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  1. G9XFTW

    Can't find Realtek desktop app

    I initiated a reinstall and it just showed up within control panel.
  2. G9XFTW

    Can't find Realtek desktop app

    I updated the drivers and it's' been missing since. Should I update once more? my audio is working fine, NAHIMIC software (MSI mobo) is working fine.
  3. G9XFTW

    Can't find Realtek desktop app

    I can't find the realtek desktop app. It used to be in the control panel of which I made a shortcut on the desktop, but with this ryzen based motherboard updates and stuff it is completely missing for me after last update. I need the app the switch between headphone and front speaker out option on the rear 3.5mm green port. It does make a difference to my ears.
  4. Youtube specifically, twitch is ok with lower settings but still looks clearer. SLOBS using x264, Apex, Siege streaming.
  5. Ryzen 5 2600 & 1060 6GB. Internet 35Mbps, with 29Mbps upload. Any of you guys have the exact same config? let me know please.
  6. Got the 80plus silver one. Thanks guys for the input. It runs quiet.
  7. So I am looking at random search engine images and the Bronze 650m seems to be semi modular and the Silver 650m seems semi modular with the switch for single 12v rail or multiple something. What should be the price difference between old and new? (searched, official site puts it at nearly the same price) Also the bronze model seems to only come in EU spec. The 80plus silver seems to come in EU, KR, WW (world wide?), and some more specs. I can only guess now what I will receive tomorrow. At least the price difference at first few mins of search does not seem huge.
  8. One more thing guys, the Vengeance has silver 80Plus rating on the website, but Bronze rating on the box...ugh. What?
  9. Ok, so I paid for the Vengeance model. How do you test a psu before installing? since the cables are all black on the 24pin...
  10. Oh, that's something worth noting. Thanks!
  11. Running the ryezn 5 2600 with 1060 6GB, about 4hrs minimum each day and probably more sometimes. Looking between CX and HX series since am I budget buyer but still willing to stretch a bit. Could you also explain one model is better than the other? I am eager to learn. Corsair recommendations only, they have been pretty good and service is good in my region, so far. Value for money is a criteria you could say. Thanks.
  12. The cpu usage does not seem above much at the below setting. Nor does it seem high while streaming and gaming. Not sure to be honest, but I remember it being below 70% for the most part, streaming or no streaming. For now I have resorted to ultra fast preset for the CPU. And playing on medium graphics on apex. That is what I stream almost all the sessions. 720p/ 30fps/ 3500kbps with black bars. The minute I got to 4000kbps it stutters. As for dropped frames, I don't think so. However, for 30fps recording setting it ends up recording under 30fps varying from 24-30fps. Same went for 60fps. I switched my pc from Ryzen balanced power plan to high performance power plan. Lets see how that works. Thank you for the reply, appreciate it.
  13. Hi, I like to stream on twitch and youtube sometimes. Now here are my previous settings to the best of my knowledge. These settings were applied on my fx 8320 system with hd 7950 I believe Bitrate 3000 - 4000 kbps/- at best, 20Mbps -25Mbps broadband Res: 1920 x 810 (ultrawide) Audio bit rate: 128- 160 kbps, I would change on the fly if I felt stream had problems. Maybe one or two image source on OBS. For a long time (6 months or so) these settings worked just fine. Then came my ryzen+ 2600 system with gtx 1060 6GB which I have had for another 6 months now. Bitrate 3500 - 5000kbps/- at best, 20Mbps - 35Mbps broadband Res: 1920 x 810 (ultrawide) then brought down to 1280 x 720 at least. Audio bit rate: 128kbps Maybe one or two image source on OBS. I have tried many more settings as well. But tried not go below 2,500, 720p, 30fps. The problem persists. Outside of gaming I have not tried any other apps like video editing yet. I even just streamed my bloody desktop just to see, and yes, there was some stutter in the stream then too. All done on private stream of course. Now no matter what CPU preset I chose, or what I change, my stream FPS is pretty poor all the time, like 10 or 18 or 25fps. My games themselves run fine like 50-60fps or more on high settings 2560x1080. This same PC was streaming fine on the mentioned settings, but all of a sudden in the last few weeks I have been struggling to get it to work right. In those weeks I have installed new HDD, new 8GB RAM stick, had a major windows update, and updated the graphics driver after many months. My PC also does get like 10 frozen frames from time to time, when playing any game, Dying Light, CSGO, Apex. The occurrences may have lowered or maybe my brain just ignores them now. Help/ advice is appreciated.
  14. G9XFTW

    Lots of stutter on my pc

    I had a bad drive which was failing, WDC black. My games would freeze for 10 frames or so. Pretty noticeable. I replaced it with a blue drive and the problem is still there, although I can't say if it is mitigated. So it could also mean something else is wrong.
  15. G9XFTW

    Good Budget 480 - 500GB SSD

    What about the WD green/ blue drives, what's their general user experience?