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    Boston, Lincolnshire, UK


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    Amd FX 4100
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    MSI 870A-G54 FX
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    8GB Corsair DDR3
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    PNY GTX 760
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    Gamemax Falcon
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    Corsair CX 600M
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Just putting it out there, wait for Ryzen, as if current performance graphs are to be believed, amd bout to come back screaming and shouting, all depends on price to performance
  2. I would love a razer blade stealth to finish my gaming setup, may even look into razer core to fully utilize my gtx 980 which is currently getting butchered by a fx4100( yes still after all these years, pray for jaden and ZEN)
  3. out of curiosity, why the move back to Nvidia?
  4. Just go onto control panel and uninstall everything with a mention of nvidia
  5. Don't know how big your rock is, polaris 10 and 11, the ones coming out in june, are low-upper mid range cards
  6. 2 months wait for an extra year or two life cycle isn't a bad trade off
  7. this close to launch, i would definitely say wait, you would be getting much better performance for the same or a similar price
  8. might be because parents have reduced needs for pcs, internet browsing, ms stuff etc, also they grew up with bad pc's so cant comprehend the extra power
  9. Depends on if game supports sli
  10. well hp spectre 13 is thinner ,faster, more ports,cheaper and looks amazing. Some fanboy out there gonna be like, its apple so it must have 10ghz overclock making it way faster than dat crappy hp, shame there isn't one with AMD cpu
  11. Can vouch for the bed method, never broken anything from static that way