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  1. Currently rocking the Motorolla Moto G5. I love this phone to bits but it's time that I upgrade. I was offered the choice of the OnePlus 6T or the Note 9, both for the same price. Which would you guys get and why? The phone will mainly be used for content consumption as well as media (as well as a lot of communication). Thanks.
  2. AgentL3r

    iPhone 5 screen repair

    Hey all, Found an old iPhone 5 with a broken screen in my cupboard and decided to have a go repairing it. The issues it that the ribbon cables on the screen snapped, causing it to no longer function. I've taken apart the phone as seen in the images attached. The plastic frame around the plate has snapped, therefore I am concerned as to which new parts I'll need. I've attached some images to help. I'm planning to buy this replacement screen, which I hope will be the only thing I need to buy. Do you experienced phone repair guys think that'll be all I need? Thanks.
  3. Note 9 is still cheaper and has a better screen, and iirc Linus' review wasn't too good either. I think I'll go for the note 9
  4. I asked some people about the Pocophone and the camera quality isn't too good, and I cannot root it as my bank does not work on rooted devices.
  5. The S9 and Note 9 are roughly the same prices on Amazon UK
  6. Those are also an option, but what does the S9+ or S9 lose against the Note 9? Oh I see. Cannot really decide between the fluid OS of apple but the performance of the Note 9
  7. So I'm looking into buying a new phone and I've just thought I might as well splurge and have a phone that'll last me the next 5 years or so. I currently use a Moto G5 which has been my daily driver for over a year. I absolutely love it as it does an amazing job for the price but the camera quality is so horrendous I do want to invest in a new phone. I originally thought to go in with the Note 9, 128GB version however I'm considering getting the Xs because I love iOS' simple, minimalistic look and it's clean functionality. I prefer the look and function of the iPhone over the Note 9, however the Note 9 offers many more features. I'm not gonna be gaming, just using it for heavy content consumption, music and a lot of communication. I should also note that the Note 9 is cheaper in the UK than the Xs. I plan to buy the phone in about March/April time. Any ideas?
  8. AgentL3r

    Advice on which phone to buy

    Oh wow, that looks very promising. Has a headphone jack too.
  9. AgentL3r

    Advice on which phone to buy

    Also looks good, but don't really wanna go back to Nokia after the disastrous experience I had with their Lumia a few years back.
  10. AgentL3r

    Advice on which phone to buy

    That looks great but it's slightly out of the budget. I live in the UK so £300 is what I'm really looking to spend if that helps.
  11. AgentL3r

    Advice on which phone to buy

    I would root but my mobile only bank does not allow rooted phones to use their app.
  12. AgentL3r

    Advice on which phone to buy

    I asked someone with a pocophone and they said the camera isn't that high quality, so probably won't go for that. Screens a bit too small, currently looking for something that's got a large screen and minimal bezel/buttons
  13. So all I really need is a snappy, quick phone. If I had to boil it down to a couple of specifications: - High res screen - High res camera (currently rocking a 13mp Moto G5), low light performance is key as I am usually awake during the night to take pictures with areas of bright light - Apps open rapidly, mainly communication apps such as Discord, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter That's really it. No mobile gaming or anything like that. Just need something fast with a high-quality screen, high-quality camera and good low light performance. I'm not looking to spend more than about $380. Like I said, been rocking the Moto G5 for about a year now but it's battery life and overall performance has tanked.
  14. Hello all, I'm looking into getting a tablet and leaving it on all the time as a way for me to control my PC's Spotify playlist and so I can see the track I'm listening too, the album cover and skip/pause my music whilst I'm tabbed out. I noticed the Fire 7 was discounted so I'm wondering whether it's a good option, or should I look into getting a used tablet. Cheers.
  15. A small USB powered vacuum cleaner won't build up static?