on the bus to school and listening to music? I would appreciate if you would also give examples for more headphones on the road. P.S Looking for over-ear and on-ear headphones, budget no more than 50$
  15. MarcusMel

    Roccat Giveaway

    Always been using some kind of logitech etc. office mice. I would love a kova.