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  1. ololax

    WiFi router which supports 3 sims for 4G LTE

    What Donut417 said, Load balance with 3 WAN links in pfSense. You'd need some sort of 4G modem still, possible using the router from each provider, or buying new modems, whichever you fancy. Using load balancing you could see a performance in multi-threaded downloading like torrenting, or when downloading multiple files simultaneously. Some info can be found here: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-configure-dual-wan-load-balance-failover-pfsense-router/
  2. Unifi US-48 has 2 10gbit ports and 48 ports for computers, Mikrotik CRS326-24G-2S+RM might also be a good choise When it comes to NAS, either build one yourself, or go for something like maybe QNAP TS-253Be-2G with two 1TB SSD:s in raid 1(mirror) dont go mechanical, wont keep up with the network. Rackmounted option: QNAP TS-431XU-RP-2G
  3. ololax

    LTT Storage Rankings

    The ISP I work for do ftth only, worst performance we have is ethernet from basement to apartment. 100/10 for 30€ unmetered as our most common contract. But yeah, fttp is a good first step, vdsl I'm not too impressed by, can't handle distances well enough.
  4. ololax

    LTT Storage Rankings

    I'm not paying for it, I get it from work, #ISPstuff. Otherwise a 1gbit/1gbit connection is 79€ and a 10gbit/10gbit is 490€ list price
  5. ololax

    LTT Storage Rankings

    Ehrm, I'm already running it on a SFP+ 10gbit connection, to the internet
  6. ololax

    Is this solution possible?

    Alright, so basicly "DMZ" is Demilitarised zone, which means that all ports are open for that internal IP, so all traffic get's there with no limitations, which is good IF your VPN router also has a firewall. if it doens't then only forward ports needed for VPN and whatever other services you need. The simplest would be ISP Router -> DMZ to internal IP of VPN router you often configure DMZ at the same place you forward ports, https://portforward.com/router.htm find your router there for an guide
  7. ololax

    Is this solution possible?

    Yes that is possible, would personally look into having "DMZ" for the second router, and make sure not to use same subnet (192.168.1.x for main router, and then 192.168.2.x for vpn router) to try and avoid problems there. You dont want to be able to talk between the vpn routers network and the other one? printers or such?
  8. ololax

    LTT Storage Rankings

    Hardware CASE: Supermicro SuperChassis CSE-836 PSU: 2x 920W MB: Intel S2600CP2J CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670 HS: Stock AMD heatsink RAM: 160GB DDR3 1333 ECC RAID CARD 1: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS 2008 USB: 8GB Kingston for OS SSD 1: 2x Kingston UV400 480GB SSD 2: 2x SanDisk 120GB HDD 1: 10x 4TB WesternDigital WD40EFRX Software and Configuration: My server is running ESXi 6.5 with passthrough of my backplane to a virtual (file)server. The array consists of 10 4TB drives in raid 6 totaling 32TB, 29TB as seen by OS. The SSD:s are going to be for Downloads, but at the moment I have those go to a 40GB RAM-disk and then get dumped to the HDD array. Usage: Obviously storage of Movies, series and photos. Also running a webserver, some home automation and a lot of other services that I need(want) from time to time. Backup: I'm sorry folks, I dont have backups. I backup my vm:s to the HDD array on a VM, but that's it. I have backups of my workstation on it though. Photo's: I dont find the pictures atm, might take a few new ones when I visit it (offsite)
  9. Your internal ip that you connect to is correct? If you visit https://www.myip.com/ you get an IP, can your friends connect to that IP? You will most likely not be able to connect to that IP from within your own network since a lot of routers dont support this, so do you have a friend that tries to connect? If you want some more help feel free to PM me and I will do what I can to assist you in getting it working.
  10. ololax

    Network layout showoff

    A simple drawing of my network, only fancy bit is probably the vpn tunnel to my offsite server
  11. Only because I'm too cheap to buy 10gbit card for my workstation
  12. Yes, that is the purpose of the software, keep track of what files you frequently use and keep them on the faster SSD.
  13. The keyboard would be a nice upgrade from my stock apple wireless keyboard.
  14. I'm pretty sure you are just as correct as you are wrong. You can daisychain devices with thunderbolt. but once you use a display that's it. you lose the "video signal" of a thunderbolt. futhermore I think you can only have the display last in a chain, or something bad happens. There's a lot of weird things about just this thing, which made the question appear in my head. can I or can I not have multiple displays from a hub since I convert the thunderbolt to something else for the display.
  15. Hi, as Linus built his new rig of 2015 he said he was going to place it in the next room and use an Thunderbolt cable and a box of some sort. I have been looking for such a box for some time, but have been unable to find one that fits my needs. Is there such a box that can handle: - dual monitor - min 2 usb - pref audio 2x3.5mm (otherwise another usb is needed) I've only found a box that can have one monitor, I'm afraid dual monitor is a most for me. Thanks, Olol